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Granola MakingHi All-

We are so excited about all of the MAD Hungry TV feedback you’ve been giving us this week. To address a MAJOR problem- the recipes. As a new little TV show we’ve been experiencing a few bugs in where the recipes are being put up. We hope to resolve this ASAP but in the meantime, please find all your fave recipes from the show at:

Thanks for your patience with our growing pains!


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  • Thank you! That's been frustrating. Your show is wonderful, I'm enjoying it a lot.

  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the show. So many delicious meals to choose from.
    Thank you!

  • Are the recipes on the show also in the Mad Hungry book or are they separate "TV" recipes?

  • Where is the breakfast sausage recipe? You posted the granola and the pancakes, but not the sausage. PLEASE post it.

  • love, love, love your show! Colin is a natural food-show star! My grandsons are young (10 and 11) but learning to help cook, so many good ideas for us to try. Thank you

  • There is so much joy in cooking for people who love to eat. Who could be better to cook for than teenage boys. I am totally smitten with the show. Love the recipies, kitchen tips and the hominess that the show conveys. Lucinda, the love you have for your family shines through in your stories and your cooking. I know my mad hungry guys are going to love this food! Many thanks!

  • Hey Sandra. I'm a digital TV editor at Apologies for the delay in getting the homemade sausage recipe up. Here you go:

  • Love this show! The recipes are easy and you don't have to go to specialty markets for ingredients. Looking forward to week 2 and the recipes on the show site.

  • I love the easy flow of the show. Have all episodes saved on my DVR. I kept hitting rewind when I was making the pork chops. Can't wait for the recipes to be put up.

    One negative, SORRY, but find the red nail polish distracting.

  • I caught your show today for the first time and LO and BEHOLD there you were, calling a bean dish chili. Only a yankee or a Californicator would adulterate chili by putting beans in it.

    Sanger, Texas

  • I am trying to find the breakfast recipes from last week, pancakes, sausage, granola, egg dish. I looked at the MS website you gave us but it only had today's food. Help, thanks

  • Hi, The day I switched to AT&T, they dropped the Hallmark Channel. I am presently reduced to watching the shows online. I saw you first show but the videos clips for the other shows aren't playing. They show the intro picture and that's it. The other shows (Martha, Whatever) play; there seems to be some behind-the-web-page look-up that isn't happening for Mad Hungry.

    By the way, I was able to watch your first show....and I LOVED IT! I'm making the apple-onion-chops for the hubby tonight.

    I'm looking forward to being able to watch the rest of your shows on line.

    Thanks, Georgette

  • Hello again - this is Greg - I wrote you months ago about "diet" tips - which you offered up and I am now down 25 pounds - love your food, your new show - happened upon it today while I was doing my hour run on the treadmill, yes, bragging - you are terrific on TV and the recipes- great- great - did I say great enough?
    I saw the pie episode today - my Dad owned a bakery but your tips were - dare I say, great! Can you do a blueberry pie sometime? My favorite.
    I hope you are working on your next cookbook in your spare time - perhaps if your kids are off to college soon you could write a book for us empty-nesters, keeping us healthy - Best to you - Greg

  • Wanted to say I love your new show! Also, thank you so much for yesterdays show with the poached chicken that keeps on giving recipes. I was home sick yesterday, printed out the soup recipe and when my husband got home he made soup for me! I was so thankful that your recipe was simple and easy enough for him to follow. He did a wonderful job and it really hit the spot. Can't thank you enough!

  • love the show and yummyforthe applepie

  • Awesome! I plan to try them all!

  • I should digg your article therefore other folks are able to see it, really useful, I had a hard time finding the results searching on the web, thanks.

    - Murk

  • Mad Hungry is my new favorite cooking show. How I raised 5 boys without it, I will never know. I, too, like cast iron. How about a bit on caring for cast iron on the show.

    Another useful bit would be how to cut up a chicken. I tried to watch your son on the fried chicken show, but what I wanted to see was blocked.

    Thank you for all that you do to raise the level of family dining!

  • I love the show and watched the Breakfast for Dinner show the other day. I found the recipe for the amazing Sour Cream Waffles, but there was a maple syrup and honey and butter mixture at the end and I cannot find the measurements for that. I would love to try it. Thank, and keep up the great recipes, I have cooked at least one of the recipes every week and some are already family favorites.

  • Lucinda - I've tuned in to your shows every day - love your recipes and your boys! I have learned SO MUCH that I hope to incorporate into my family meals. Hope the show has continued success!

  • Lucinda,
    I have always tried to catch your segments on Marth's show because your food is so simple but so great. I live with my 16 year old son now so the new show is perfect! I watch all the Food Network shows but by far, I enjoy yours the most. Love to see your sons helping out too, what a great, classy mom!

  • Lucinda! What an awesome show! I DVR every episode and my two young boys are beginning to show interest in cooking as well (especially my 7 year old - he is going as a "chef" for Halloween this year). We have been trying so many of your recipes, and I purchased the cookbook as well. Once a week I make the old fashioned pancakes for breakfast, and that breakfast sausage was out of this world GOOD. As I type this, I have a cast iron pan seasoning in my oven -- can't wait for more shows and your next cookbook.

  • I just received your book, "Feeding Men and Boys" and can't wait to try some of the recipes. I LOVE your show. As a matter of fact, yours is my very favorite cooking channel and I have been watching such shows for years. Keep up the good work. I have only one disappointment in your book. I find the font to be much too small as well as too light (ink) which makes it difficult to follow while preparing food but I plan to use it for many recipes.

  • Went out purchased the Mad Hungry cookbook, after watching your show. LOVE the show. Your recipes are easy to follow. I've made the flattened chicken and breakfast burritos and of course the BEC sandwich, my son loves them.
    ► One question is it possible to get the banana chocolate chip cookie recipe your son Calder mentions in the epilogue of the Mad Hungry cookbook?
    Thank you

  • Where is the granola recipe? I spent money on the ingredients, marking them down as I watched the show and now I can't find the recipe anywhere, including on


  • Love the show. I agree with many others....the best cooking show on the air. Thanks for all the great recipes.

  • I continue to look online for the wooden, slightly curved utensil that you use for browning ground meat, sauting veggies, etc. It's awesome and I would love to be able to find one. Any ideas?

  • I love your show, been watching since day one and am glad to find your recipes on line to try. You are very refreshing and your recipes are great.

  • I love the show...So excited about her recipes.

  • Love the show, you are the best thing from MSLO. I can so relate to you & your recipes (which I have tried & loved). Your approach is so different from MS, more relaxed & everyday Mom like, keep those recipes coming!

  • I just made the chicken chili and there must be something wrong with the recipe. It was SO SPICY that it was INEDIBLE. I like spicy but this was over the top with my friends choking and gagging. Please let everyone know to reduce the jalapeno and chipotle chilis if they make this.

  • Hi Lucinda,
    Love your show & recipes, are you sicilian? Some of the recipes i've seen such as no cook marinara sauce string beans with garlic & tomato have been in my family since i was a little girl and im now 65 and full blooded sicilian. enjoy your show and love your recipes, keep up the good work. where can I buy your cook book.

  • I have been watching your new show, and I just love it.
    So happy that you have your own show. I like the way your boys are involved, I have two sons who also like to cook.
    Keep up the good work, great recipes, and good ideas, Your show is a bright spot on TV. Thanks.

  • Love your show, love the set, love you, and most of all - love the food! Thanks, can't wait to try some of your recipes!

  • I just tried the Italian Meatloaf (sorta). I cheated......

    I was out today and couldn't remember anything but the mortadella and pistachios. So, I bought the pistachios and the deli counter was out of mortadella. I couldn't remember the substitute, so I bought olive loaf, instead. I also was very lazy, so I bought the market's all beef meatloaf mix as a base. Anyway, I added the nuts and cheese to the mix, added wine as per the recipe. Since everything else was in there (I assume), that was it. Afterwards, I thought that a good bologna would have sufficed (isn't that what mortadella is, bologna w/additions of fat and pistachios?).

    Anyway, purist, or not, the meatloaf came out fantastic! I must try the pure recipe, though, but this was GREAT!.

  • enjoy your cooking style very much, pie dough receipes are a great hit. I bought your book loved the cover texture it's easy to wipe off after cooking. One comment on your next cookbook or next printing make text larger it's text is much smaller than most books and when your following a recipe the book is usually somewhere on your island and not usually in your hands.

  • I love your show and your cooking style. Suits my family's needs just fine.
    Recipes are easy and delicious. A great big yum on the peanut butter/rice cereal treat!!! I used agave syrup in place of corn syrup as we are sugar conscious.

    Thanks for giving us vegetarian options where possible.

  • Your show is the best cooking show ever! You explain everything so well, and make everything so simple! I get so frustrated with recipes that call for some off-the-wall ingredient that I would never have in my pantry. Your recipes are not that way at all. I checked your book out of the library and then realized I wanted to renew it forever, so I went out and bought it instead. Thanks for bringing family dining back!

  • I bought your book after watching the episode about pork chops with apples and onions. We just bought a pig, cut and wrapped from a Hutterite Colony in Central Montana. We buy one every year. The pork tastes like it is supposed to taste, as it not fed anything but what pigs should be fed. Anyway, my family raved about that recipe. I have since tried many others. The only one that wasn't so good....was the chicken enchiladas. Not crazy about corn tortillas. I am going to try the cupcakes when my daughter gets home from school and the chicken and dumplings on Sunday...can hardly wait!!

  • Lucinda,

    I just love your show! The program is so well done. I love how you don't just show what ingredients to use in recipes but show techniques and give explainations as well. And it's great how you show close ups of your hands while you perform techniques. Even though I'm not a novice cook, I learn so much every day, and I find that watching your show just makes me happy! Thank you for putting together such a great show. Please continue forever!

  • Love your show! There are several recipes I wanted to try ,but could not find on your website - Mac and Cheese with pinwheel pasta -Chicken Fingers dipped in buttermilk -Chocolate Bundt Cake Are they in your book?

  • I love your show. I was watching at ll:30 am on Friday, Nov. 5, 2010. You made a chocolate cake without eggs. The show's theme was using things you have in your pantry. You mixed the ingredients right in the pan. It looked so easy and I would love to try it.

    Please email me the recipe if you can. Good luck to you and hope you'll be on the air for a long time.


    Diane Finch

  • cannot find reciepes from previous shows

  • I really enjoy your show and recipes. I'm a wife and homeschooling mom of 3 small children and have trouble organizing myself with making lists, shopping, and then preparing healthy meals for my family. I REALLY want to master this. Your show has been helpful by touching on pantry ideas and demonstrating things I can do from memory like the poached egg in tomato sauce, the tomato sauce itself, and the chicken pasta spinach dinner which I tried and loved! Thanks for the help!

  • I enjoy your show very much but don't always know when and where to find it.
    I saw you make Polenta Lasagna which I found interesting and would like to try, but can't find it
    in your recipes. Sounds wonderful!
    You make all of your recipes sound delicious with good instructions. Unfortunately I coluld not copy this while watching.
    Keep up the good cooking.

  • Love watching your show. Every thing sounds so good. How can I get your recipes on the web? So far I haven't discovered how . Thank you for any help.

  • I think you are just great. I watch you almost everyday because I have just started my own family and your show is for me. I appreciate your demeanor-and you always make me mad hungry-after every show!

  • Hi, I just found your show a couple of weeks ago when I started watching holiday movies on Hallmark. Wow, what have I been missing. I am a Food Network junkie, but I have to say....your show is my favorite cooking show of all. I always enjoyed watching you on Everyday Food and Martha's show. I am soooo happy that you have your own show. It is so enjoyable to watch and your food looks delicious and just the type of meals I have always enjoyed cooking. You are a joy to watch and a real natural on camera. Your sons are also great and I love it when you are cooking with a guest too. Everyone just seems to be relaxed like they are in my kitchen with you with me.
    Thanks again for the show. I hope you stay on forever. And, I am so happy I discovered the show.

  • Great show. LOVE LOVE LOVE her red nails!

  • I love your show!!! I record and watch it everyday and I love your boys!! It makes for a great family show. And I love your recipes!!!

  • I just think your great,I love the Mad Hungry Book.I got 3 of my friends to buy it
    Can't wait for the next,HURRY.:)Get yout on little mag. too.wink wink
    I know we would all love that!!!
    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing your recipes.
    I will be watching and waiting.

  • Sorry to say but I have been unable to bring up a single "Mad Hungry" recipe on the Martha Stewart site I get sent too. i can only find the recipes by running through the shows in your archive.
    Doing the Chocolate Bundt cake for the holiday parties.

  • Love the show. I now am looking for the recipes that were shown regarding Chinese. When will they be listed?

  • Can I make a Green Apple Infused Vodka with Green Apple Peels or would the peels turn?

  • I made the oven fried chicken last night and it was fantastic! Thanks so much for this recipe - I wish it was in my Mad Hungry Cookbook but a printed out copy from the website now is :) Thanks again.

  • I love the show a lot. I can't find the recipe for your lemon cake. Can you send it to me please? Thanks.

  • Your show is great, I just started watching it,you made short ribs colieflour and surger cookies with sobet.It brot me back to my Mothers short ribs,I will be making it soon,can`t wait.Love,Love,Love,your show.I`m Italian too!!.Donna

  • Just received Mad Hungry as a Christmas gift and tried first recipe yesterday. I was disappointed that there is part of instructions on ingredients left out which made me make the beef stew incorrectly. I'm not sure if I'll be making another recipe from this cookbook. The carrots should have had a line in parenthesis that some should be diced, but this is left out.

  • I love the show! I tried the pancake recipe for my family and it was a big hit.

  • Hi Lucinda: I'm really enjoying the show. Every recipe I've tried has hit a home run--thank you! I'm obsessed with the wooden paddle/spatula that you frequently use, and have tried to find one on the internet with no luck. I would appreciate any recommendations you might have on where I could purchase one.
    Best to you in 2011 and I look forward to my daily "fix" of MH!

  • Love your show, getting a desire to cook back! We made the Brined Turkey for Thanksgiving, it was fabulous. I have tried a few other of your recipes , I like to see them being made, love all the tips. Thank you!

  • Am I missing something? Martha Stewart is taking over the 11:00 am slot so what is the new time for your show?

  • I love the show but my family will only eat some of the more simple tasting things but I can't find the recipe for pizza dough and the mustard chicken Caulder made with you on the show my hubby and son both like honey mustard sauce sooo I think they might like this one,my 20 year old daughter is too picky she NEVER will,Can you please email me with those? Thanks

  • My husband & I (both retired) watch you show all the time. We love your recipes, presentation and your boys helping. Made the honey mustard chicken the same day it aired. We loved it. Do you think it would work with Salmon too? You and your family are great. Hope we can find the recipes on the site soon. I keep pen and paper by the TV just to jot down your recipes and tips.

  • I love your show and especially like it when you bring guests on. But, it's very frustrating to try to find a recipe from the show. I find myself saving the show, then looking online to see if I can find it. If not, I have to copy down your instructions, which is very time consuming. What's happening?

  • Your recipe for waffles caught my eye.
    I made the most awful batch in the morning. turned on the tv and your show was about waffles.
    You let the eggs and sugar beat for about 8 minutes. So I got off my chair and to the kitchen. I put those eggs and sugar in the bowl and let it go for 8 full minutes.

    I will look no further.
    I am making them again tomorrow morning!

  • Hello, I really enjoy your show and how you interact with your sons. Do you have a receipe for Stuffed cabbage rolls?

  • Ditto on the 11:00 question. When will Mad Hungry be on?
    Love the show and have Rx to my relatives. My 96 year-old aunt is now a fan. She makes a great Easter 'pizza,' combining pasta, cheeses, diced pepperoni etc. My mom has taught her daughters to make tortellini, and my sister, a natural who works with them, had a snow day today and was able to catch your program.
    Your family is great. The love shines through. Again, where do we find you after thhe 11:00 am change?

  • You are the recipe for a snowed in winter! I enjoy and print out many of the recipes daily. I love the show as a practical, easy way to cook for my family. I especially love your boys joining you cooking! Keep it going>

  • I love my cast-iron skillets. I didn't use to use mine very often because they are heavy and sometimes hard to get out of the cabinet. I have an electric stove so I decided to keep my pans out and use them as burner covers. Now I use them everyday. I have several pieces and have used them for everything, even tomatoe dishes because I don't "subscribe" to that either. On another note, once Martha's show "Bake" comes on when will Mad Hungry bo on?

  • I'm not finding how to clean,season and treat cast iron when finding at flea markets. I LOVE your show and try to never miss it. Keep up the great job. Also love all you sons. Thanks alot.

  • We record the shows every day to watch later in the husband loves to watch too. Yes, it is not always easy to find the recipes. Lucinda, you are great, your sons seem so relaxed cooking with you. Please keep this informative cooking show going. So many new shows are entertainment only. We love learning new methods and recipes that are quick and easy...we are retired! but, still love to cook and eat.

  • Your show has changed my culinary world! I watch every

  • Where is the recipe for the busy day choc. cake. I can't seem to find it?

  • thanks for your common sense approach to making the recipies sound like we all can try to do them.

  • I am enjoying your show very much. Love the recipes
    that look like I can make them. I liked the Busy Day Chocolate that you mixed in the pan. Wanted to
    do that with my Granddaughter. Can you post it? Saw it on Jan. 21, with pantry meals. I'll be watching this week!

  • Can anyone help me with this question? On all the shows I see Lucinda using a knife that appears to be very sharp which seems to make all the slicing much easier. I especially remember watching sever shows where meat is being "butterflied" and it seems to happen so easily. What kind of knife should I get that would be a really sharp knife. I'm just learning to cook and have struggled with finding a good knife. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • love the wooden stick you use on shw went to Macys did not find it where cn i buy it

  • Can't find busy day choc cake

  • Jim - the Busy Day Chocolate Cake was from the December 6, 2010 show. Here is the recipe:

    1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour (spooned and leveled)
    1 cup sugar
    3 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa powder
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    1/2 teaspoon coarse salt
    6 tablespoons vegetable oil
    1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
    1 tablespoon white vinegar
    1 cup cold water
    1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In an 8-inch square baking pan, whisk together all-purpose flour, sugar, unsweetened cocoa powder, baking soda, and coarse salt.
    2.Make a well in center of flour mixture and add vegetable oil, pure vanilla extract, white vinegar, and cold water. Whisk until well combined. Bake until a toothpick inserted in center comes out clean, 35 to 40 minutes. Let cool completely in pan on a wire rack.

    Read more at Busy-Day Chocolate Cake - Martha Stewart Recipes

  • Need to see the show again about using, cleaning, and cooking with iron skillets. awesome! Didn't have my recorder on. I love iron skillets, but never knew how to use them.

  • Where is the shortribs recipe? I tried the website you suggested and it isn't coming up. PLEASE put up the shortribs recipe. It is exactly what i need for a special event.It's frustrating when you can't get the recipe. You have to work on this. Do love the show. Made plumb cake and even with out of season plumbs it was delicious. db

  • I didn't realize how much I liked you and the way you present recipes until you started Mad Hungry(what a great name!)I record every show on DVD even if I don't think I'll be interested in the recipes that day but I always get drawn to them. But the best thing about your show and my enjoyment is your wonderful demeanor, happy and eager to share even the smallest details. It's just a joy to watch YOU---makes my spirit happy. And you're still such a professional cook.

  • Your Lentil Vegetable Soup looks so good, I am going to try it. Just one you think I could substitute half the lentils for some barley? I think barley would be good in this recipe. If I did that, how would I figure out how much barley to use in it's place? Maybe just add more chicken stock if it got to thick? Thanks in advance. Love the show!

  • I Love your cooking show. The recipes are easy to make with ingredients we already have in our pantry. My husband also enjoys watching you too since he loves to cook and he thinks you are very pretty. He comes home every day to watch you. We also love the way you include your family in your show. I hope your shows is here to stay.

  • I love your show and watch it from my office when it's on. So many times cooking show disply meals that you wouldn't prepare at home everyday. Thank goodness your show isn't one of them. We need family recipes and your show is the ticket. When you think about it 90% of the time, when family and friends gather, food is always at the center of the event. That is our core that brought us all together to share the good times and the bad times, food is always their. GOOD JOB Lucinda.

  • The videos online do not work properly.

  • My family and I loved your breakfast with the golden granola. I made the pancakes, sausage and the granola. I was wondering how many calories and carbs there were in the granola? I have been eating it with some yogurt as a sweet snack instead of cookies etc. I know its healthy but can I get some estimated numbers? Thanks and I love your food!

  • We just had the most assume meal from your show. The stuffed shells, broccoli rabi, and berry sauce. My family flipped over it. The only problem I have is the picture doesn't show up when I need to print the recipe. Keep up the great work all of you are doing.


  • Hi, I really enjoy your show and my family and I have enjoyed most of the recipes I have tried from your show. You make cooking look so easy for the everyday mom/cook. And your cooking tips are awesome. Thanks Kim

  • love the show so much i bought your ckbk! Just made the choclate pudding...looks FANTASTIC. Also loved the italian fries.
    Love the show...keep up the great wk.

  • Lucinda:
    Would you please specify what type of salt you are
    using in your recipes? I usually assume if no comment
    is made when stating the measurement that it is regular table salt, but often a close-up shows
    what looks like kosher. They are SO different that it
    can ruin the dish if one guesses wrong. Thanks.

    Made the lemon pudding looked great until halfway thru cooking, then it fell...what did I do wrong?

  • The BEST cooking show on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hands down, the BEST cooking show on TV!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi Lucinda,
    I love your show, practical and easy, yet still yummy recipes.
    Is the kitchen you cook in really in your home or is it a set?
    Keep cooking mad,

  • Today is March 20, 2011 and I have been looking for the Mad Hungry cookbook EVERYWHERE but no one has it. Is it out of print? If so, when will I be able to purchase it? Thanks.

  • Does anybody know what type and were to get the enamel cast iron pot is used on the show to make the tomato sauce and many other braised dishes. It looks like a large skillet with 2 handles.

  • @Daniella - I'm pretty certain that what you're talking about is a Le Creuset "buffet casserole", if you just search for that, you'll find plenty of info on-line.

    And yes, this show is awesome! I have been renewing the cookbook over and over from the library since it was released. Probably time to just buy a copy. LSQ, please don't ever stop painting your nails red...I want to be like you when I grow up!

  • I love this show sooo much! Lucinda, you have gotten me interested in cooking again. Your easy approach and relatively easy recipes make it fun and affordable to cook an interesting meal for my family again! I love your style, red nail polish and all!

  • LOVE YOUR SHOW! LOVE THE RECIPES. I love the red nail polish too. No other cook on TV is brazen enough to wear it. Please try to get us that long, wooden spatula that you use. You could sell a lot of them. When is your hubby gonna make a debut on the show?

  • Hi, Lucinda! I've been cooking for family and self for some 60 plus years now but want to tell you that I'm still learning (shortcuts) from both you and Martha and I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

    But I have something to say about your Bloody One-Eye. When I was growing up we (my brother and I) knew it as "Gas House Egg", but without the hot sauce. My father had seen it in a movie called the Gas House Gang featuring Leo Gorcey and the Bowery Boys, probably better known as the Dead End Kids. You brought back some old and wonderful memories with this one and for that I thank you.

    Please keep up the good work.

    P.S. I'm kind of new to blogging, but I will return as often as I can.

  • Debbie... try an online bookseller like for the Mad Hungry cookbook. It's available there along with a few of Lucinda's other cookbooks.

  • Thanks for your help AJ- I went on both and, and found out the Mad Hungry cookbook is out of stock, but will be available again April 15, 2011. That explains the problem in my finding the cookbook.

  • I enjoy your show. I also enjoy recipes I teach culinary art and find a stop gap for me as a teaching tool and the recipes good. The studends that I teach are inmates in the correctional system and this gives them at home look. Thank you for your take on recipes on home dinner table. This what our country needs a active the family can do an set down and enjoy.

  • I do love the show and all the recipes.
    Lucinda has a great screen personality and I do enjoy the show when the boys participate. I would suggest a show aimed at tweens at the appropriate time including the boys.
    However, I was disappointed today when I found two recipes for the stuffed shells. Matters were complicated when the video would not run.I couldn't find the proportions for the radichio, onions and prosciutto. I missed that part of the show. I hope you can correct this.

  • I am looking for the cauliflower recipe I saw just the other day. Calder was helping with the cooking that day. The cauliflower was sliced thinly & roasted in the oven. After roasting a 'sauce' was added which included garlic & golden raisins & capers.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I have now become a "flat roast chicken" addict. I love love the way it all gets done. I cook for some elderly people who like the legs and thighs, while my family likes the breasts. I am able to cut the bird into four pieces, my clients getting the dark meat quarter and we get the breasts. WONDERFUL THANX for the idea. Jane

  • I just watched your Thai Food show. Coincidentally, I just made some Thai Food last night. One of the things I made was the famous Thai chicken and coconut soup, (Thom Kha Gai) I've eaten it in many restaurants over the years and I've made it myself many times too. You left a few key ingredients out of your version that are in virtually every recipe I've ever seen or tasted.

    The first and most obvious is chicken stock or broth. It's not supposed to be straight coconut milk. Usually there's about a 50/50 mix of coconut milk and chicken stock. Sometimes a little less coconut milk is used depending on how thick the coconut milk is. I'll admit I haven't made your version but I can't imagine eating a soup of straight coconut milk. That's like making a traditional cream soup like cream of chicken soup using only straight heavy cream and no chicken stock. Uhhh...Did you forget something?

    Another omission was a form of ginger called, "Galanga". It may be a little difficult to find unless there's an Asian grocery store near by. It's a relative of ginger and is sometimes known as, "Lesser Ginger". It's usually sold fresh but it's sometimes frozen and dried is usually available. The dried needs to be boiled in the hot soup for a while to release it's flavor. Galanga is much more firm and woody than traditional ginger with a different flavor. Regular ginger can be substituted but won't be quite the same. But using regular ginger in this soup is better than using nothing at all. It adds a background flavor that is missed if it's not there. Thin slices, not chopped.

    There is usually Kaffir lime leaves included in this soup too. But the flavor they add is much more subtle than the galanga so it can be omitted.

    Two other ingredients frequently found in this soup are sliced bamboo shoots and straw mushrooms. While neither ingredient is exactly loaded with flavor they add texture and a subtle flavor that makes this soup one of my favorite soups in the world.

    Finally, the use of lemon grass is great and is traditional in this dish but I would recommend not slicing it so thin. Leave it in 2 or 3 inch lengths. Why? Because lemon grass is very fibrous and even the relatively tender inner parts are difficult to chew. Slicing it just like the green onions that you included in the soup will make it difficult to eat around or remove. Instead, just bruise the lemon grass with a meat hammer or back of a knife and cut it into longer lengths so it's easy to remove or eat around. The same goes for the galanga slices and kaffir lime leaves that are supposed to be found in this dish.

    I understand that this show isn't about making exact copies of other people's recipes but with a classic dish like this why leave out ingredients that are key to the dish?

    One other thing I'd like to add is regarding the use of chili peppers. It seems that just about every TV cooking show host says that, "All of the heat is found in the seeds" or something to that effect. Some may include the veins in that statement. The truth is that the capsaisin is produced in the veins. The seeds are attached/embedded in the veins so they get a lot of the heat too. Cutting out the seeds and veins will certainly remove a lot of the heat but by no means is, "All" of the heat removed as was stated in this episode and practically every other cooking show on TV. The heat DOES transfer to the body of the chili. I'm a lover of chilies and I know of what I speak. If you don't believe me try taking a habanero chili and cutting out the seeds and veins. Now eat what's left. Still think, "All" of the heat is in the seeds/veins? Yeah, make sure you have a big glass of milk handy when you do this. ;~}

    My family and I really like the show and watch every episode. But nothing is perfect so hopefully you don't mind the critique.

  • Ms. Quinn,

    I love watching your show, BUT, I have one major issue with a lot of your recipes. Being Jewish, I cannot make the pork dishes you do, and I was wondering if you could use beef instead? I'd list the recipes in question, but there are just too many. Why do you use so much pork as opposed to beef? I'd really appreciate it (as I'm sure other viewers would, also) if you'd make recipes that have beef in them instead of pork.

    Otherwise, I have really enjoyed watching your show, and it's given me lots of cooking ideas.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Lucinda,
    I love your show and watch it everyday... I have a problem..I bought brand new Cast Iron Skillets..I seasoned them according to the directions, but it left them stick in spots inside the skillet...So do you know how I can fix this..I bought them so I can try to make some of your dishes that you make in cast iron...I appreciate any help I can get.

  • Hi Lucinda,
    I love your show and watch it everyday... I have a problem..I bought brand new Cast Iron Skillets..I seasoned them according to the directions, but it left them sticky in spots inside the skillet...So do you know how I can fix this..I bought them so I can try to make some of your dishes that you make in cast iron...I appreciate any help I can get.

  • LSQ, Please Do Keep wearing the red nail polish! Your appearance and attitude has inspired me to "look better while I cook better"!

    Your show has changed my "cooking" life. It was a chore and very boring, and now I can't wait to try out your recipes on a nearly daily basis. I just want to say thanks, and my husband wants to say thank you to infinity.

  • Love your show Lucinda...only get one show now, and that is disappointing. My husband is not an adventurous eater, but he really likes so many of your recipes that I have tried, keep them coming! I'm Italian also and it's great to get a different spin on some of the same recipes that I make! Love your boys!!!

  • We used to get 10 episodes per week of Mad Hungry. We now only get four episodes each week. I'm sad to see a 60% decrease in Mad Hungry programming. Love your show!

  • You got me excited about using the cast-iron skillets and the dutch oven pots. I went in a famous dutch oven store and was overwhelm. I just can not decide what size and style of the dutch oven to buy. Would do you suggest for a family of four?

  • I'm kind of jealous...I think my husband has a crush on you! I DVR your shows and watch them when I get home from work. He doesn't even mind when I play your shows while baseball is on TV.

    The husband has started cooking since he retired and I'm still working. He loves your recipes because they are delicious and he can follow the directions.

    Looking forward to seeing more of you! I admire you and want to be just like you!

  • I am trying to find the program that I watched today (7/05/11) about three soups you made. I went to your website. I don't know the original show date, but cannot find it on your website. I don't see a place to enter for a search of particular recipes that have been on your program. It was probably a re-run, as the show I watched before was the meatloaf, and I did find that recipe on the website. Thanks for any suggestions. The soups were minestrone, pumpkin, and a tomatoe.

  • On your show where you make chicken Parmesan, You really set a good example by washing your hands after any contact with chicken, to avoid Salmonella. I watched twice and you had your hands on the inside of the white paper wrapping which covered the chicken. Don't you have a dietition consultant? I feel you should be more aware of what you don on television! Also, don't you have a food chopper or a food processor? Most people do these days. I thought part of your show was to show how to prepare foods in a time saving manor. Good luck in the future. .... Hmmmmm, maybe I should have my own TV food show.

  • On your show where you make chicken Parmesan, You really should set a good example by washing your hands after any contact with chicken, to avoid Salmonella. I watched twice and you had your hands on the inside of the white paper wrapping which covered the chicken. Don't you have a dietition consultant? I feel you should be more aware of what you don on television! Also, don't you have a food chopper or a food processor? Most people do these days. I thought part of your show was to show how to prepare foods in a time saving manor. Good luck in the future. .... Hmmmmm, maybe I should have my own TV food show.
    (left out the most important word in my original post{don't expect it to make it to your blog}, that you SHOULD wash your hands).

  • I really enjoy "Mad Hungry". I like cooking shows, but I was soooo tired of the cookie cutter formula productions flooding this genre. I've been a Martha fan for years, and I'm very happy to see you have your own show maintaining same quality only with an unique voice.

    Don't worry about yakkity armchair know it alls. Momma always said when they have start nit picking you know you are doing somthing!

    Keep up the good work...

  • Hi,

    I really enjoy the show and have your cookbook. So many useful recipes! I was wondering about the red and blue pattern soup mugs you have on your set? On the shelves behind you? They are so pretty and I would love to know where to get them.


  • I just made the coffee cake grandma's etc etc, w/ coffee and choc

    Do you have to freeze it??
    Mine came out very small and not completly cooked when tester came out dry and cake looked brown and ready..I am sad

  • Was so excited to watched Calders Chicken & Hash Brown recipes on the show yesterday. Went today to get the recipe for the hash browns and see that it only serves two???? Why would you make enough chicken for four, then potatoes only for two? I have 7-8 to feed in my house daily. How can I make these potatoes to serve eight? How many potatoes, how long to cook, etc.?

  • Please tell Martha to get on the recipe locator problem! Would like to have a place to enter a search & actually get to the recipe.
    Until then . . . can anyone point me toward the segment where the easy pie crust recipes were demonstrated?

  • are the bomb!!!! i love your show so much and it is the happy, comforting spot of my day. I am VERY bummed they are moving you to a later time and putting emeril in your slot...and cutting you back to only one episode :-( now i wont be able to see you anymore!!! uuuggghhhh hopefully hallmark will change it back again after they got rid of that awful food show they had on for a while in your place.

    You are just the most awesome food personality/chef i have ever seen..and i love when you have calder on. your show is inspiring, mouth watering and comforting. keep up the great work!

    god bless,

  • I recently found this program and it is wonderful. Everything is so clear and getting the recipes on line works great. I have been hunting a dressing for slaw and am going to try this one for today's show.

  • Always liked Lucinda I just wish, and please don't take this the wrong way, but I wish she didn't talk so much! Sometimes a moment of silence is fine. I'm sure everyone will jump on me for this, but that is my opinion. I also think the camera work could be better...just watch Barefoot Contessa, the up-close shots are great!

  • Love your recipes, love your show. You are so "user friendly". However, recipes are difficult to locate. Wish you could have your own website, it would make things less confusing and your show is so different from Martha Stewart, we would love to be able to access both of you separately.

  • Trying to find the "kid friendly" show recipes where Lucinda and her nieces made mac and cheese and cupcakes, and can't find it. HELP!

  • this is for Lucinda scala Quinn. I tried very hard last week to get you (uncorn beef) rece ipie but it just would not let me access it. Now because of my blood pressure I can not enjoy the origenal like I use to, I even tryed boiling the salt off first amd it just did not taste as good. SO please culd you send me the receipe for and the osso boco, I would really appreciate. Thanks Althea brown.

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