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Once again, it's dinner time. No one can figure out what to eat 'cause, well--"there's nothing in the house." So the inertia builds until I come home from work and try not to get irritated because there's ALWAYS something to be made. Even a heel of cheese and some tortillas can be whipped up in to a respectable quesadilla with a little hot sauce to sprinkle on.

Here, a chopped up old head of bok choy comes together with some leftover Chinese take-out brown rice sauteed in scallions and garlic. Hit with some miso tamari (pantry) whipped with a few eggs and voila-there's enough for 5 bowls of food. Scrounge a cucumber and some cilantro form the crisper, squeeze on some lime and you're good to go. A little leftover rose saved my day and night too, I admit. And, I'm reminded that I must stock up the freezer and pantry for the next, "there's nothing in the house"dinner.

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  • We have this a lot in our house Lucinda. I always turn to pasta. Pasta with tuna, or with cheese, or just butter and ketchup. But the rice does look good, and looks very simple and tasty (and probably a little healthier than the pasta!)

  • I agree with Pru - nothing to eat usually means pasta night for us. And an "everything but the kitchen sink" salad made of anything in the produce bin. Sometimes some startlingly successful combos emerge from the kitchen...Lucinda, I love you work and the blog is a fun pivot off your book. I often call my recipes #HusbandApproved on my blog - so while I don't have boys - I know the 'feeding men' mentality. No pun intended :) Anyways, I hope you will check out my blog! And keep up the awesome work - you are an inspiration!Kathy

  • I agree. I also turn to pasta when the cupboards are almost bare!

    Lucinda, could you share where you or your staff found the wooden spatula in the above picture and that you use on the show? It looks so handy and also looks like something I would find myself using over and over!

    BTW, great show!


  • I Finally found a place to buy the spatula! visit and look under Spurtles, I ordered 2!

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