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Hey readers of this blog out there-here's what's up. (Btw, who are you???). Big news I've been sitting on is about the show, MHTV on The Hallmark Channel. Read all about it here where the Daily News writes a really nice piece.

So we start shooting the show this summer but meanwhile--there are a few other things going on. First, I'm heading out tomorrow to the most spectacular location for a photo shoot for a new MSLO project. Gone for about nine days. Hopefully I'll have some connectivity to check in with you folks. Yet today right here in the big apple at our Starrett Leihigh building we shot a new story which is an ongoing column which we'll see in the September issue of MSLO--details to follow on that.

Meanwhile, about this departure, hubs informed me tonight of his reluctance re my absence. It's not just that maybe he'll miss me but it's the part about two dogs who need walking 3x daily, a NYC street parked car (ours) which is no party favor (another story), major soccer tourney's, meals, tests, boys. the world cup viewing schedule, etc WHICH he'll be needing to deal with--without me. But--hey, it takes a village right? I'm not being flip. I'm serious. And, to top it all off--the digital device I lent my youngest for film class (but needed back for my trip) was pilfered today. YES, stolen-taken and he chose to ignore telling me until now--too late to replace before I head off into the wild blue yonder. Dude--the insanity never stops!!!! Really, you're not alone-- you peeps who toil with the ups and downs of family life.

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  • I'm de-lurking to say I'm so pleased to hear about the show and the Hallmark Channel. We don't get that channel here in Canada, but if we did....Also...I just wanted to say that I'm completely inspired by you in so many ways (awesome mom, fab cook) and really look forward to reading your posts and listening to you on Satellite radio.

  • Who am I? I don't know, but I think I love you. No really, no foolin.I love your cookbook! (Just made Aunt Patty's coffee cake for a bunch of bachelor partying dudes this weekend.) One of whom was my messy, not very careful husband.

  • Who am I? Live in SF. Bacon is my favorite food group. Love your posts. Mad props, LSQ, on your new show - can't wait. Natch, it will be a Tivo fave.

  • Hi,Dear Very nice and marvelous post about all impressive............Kids Birthday Party Calgary

  • Who am I? A mom who loves to cook for her husband (who loves good food), and her son who loves all food in great quantities.Your food job is way cooler than my food job as a prep cook at a tiny seasonal restaurant.I covet your big green egg! Enjoy your trip.

  • Who am I? A mom who lives in CT, heard you speak at Darien Library and sometimes takes your cookbook upstairs in the evening for bedside reading... Also a mom who just moved house and had a trip to London booked 6 months ago, so left the mad hungry man, boy and small girl in mid-move but fortunately no children were permanently harmed in the making of that adventure... Good luck to you ALL!

  • See what happens when you ask "Who are you?" : )I hope you work out the home life details of your absence during your trip. I am not a huge fan of traveling for that very reason - the management of the details that make it possible to even leave home to begin with! Safe travels, and I could not be more tickled about the new show.Signed, She who lives with Five Males, and must feed them all. : )

  • I am a MadHungry-wife who lives with a MADMADHungry-husband and a MADMADMADHungry son just outside Stockholm Sweden. I enjoy the blog for its great recipes and to see that there are quiet moments to savor even in the maddest of days. Wish we could see the show. Maybe a DVD release in the future?

  • Congratulations on the Mad Hungry show! Can't wait to see it. I just watched the "grocery bag" Everyday Food on TiVo--I hope MHTV will be much of the same! I am a full time environmental scientist(I feel for you and your business travel!) in East Aurora NY, and Mad Hungry is usually laying open on my kitchen counter as I feed my two hungry boys and husband. Wish you the best, I'll keep posted and watching for the great ideas and laughs!

  • Congrats on the show! What city will you be shooting out of? Or does it move around?

  • Who Am I? A home cook that enjoys reading your blog and a wife who loves to cook for her husband daily. I enjoy reading your cookbook and watching you on everyday food.

  • "...the world cup viewing schedule" Hilarious! A great time to be away from home, I think. Ha!Jacinda from Dallas

  • I'm a mom with some VERY picky male eaters. I don't mind cooking for them, but it is difficult to please all. My son liked the meatloaf recipe from MH, so the next time it was made a meatballs and was a hit again. I will keep trying and trying and trying!We love the Everyday Food show, they sometimes find yummy looking meals on that which will be put into the routine.

  • I'm a dad of two (12-month old boy and a 1-day old girl). I do most of the cooking at home, and I really enjoy your cookbook. I've made the scalloped potatoes, Spanish frittata, artichoke casserole, and steak pizzaiola (with carrots and potatoes added in the last hour of cooking), and it's all been delicious. Our goal is to feed our kids healthy food, and this book fits the bill. I also subscribe to and watch Everyday Food and always find something good to make. Looking forward to your show.

  • To all the folks who took the time to say hello--thanks!Am just back from the wild where cell and ever other service was nonexisitent. I'l shall keep on keeping on heere at Mad Hungry.I loved hearing from you.Best,LSQ

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