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Pork Jowl....B than b!

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Pork Jowl with Eggs

2 Pork Jowl with Eggs

Have you ever had it? OMG it's like bacon only better. Is that even possible???--YES.

Meanwhile, we're getting ready for Mad Hungry TV to launch THIS Monday at 12/11c. CCQ and I will be visiting Martha's show live at 10am that morning with a new super simple recipe using our favorite ingredient-- yes, it starts with a B.

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  • You did great today! The show is really great

  • Great show today! A real family feel

  • Awesome show today!

  • Great show, very informative.

  • Loving the show, but found the term "Fat Girl Rice" really offensive. Thought you were above that.

  • I love your show. I tape it everyday plus make copies of your daily recipes. I've just ordered your book. YOU ARE A GREAT COOK!

  • Lucinda,
    I DVR your show everyday and really enjoy. In regard to Hog Jowls, they are REALLY Good. Southern Tradition on New Year's Day. Hog Jowls, Black Eyed Peas, and Cooked Cabbage. Also, with some Cracklin Corn Bread. Thank you again for the fantastic show.


  • I'm a fan of your show. Made the chicken milanese with fine linguini and the simple tomato sauce. My guys loved it. Next time I'll double the sauce. The recipe as is isn't enough for the pound of pasta.
    I do have to agree with anonymous from 9/18/10 and also found the term Fat Girl Rice to be offensive and inappropriate. I hate political correctness. What is said behind closed doors is one thing, but please don't bring it into the public forum.

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