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After our major duoma, Martha dropped by the MHTV set this morning and took her own twitpics, I figured it's time to show you a glimpse of what we have going on at the new MHTV show. It's day 3 of shooting and I was psyched to have her stop by and put her stamp of approval on our new home/set which is so freakin' awesome and I love it!! We have a central kitchen island, a desk area to the left, a kitchen living room to the right and books stacked everywhere. All the real life items (like bikes and balls, pictures and collections of stuff) that have been acquired in our very lived life are out in the open for all to see.

And the recipes, straight from the pages of Mad Hungry are executed in the way we all have to cook, meaning--juggling multiple pots and pans at once. On Friday, the boys helped me cook and it was a crazy-happy scene. We pulled together one of our favorite meals. The whole crew who work on this show are members of the nicest-people-to-work-with club and I just have the sneakiest feeling that this show is going to rock the house!!

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  • Love the set! It looks like 'home' for sure! I'm so excited for you, and excited to see the show.

  • Like I said on Twitter. I am so excited for the show. I love your radio show and how you interview and approch food. Such an inspiration. Thanks for sharing!!!

  • can't wait - and hope you get a moment to enjoy this!

  • hey it was great and the pics are really nice...

  • Thanks all for the words of encouragement. Gigi---I am having so much fun and enjoying it to the max. Living in the moment is what I'm constantly trying to do. Best, LSQ

  • Looks so great, Lucinda! There is something familiar and warm about the set. A great place to settle in and cook up a storm. Congratulations on the new show!

  • Can't wait for your show Lucinda.I've been using your book since Christmas and my teenage boys and hubby have reaped the rewards.The best tip I've taken from it so far: Don't ask if they're hungry. Just make the meal and feed them. If you wait until they ask it will be too late!

  • Jackie--You have picked up on one of the most important lesons we parents need to learn.Best,LSQ

  • I cant wait to see the show! I have decided that Mad Hungry is the cookbook that I want to cook every recipe out of! Only, I have just recently found out that I do not have the Hallmark Channel :( I just made the cuban-style pot roast - it was amazing! I made the cuban sandwiches out of it for my husband and sons birthday party over the weekend. Everyone LOVED them! Thanks Lucinda for such an amazing cookbook!

  • Lucinda - I've been totally enjoying your show and I tape them whenever I can't be at home. I've made a couple of your recipes with great results & complements - we especially liked the pork chops with apples & onions. I bought your Mad Hungry cookbook and will be making most of the recipes in it. Thanks for all the good work!

  • I would love to know the provenance of the pans used on your show especially the white braising pan so frequently used in food preparation. I suspect it is LeCreuset but do not know the size. This is a remarkable show because it so focuses on the whole meal and you are perfect in its production. Reminds me of my early childhood learning in the kitchen. Thank you so much for such a good show!

  • What is the brand of pots and pans you use? What are five of your favorite food preparaton utensils? What suggestions do you have for kitchen storage? Thank you.

  • Lucinda , I have been enjoying your show so much. As an Italian mother of 5 ranging ages 19 to 3 years of age my kitchen is my domain always filled with family and friend. Like you I never know who is going to show up for dinner. When I worked full time we always had the family meal, it is one of the most important ingredients for a family.. Now I am fortunate enough to be home and watch your show and learn new twist on traditional recipes but learning time saving new recipes . I love your style of simple yet absolutely delicious. Everything I have made has come out exceptional. Congratulations and keep it coming!

  • I am a new fan of your show, and I will tell you why, you are so down to earth, and I really love it, everything is not sooo perfect (like the real world) I am able to identify with you,which to me is a breath of fresh air, (comparing to other cooking shows) I also like the fact that you explain what other ingredients you can use, in case you dont have it at home, so please keep it up,from a new fan in Connecticut. Will keep watching.

  • Love the set...cozy...welcoming...just like home!

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