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Provolone Sausage Sandwiches

3 Provolone Sausage Sandwiches

BBQ Sweet Potato

4 BBQ Sweet Potato

One week back from vacation and the vibe continues a la early spring. Fresh Pat LaFreida provolone sausages, barbecued and piled into a baguette, lined with sweet pickles, and slathered with mustard. Press it down and slice in pieces--a great casual way to get lots of servings with little fuss. Sweet potatoes, slow smoked and cued, melting butter pats and salt. Just missed out on greens since I can't exactly count the pickles in. Leftover Easter pie from friend, PBS Everyday Food co-host and baker extraordinaire John Barricelli. Check out his new book, The Sono Baking Cookbook. His formulas are tried and true.

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