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Roasted Red Peppers For Days

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Side to Flank Steak...

1 Side to Flank Steak...

with Broccoli

2 with Broccoli

Flavor Fish Fillets

3 Flavor Fish Fillets

Serve as a Bruschetta Topping- With and Without Pork Tenderloin

4 Serve as a Bruschetta Topping- With and Without Pork Tenderloin

If you take some time, about half an hour to roast 5-6 red peppers, peel, cut into strips, saute lightly in olive oil with sliced garlic then you will have a gift in your fridge that just keeps giving. Here is but one three day plan. The main thing to remember is this: start with really fresh peppers (not dried out), broil or roast in the flame until fully blackened. Place in a plastic or paper bag for 10-15 minutes to steam off the skin before peeling.

Day 1: a bowl of these peppers, served as a side with broccoli and sliced flank steak.

Day 2: The peppers flavor some fish fillet, along with fresh basil and caper butter. All wrapped up in parchment paper, it takes 8 minutes at 400 degrees to cook.

Day 3. As a bruschetta topping-with and without sliced pork tenderloin

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  • How long will these keep in the refrigerator? Could you email me the answer. So enjoy your recipes but cook for one

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