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Speaking of Wings...

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Wings have a special place on my table and in my stomach- in MAD Hungry, I wax poetic on how much I love crunching on the wing tips. They’re an anytime meal- dinner, lunch, snack and are perfect when sitting down and watching some football. Juicy, spicy and flavorful- it’s hard to eat just one.

My favorite is my husband Ritchie’s Crunchy Sesame Chicken Wings and they have quite the reputation. They’re coated in sesame seeds and spices, oven-baked and finished with hot sauce— so flavorful no blue cheese or ranch is necessary. I’ve gotten a lot of feedback that mine are the best but before I take the title, I’m challenging all of you to a Wing Off.

Baked, fried, dipping sauce, or wings flying solo- we want them all. So, if you think your recipe has mine beat, throw your wing in the ring.

This round we’ve got 2 winners who will both receive one Martha Stewart Young Turkey. Grand prize not only wins the bird (and glory), but also gets a MH t-shirt and a pot scraper, all just in time for Thanksgiving.

Email us at: with the subject line MH Wings Challenge. Include your recipe, a story/reason why your wings rule, a picture and contact information. All Entries must be in by 12PM EST Wednesday, November 17th.

Want to see what you’re up against? Check out my video here.....unless you’re chicken.

To read the official rules, click here.

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  • My daughter just told me about your show she watches it and loves it. This is the best cooking show. You feel like family. You make it simple and delicious, real food. Thank you for a great show.

  • JM:
    Many thanks. I love that both mother and daughter watch!
    Best, LSQ

  • This is a fantastic show. Love all the down to earth ideas.

  • This blog is a hot mess. Everytime I pull it up, the type and pictures take forever to download and the spacing is WAY off and looks like a blank page for the top 1/2 page.

    Getting tired of looking at this messed up blog and thought I would let you know. I may go elsewhere.


  • Bruce: I can not disagree with you on the blog/website issues!
    Please be patient. I've asked the MSLO tech folks to review asap
    and we are determined to make this an easily usable experience.
    You are not the first to point this our but are the first to describe it so well--"a hot mess" lol. Wish I could fix it in a "hot second" but I'm a cook not a digital expert. Fortunately folks are responding to the MHTV show really well. UNtil TV--the blog was just fine but adjusting to this next level of traffic/demand has had its challenges. Thanks for reaching out. If you like the show--check out the recipes the old fashioned way--in the Mad Hungry cookbook available on amazon
    Best, Lucinda

  • I just found the show and as always it is great.
    where are the recipies though? I hit recipies and I got the picture but no instructions.

  • I just submitted my recipe!

  • I would like the recipe for Speaking of Wings, can't seem to find it on the blog.

    Donna Noe

  • Would like an easier way to locate show recipes: oven baked chicken which aired today, and for sesame wings.
    Your show is great, down to earth and I keep a note pad handy everyday to take down recipes. I did not hear the time to bake the oven baked chicken mentioned, only 450 degrees?

  • I am also looking for the recipe for oven baked "fried chicken" that appeared on the morning show on 3/22/11.
    The recipe was marinated first, then breaded with cornmeal, I think.
    I just wasn't quick enough to get it all written down. thanks.

  • Where can I find the recipe for the chicken wings which were marinated before baked?

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