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So we eat a lot of beans and rice in our family--different types: red, black, pinto, chick peas etc.

The most economical way to healthfully feed a group is to start with the dried beans--just a couple bucks for a bag which will feed a group of 6-8--total protein. Still-a couple cans of organic beans at under 2 bucks each--mightn't have perfect texture but, the cooking is fast and the end result almost as good. But, seasoning and cooking and condiments--that's where the art comes in. Tonight (in the dark--late to the table pic)--it's canned, 3-beans. Saute onions, garlic, red pepper, hot pepper, cumin, oregano, tomato paste. Add the beans, a little water, make the rice--in that 20 minutes, dinner is served. Meanwhile, tonight I also did a fry up of some ginger, garlic and sliced bok choy for a side dish. But, if you can't bear to cook--(yes, it happens here too)--we order black beans and yellow rice from La Caridad. Β WITH a avocado and onion salad too (with a squeeze of lemon and white pepper). Still--in a totally not-new-york-city-style, I really hate ordering out. Especially with my group. The price tag for one dinner is practically the whole weeks grocery bill.

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