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Our first week of shows went great on Hallmark and we’re so happy you tuned in, got some tips and delicious recipes. Next week is going to have another solid lineup with the hot sauce and pie shows- we’d hate for anyone to miss out on those.

Spread the news: MAD Hungry will now be at 11/10c- right after

the Martha show.

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  • Please, please, how can I get the Pork Chop, cabbage recipes from your frist show!!!

  • Hi Judy,

    We're working on getting all of our MAD Hungry recipes on ASAP but for now, please bare with us and enjoy your favorite MHTV recipes (including the pork chops with apples and sauteed cabbage) below:


  • Loving the new show! I’ve made 3 items already. And it’s only week 1! ( There goes my diet. ) I love that you use cast iron. Lodge? How do you season and clean your pans? I have Le Creuset which or enameled lined. Is there a major difference from yours and lined cast iron pans when cooking?

  • So glad you are now right after the Martha Show; it makes more sense, and also the Everyday Food following. My husband happened to be watching last week during the breakfast show and wants all of the food. I am happy the recipes are now available. He was especially interested in the sausage. Maybe HE will be the one to actually make it from scratch! He has just retired, and him cooking would be a great new long as he cleans up!

  • I Love, Love, Love, the show! I was hooked after the chicken in the cast iron skillet! Now-I just need a skillet! I have a large family-7 kids and need good, healthy recipes! thanks!

  • Absolutely LOVE the new show! Made the flat roast chicken yesterday - literally done in 45 minutes and deliciously moist. Also made the entire dinner from the 1st episode...we will never eat cabbage or sweet potatoes any other way. I highly recommend the book. It's full of great advice and what better way to ensure you have all these fantastic recipes in one place. I really hope this show continues!

  • I'm loving all these great new recipes, but can you please include the techniques of these recipes such as the poaching of the chicken, or the baking of the bacon in the oven.... I saw there was a poaching 101, but that was a long segment of Martha Stewarts program vs. just the qick clip of Lucinda's Mad Hungry show, that for me was much more useful. Is there a way to review a show on this website. If so I haven't figured it out..


  • I absolutely love your show! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful recipes! I eagerly anticipate watching it every day. One of the few things I can still do is cook and I try to do it as best as I can. Thank you so much!

  • Your show and recipes are great. I just ordered the book. I like how your sons are included in the show, they are quite handsome.

  • my dish network schedule says you are on at 9AM pacific time and so it taped the talk show today

  • Everyone who is loving the show--THANK-YOU.
    Please spread the word to your friends and fellow cooks!

  • I just saw the Game Day chili show...I have to tell you that a close-up shot of Miles Quinn's DIRTY fingernails as he was scooping chopped onions almost made me lose my breakfast. Blech.
    I suggest you get those boys a fingernail brush before they begin helping.

  • I just love you'r program Lucinda.It's down to earth and the recipes seem to be something that the average cook would have no problem cooking. I like the fact that you share about your family and how,like everyone in the real world,you try to think of good meals,fast,but delicious and filling.You have a great personality that comes through to your viewers.Someone that I would like to have coffee with in my kitchen,and not be nervous if my house isn't perfect.Keep it up....your great!!!

  • Just saw your show for the first time. Loved it and the show today Sept 21, featuring bacon. Would love the recipe for the romaine salad with a poached on top. Not sure how to look it up. Thanks!

  • Love the show! It's informative and you cook real food without all the blather. It's so refreshing to be able to listen to you explain what you're doing without Martha interrupting every sentence.
    What's with the shifting times? I set my DVR last week and this week the time has shifted and I got those two spoiled brats recorded instead of your show. Next week's schedule has it back at original time. Please stick to one time slot.
    Congrats on a fabulous show!


  • Hi Loretta,

    Click below for the tomato & onion stew as well as the sauteed cabbage:

    you can find all the MAD Hungry recipes at:


  • Too hard to copy recipes. Need to display all recipes out of blog. It takes too much paper and ink! And you finally give up and go to another site!

  • Can you please give me the pesto recipe you showed in October?

  • Can you please give me the pesto recipe you showed in October? Thanks.

  • I have never watched cooking shows, but I am hooked on Mad Hungry. You make it interesting and easy to follow. Pratical meals, that I can make ! Thank you so much for such a great show.

  • Lucinda....I love your show!
    It's my fave to watch during the week. I admire Martha enormously,she is exceptionally talented.....but out of touch with reality.
    Thank's for a practical approach to enjoying family meal prep and time together.
    My large family has noticed my revamped talent's in the kitchen,thank's to some of your creative recipes. :)

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