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TUNE IN to MAD Hungry Today for recipes that will make you go mmmmmm- all THREE Quinn boys join me in the kitchen to cook up a meal that is sure to make your stomach satisfied. Fried chicken two ways: a Quick fried chicken, Southern buttermilk style and one of the best and most flavorful fried chicken recipes I've eaten, Miss Lamie's. PLUS MAD good sides: tomato onion stew, fried kale and fried chicken's most famous partner in crime, biscuits.

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  • I LOVE fried chicken. I must have missed this episode, but just ordered your book. I've never tried to make friend chicken at home, but I'm pretty sure with your tutorial I'll be able to knock it out! Thanks for your show, I really enjoy it. And, by the way, our family consists of 4 girls and one guy (Dad), but I think your cookbook will serve us well.

  • Am a Jamaican i live here all my life but i watch your show on cable tv every morning i would love to have one of your book that is if its a recipe book some times some of the things you use i can get them here in Jamaica, but i really would love one of your books

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