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Yesterday we made my second favorite chicken wing recipe. The first is Crunchy Sesame Chicken wings from MH. This one is sweet and spicy and a little crispy--a little gooey. You'll see that recipe soon on MHTV. After we finished filming, Calder sat in the living room to scarf down a plate full of them. That is the peril of this show. I want to eat everything we cook, right after we cook it. You'd think I'd learn after all the years I've spent working in a test kitchen. Tasting and evaluating? Yes. Going for the second and third bite because its so dam good? Not so much. SO, this weekend I step up the exercise--no big gym routine, just an extra 30 minutes  speed walking with our strapping one-year old boy pup Steve.

Luca helped with the banana french toast before soccer practice today and said, "its totally time I learned to cook everything you know." That is always the moment I wait for from the kids--when they are open and willing to learn. I will be dipping into the homemade sausage from my 200 pound pig aquisition to make some sort of pasta  for dimer tonight along with a giant salad which I'm craving. And, a restful few days with the fam is all I need right now...AAhhh--the weekend.

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  • Where is the recipe for the the one pan chocolate cake?
    I would like it.

  • I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your show I have tried many of you recipes They are so down to earth and reasonable and I enjoy seeing you family and Sarah Carey I record your show even if I am watching so I can jot recipes dow so does my 8 year old. Keep up the good work Anne in Joppa Md

  • Love your show Lucinda! Made the Oven Fried Chicken tonight and it was delish! Good luck with the exercise ...

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Beverly,

    Here's the link for the chocolate cake:


  • I absolutely love your show on Hallmark. I've made some of your recipes and bought Mad Hungry book. I was wondering why only two of your boys have been on the show. Would love to see the other one participate also. You have a great family and the boys will have a hard time finding wives to cook like you. Good you taught them how.

  • Love your show. Thanks for the down to earth receipes and how to make meat cuts go farther.
    Wondering where your husband is? When will he appear on the show. I think that would be a plus too!

  • Hi Lucinda,
    I made the Sesame Chicken Wings and my husband thought they were wonderful. They were really good.
    I chopped the garlic, and forgot to put in the mix,so I place some on top of the wings. Turn out just fine.

    Thank you,

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