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The platform: summer. The train: fall. Just when I'm ready to let go, another couple tomatoes ripen on the withering vines, the chive stays strong but the parsley is saying bye-bye. Have been hedging me bet as to when to chop down all the basil until Elaine Louie published the Orzo+pesto recipe in the New York Times yesterday;=orzo%20vegetarian&st;=cse.
I made this several times this summer after being absolutely rocked by Cesare's version at his restaurant Salumeria Rossi and prying the recipe out of him. Still I was too paranoid to post or share it w/out his blessing. And, as for the potatoes shown--these are the Italian Fries in new Mad Hungry cookbook--an all time favorite family recipe. Make it once properly and you'll have to make it again. They are addictive. Big ups to my brother Jim for perfecting our moms version of my grandmothers recipe.

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