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Recipes from Today's Show: Short Ribs Menu

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TODAY on MHTV: My method for oven-braised short ribs eliminates browning the meat and lets the oven do all the work. While the ribs hang out in the oven (add potatoes to make it a one-pan meal), you've got time to make a side of caramelized cauliflower that is sweet and salty with a crunchy golden crust. The first time I made this dish, it was an instant hit with my mad hungry boys. For dessert, step away from the stove to make sugar cookie sorbet sandwiches—a no-cook frozen treat using store bought ingredients—and stash them in the freezer to enjoy after dinner. More from the show.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Luscious Oven-Braised Short Ribs

Caramelized Cauliflower

Sugar Cookie Sorbet Sandwiches

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  • I caught your show for the first time today. Your son is a sweetheart! And that cauliflower looked amazing, I'm gonna try that this weekend.

  • I am watching the show, have the cookbook, wondered if the short ribs should be bone-in or boneless?? Does it matter?

    Lucinda -- Please -- Puh-leeze have Your entire Family on the show. You're obviously Foodies, and I have recreated about 2/3rds of all the shows you've done ... to rave reviews.
    Love You. Love Calder. Could we please see Your hubbie and other sons. Fun, fun, fun show.
    Thank You.

  • I just watched your show today for the first time and loved it! I'm not a cook but was inspired by watching you and your son. I'll definitely try both the short ribs and the cauliflower recipes. I'll be back to watch more!

  • Both my husband and I are avid cooks and true food network and cooking channel viewers. Today just cruising thru the stations on my sons television in San Antonio, Texas I found your show and couldn't change the channel. The beef short ribs looked scrumptious and I intend to try both that recipe and the tomato tuna recipe of Calder's. Hope I can find your Hallmark channel on our lineup in Columbus, GA when I return home. Thanks for two wonderful recipes. By the way, I'm just visiting in San Antonio.


    you are so practical and I love how you talk and tell stories while cooking......

    ps... I love the little red nails too.......

  • I LOVE shortribs! But working full time it just took too long. Thank you for the shortcut! Love your simple, delicious fresh food recipes.

  • Where is the chocolate cake recipe that you made in the pan on this episode?

  • I want to make the tomato tuna pasta recipe and the chocolate cake you make, bake, and frost in the pan but I can not find those recipes. Please post them as soon as you can. Thanks.

  • I am looking for the tuna recipe and chocolate cake one too. Let me know where they are?

  • Ladies, I will answer some questions for Lucinda....I feel like we are BFFs even though she has no idea I exist. I have been looking at her cookbook "Mad Hungry" since the day it hit the stores. I finally convinced myself that it was a "must have". I have watched her show since the first episode without missing one and now that it is on a second time each day (in our area) which is a repeat of a previous show, I watch again....I just can't get enough. I have tried many of her recipes and have more on my "cooking bucket list" to try soon. You will find the Busy Day Chocolate Cake recipe on page 234 and the Tuna Tomato Pasta recipe on page 177 of Mad Hungry. If you don't have the book, it is time for you to bring it home just like Lucinda is "bringing back the family meal".

    Lucinda, I hope you don't mind that I just had to answer some of the questions that had been posed in the previous comments. By the way, I plan on purchasing your book for each of my four adult children for Christmas. They each see it out either on my cookbook stand in the kitchen or sitting on the ottoman in the family room, quickly becoming a topic of conversation. You see, it is always close at hand, since I follow along as you cook and I watch (that is as long as it is in the book)....Can't you guess?....I wait anxiously for the sequel...Mad Hungry 2!!!

  • I love your show. I enjoy to "down to earth" recipes. How can I convert short ribs to a slow cooker recipe?

  • maria,
    you can search for the recipe here on the blog, but the cake in a pan is here :-)

  • Vickie, you just solved my christimas list issue ;-)
    Mad Hungry for everyone.

    BTW LSQ, I have been a Marthafan for years and I knew who you were the first time I watched MH. I hope you continue to have a great association with MSO.

  • Thank-you for all the wonderful, supportive comments. It is so satisfying that folks are connecting to our show. My main goal is pure and simple: to remind everyone to cook for the people you love, teach them to cook for themselves and they will pass it on. Your words encourage me that this mission is right.

    A word on my family. Our MH TV set is located between my apartment and my office. I've invited the fam to join me anytime it's convenient for them and I am so happy when they stop by. It makes me feel really good. Here's the thing about my hubby: he is camera shy so we probably won't see him on TV and I totally respect that. But he's so good in the kitchen that I will continue sharing his recipes.

    VM: thanks for answering some questions and JT, I'm glad you love the little red nails--just having some fun.

    Spread the MH word to your friends and family and look out for our upcoming primetime holiday special. My mom and brothers are coming by for that one too.

  • To robinball, thank you very much for directing me to the site where the busy day chocolate cake is located. My mom's birthday is tomorrow and I really wanted to make this cake for her because she loves chocolate. So once again, thank you very much!

  • I love this show because this is the way most people cook. There are no fancy ingredients and no fancy techniques. Lucinda and her sons are regular people, nothing phony about them. I love her stories and the way she gives tips while cooking. This is the best cooking show on TV (including the Food Network). I have watched since the first show and have made several receipes that turned out perfectly. Thanks, Lucinda

  • I, too, am so hooked on MH! I caught the show after Martha's show and I just love the recipes. I already made the Chicken Milanese,Spaghetti Pomodoro and Spinach with Lemon. Delicious and so easy! My family even enjoyed it. I can't wait to try the other recipes, especially the carmelized cauliflower and chocolate cupcakes with marshmallow topping. I really could go on and on, but I should stop. LSQ, thank you so much!!!

  • I'm in total agreement with all the above comments. What a great cooking program! Enjoy the way the program is put together, great recipies and family interaction.
    Look forward to trying the shortribs. Will give them a try soon. Love the show.
    Way to go Lucinda!

  • I tried the short ribs recipe for Sunday dinner and it was awful. Meat was tough, fatty and greasy.

  • Loved the cauliflower recipe! What a neat combination of ingredients with the raisins and capers added to it. I can't wait to make this again and to tell others. Thank you so much, Lucinda!!!

  • I made the short ribs and cauliflower last weekend. Eveything was delicious. I had never made short ribs before and it was really easy. I'm really enjoying the show.

  • my 13 yr old ("i hate cooked vegetables, mom") son said, "we have to make that cauliflower, mom!" How can you beat a review like that?! thanks!
    and i'm w/ everybody else: we love it when your sons are on the show!!!

  • LOVE this show as it is so natural-just like you would find in our home! I have tried most of the recipes and always to husband is recommending this show to friends who are newlyweds.

    One suggestion-can there be repeats at night because I would like our 15 year old to see it-especially when your sons are on!

  • ive cooked for many yrs came from a italian family,mom cooked for a resort we owned,i picked up from her and went on to having a few rest.with my son,since i have son is still doing.i just want you to know i love your show,and brings back many memories of my family and dishes i love,your short ribs are a winner.thank you for sharing.stella taylor

  • Watched Lucinda's program for the first time today & just LOVED it. So casual with simple ingred. & will defin. try all 3 recipes offered today. The cauliflower recipe looks so easy & could almost smell the delicious aromas of the short ribs & cauliflower. A must watch Cooking program for me.

  • LOVE the show! What I would like to know is how Lucinda washes her plastic (ziploc) bags in the dishwasher? This certainly caught my interest. I'm a huge fan of recycling. I like the factor of this show that you cook with fewer pots/pans and ingredients aren't out of line.
    Perhaps a hamburger/hot dog show with 'yummy' toppings. Another 'egg' show for dinner.
    Thanks for responding. Will continue to watch with great interest.
    Oh, I know the show is about family cooking, however it would be nice to offer healthy, hearty meals for us folks whose kids are out on their own. Two is a family, too. It is difficult to pare down meals for only two, and to make it fun for us!
    Could you please send a response to my email address. thanks :)

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