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TUNE IN to MAD Hungry Today for some of my family's favorite breakfast eats- golden granola, mexican egg scramble and old-fashioned pancakes that beat anything you can get from a "to go" window. only on HALLMARK: 12/11c-- click to the right to check out what channel Hallmark is by you.

Missed MAD Hungry on Martha on Monday? We've got you covered! Click below to get the inside scoop:

Anna Last at EveryDay Food got behind the scenes photos of the show

MHTV behind the scenes clip shown on the Martha show

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  • Where are the recipes, for follow-up, after watching your show? I can't find today's sausage,
    pancake, Mexican eggs recipes...or Fat Girl rice from earlier this week.

    Appreciate you sharing your gifts.


  • LOVE YOUR SHOW!!!!!!!!!But when I came online to get the brekfast sausage recipe, I can't seem to find it. Will you be posting recipes from your show?

  • Hi. I'm a TV online editor at So sorry for the delay in getting the recipes up. Here are the ones you've been looking for. Enjoy!

    Sausage Patties:

    Mexican Egg Scramble

    Fat Girl Red Rice


    I found where the recipes are, for now.

  • I have been enjoying and using your cookbook since christmas.It has become my go-to meal planner aid. Watching you make the recipes on tv has been great. You do a very nice job!

  • I'm loving Your show and all these great new recipes, but can you please include the techniques of these recipes such as the poaching of the chicken, or the baking of the bacon in the oven.... I saw there was a poaching 101, but that was a long segment of Martha Stewarts program vs. just the qick clip of Lucinda's Mad Hungry show, which for me was much more useful. Is there a way to review a show on this website. If so I haven't figured it out...


  • Love Mad Hungry but I am limited to watching on the Martha website since we don't have Hallmark. Having problems watching, however. The segments of some episode show as ready to watch, but there is nothing there but ads, or it just completely goes blank when I click on them. I hope this can be resolved by the website people.

    I made the Golden Granola recipe this morning - it's fantastic and I can't wait for the kids to get home from school to try it. Lucinda, you're awesome!

  • Hello....I love Lucinda's new show. She is so full of life and spirit I think this is her calling for sure. And I love her ideas, recipes, and great tips. I am searching for her pancake recipe that she perfected from her show " My family's favorite breakfast eats" I want to cook them this weekend. They looked elegant!
    My mother always says that one great thing about cooking is "You Never Stop Learning" Keep up the great work Lucinda. And How awesome that you get to have your sons on the show! All The Best! Bon Appetit"
    Heather Carlson/Minnesota

  • Hi Heather,

    We're still integrating the recipes onto so for now please find the pancakes and all of the other recipes from the breakfast favorites show here:


  • girl love your show. when i miss a show i am not a happy person . i have tired several of your recipes
    they have all been to die for .

  • I can't find that Golden Granola recipe. Can U help me? I really like Lucinda's program--well done.
    I just can't stand that obnoxious music. So grating!She deserves better.

  • Your show is the best cooking show that has come on for a long time. Your recipesl are easy to prepare, It's about time some one recognize this. I always followed the others on Everyday Food and are delghted to see you on Mad Hungry. Keep it going!

  • I made the granola. It is wonderful! I have tried other recipes and this one is the BEST!!!

  • I am still looking for the lemon cakes recipe that you made for your mother for Mothers Day.

  • I DVR your show and only your show, so I never miss it. I love all your recipes and own your cookbooks. I enjoy you talking about and seeing your family. I live to cook and have extensive cooking experience. I really can identify good recipes. You are the best.

  • Been a fan since I first heard Just Want to See You So Bad, with that great Hammond organ riff, and bought a Folkways CD of blues cvroes. And Car Wheel was a big part of the soundtrack on a roadtrip to California with two 16-year-olds and an 18-year-old, which was especially sweet as we knew they would soon be busy enough with their own lives that such trips wouldn't likely happen again.Saw her three years ago, and it was a great show, but while I liked the concert here this week, I found the reliance on lyric sheets really disconcerting. Hard to imagine the songs are just pouring out from the heart in the same way.Tonight, Steve Earle.

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