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The boyz gathered with me today to hang around the kitchen for a photo shoot. It was a total bulls in the china shop situation but we had so much fun as we made sandwiches together for a future Guide Posts story. Oddly enough it was the first time they have gathered with me (miraculously) around this book. I only have Lo T to thank--the only chick who could wrangle these boys. Basically--they rock and I'm blessed!

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  • adorable!!! I especially love the last shot- it's soo real!

  • Thanks SB

  • Lucinda, I absolutely LOVE your show, and my husband and kids love the benefits of the delicious food I make!
    But one of the things that I love the most is when you have your boys on. They are just so adorable! I find myself saying "sweet" when the show starts and one of the boys will be on with you!
    Best of luck to each of you as you continue on this fun journey! Today I am preparing your Polpetta!

  • Love your show. I am big fan of cooking shows and yours is one of the best. Your dishes are easy to make which most families will love. What are future plans for the show?

  • Lucinda, I have been addicted to food shows for years!!! But you are a breath of fresh air. So real and down to earth, I think everyone can relate to you. My son is at Wisconsin and my daughter lives in N.Y. and married. I gave them Everyday Food as a gift and this will be their third year using it. It has been a real change for me to cook for just my husband and me. I tried Calder's lemon honey chicken yesterday and we loved it!!!! It is so heartwarming to see you with your sons and your mother. Congratulations on your fabulous new show and cookbook!!!! Sally Zucker

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