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Was craving the fresh vegetal, spice of green chilies so, I went with a taco bar for dinner.

Made fish tacos on MARTHA this week Β which reminded me how beloved this dinner is in our house--an awesome one because you can just assemble a bunch of ingredients--according to taste or what you have in the house. Shopping I noticed a special on organic Haas avocado's ripe enough to use immediately so I grabbed a bunch. So often they're mad expensive and hard as a rock. You buy them hoping they'll ripen and by the time you get around to using them they're brown and mushy. Tomatilla's make the greatest sauce--with just a few ingredients: serrano pepper, garlic, onion, salt. But this time (not always) after I pureed the sauce, I fried it in peanut oil for 5 minutes--a little trick I learned in Mexico when you don"t want a super raw flavor. Just toss the shredded chicken (just simmer a whole chicken in salted water for 50 minutes--also yielding a quart of broth for later use) in some and it stays moist and flavorful. I'm a purest when it comes to guac--never ever do I put lime juice or garlic in. Just grind the serrano, white onion, cilantro and salt in a molcajete (or chop finely). Slightly mash in the avocados--leaving big chunks. Fold in some minced tomato at the end if you want or one time--in Mexico I had it with chopped mango which was so good too. As for the tortillas--I used corn and toasted each one on an open flame for about a minute per side. They get kinda stiff and charred but when you stack them in a cloth together--they steam too and become pliable enough for forming a taco.

Today I'm grilling kielbasa and burgers on my new extra large big green egg and making potato salad. But--there was also some fresh poblano peppers at the market yesterday so will roast and peel to add to the potato salad--a riff on rajas e poblano--a little Mexican zing along side the Polish and American vibe.

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