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Used to be I'd make granola for myself because store bought is often rancid (from the nuts and seeds), too sweet and weirdly flavored. Many mornings breakfast is 1. fuel/health and 2. A tummy coating before supplements not the delicious-first affairs of eggs, bacon, toast, pancakes, etc etc now relegated to once-a-week treats. Plus with homemade granola, its cool to control the ingredients--organic oats, unsweetened coconut and switching up the nuts and dried fruits for taste and variety. But, slowly others in the household gravitated to my stash. Being that I don't buy chips and crappy snacks, I noticed it was being used by the guys for late night snacks, as evidenced by dirty bowls in the sink in the morning and an ever dwindling supply. And, not only did hubs start eating it but also began complaining when we ran out. He even started buying the raw ingredients so I'd make it more often and once actually made it himself (recipe on page 34 Mad Hungry). Now its made monthly or twice monthly on the regular. This morning it was even eaten over several other options (egg on rice a usual favorite) by soccer- practice-bound son. Even chosen, I might add over other boxed cereal options. SO, on health and wellness PLUS flavor and pleasure: if you build it they will come. And once they come, they'll learn themselves what is good for them! And, as mentioned yesterday--this granola-making activity was accompanied by sounds of my reclaimed sound system. With Texas still on my mind--check out the MH music pick too.

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  • Looks great Lucinda. I just wanted to say it was great meeting you at the MSLO office on Wednesday. I was part of the Dreamers into Doers group. I just love your blog and will have to go get your book. I have 4 children, 2 of them boys (soccer players too!) And we go through a ton of food in our house! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  • The granola from MH has become a staple in our house and you're right, it disappears quickly. Who needs fruit loops? :-)

  • My copy of MAD H. arrived in the mail this week. Today's first go at it was your stew recipe for tonight's dinner. it was a success, approved by all! perhaps granola can be next! Christine M. (Canada)

  • Dawn, Ken and Christine--Both granola and stew in weekly rotation here. Meanwhile Dawn, try the steak pizzaiola and your family (boys and girls) will fall in love with it.Ken, thanks for the awesome post on your blog. Asap, I'll post it here too.Best,LSQ

  • I've seen you make snacks on TV and just thought it was for show. I guess you really do eat the items we see you cooking. Good to know, and I will try making the granola as well. Maureen

  • nice strategic-prop-style-y addition of the emmy award on the counter next to the paper towels. was gonna ask if it's for real (figured it was), but i googled and got confirmation here: nicely done.

  • RBH,No-not strategic or planned. Just happens to live there.Lol. LSQ

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