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After years of machines, battery operated foamers and overpriced coffee house coffee, we've perfected the handmade cappuccino which I've come to love more than most (except perhaps one in an Italian cafe but that's another story). As for the actual coffee, many kinds of beans are good but few are as consistent Illy: dark roast espresso. Illy doesn't over roast their beans like many others do. Buy or grind it pretty fine. So, we make it in a basic cheap Bialetti-like stove top espresso pot. Meanwhile, microwave 1/3 cup milk in the mug for 1 minute (add your sugar here too if using). Using a whisk held between your 2 palms, roll/twirl it vigorously 30 times. The milk will foam up EXCEPT-- for reasons I've not figured out, a few brands regardless of fat content etc don't foam. We use Stonyfield Organic whole milk which foams to perfection. The above pictured cup, was made by a 15-year old boy, so if he can do it--well, than you can too.

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