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Cozy Winter August Meal

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I know I know--I shouldn't look a gift cook in the mouth, but--I'm just saying....

My hubs said he'd cook dinner last night for the fam which made me happy. He knows what I like to eat in the summer-especially on a really hot summer day. Predictably, it's salad, fish, vegetables: light fresh, seasonal. Yah. When I got home and snooped around the kitchen finding one pot on the stove, I asked him what's for dinner. Bolognese Sauce, he said--and his plan was to cook thick rigatoni noodles for the thick meat sauce. But, it's 95 degrees out, I said--not February in the Italian mountains! And, where's the vegetables anyway?? (Plus, I'm trying to loose a little weight here too and he knows it).

I made the veg--some sauteed spinach and tucked into the air conditioning for what could have been a cozy winter night by the fire. And, the problem is that it was just so darn good and I loved every bite of it, and had seconds too boot.

I'm just saying--only a man cooks a winter dinner on August 10th!!

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  • I actually made a roasted vegetable pasta sauce a few nights ago because I had ALL THESE VEGETABLES! It tasted really good, but truly felt like a winter dinner. Can't wait to see your new show...and it's about time YOU had a show!!!

  • MB:Thanks for saying hi. We started filming the new show yesterday and it is so cool! Tune in September 13th at noon on Hallmark.Best, Lucinda

  • Stop the diet! There is nothing worse than a cook on TV who likes like they never eat their own food! It feels like autumn in London now, I could happily eat the pasta. I'm already thinking about stew recipes!

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