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I leaned this from a chef friend-Michael who lives and works in Los Angeles at the restaurant Providence. Good fresh fish like salmon needs just to be salt and pepperered for flavor BUT--to grill it so it won't stick on the grill? Lightly brush mayonaise on it to form a film before grilling. It's not about the flavor as much as about keeping the fish together, encased in its own natural flavor, and not left behind on the grill grates. Start flesh side down, then turn it after 5-7 minutes and cook another 4-5 minutes (depending on thickness). It's cooked when slightly resistant to the touch, not firm. I'm a fan of either sushi or cooked salmon but don't favor the in between so popular now; seared and rare in the middle. I like it just barely cooked through. We are in the height of fish grilling season and it's so easy to master and such a bummer when we feel intimidated about cooking it!

Btw--speaking of mayonaise, you can not believe the wickedly good grilled cheese you can achieve by using mayo instead of butter on the outside of the bread before grilling.

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  • Thanks so much for posting these tips! My family loves seafood and ANYTHING grilled but I haven't attempted many seafood dishes since I'm a bit intimidated by it. MAD HUNGRY is wonderful! You definitely have a growing fan base in Southern Indiana.

  • OWE:Big ups to Southern Indiana--stay near by.Best,LSQ

  • Thanks. I am going to take my DH to try the salmon at Providence as I am still too intimated to try it at home. I need to start with getting propane for the grill.

  • We always use mayo for the grilled cheese. ALWAYS! :)

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