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Enter to Win: MH Game Grub Contest

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Do you have a signature dish that you make for all the big games?

Enter your recipe in the MH Game Grub Contest and you could WIN a WEBER GRILL, a MH t-shirt and MH cookbook!

Send your recipe to by Monday, Jan 24 to make tailgating history!

Check out the prizes below:

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Portable Weber Grill: perfect for tailgating

1 Portable Weber Grill: perfect for tailgating

The Mad Hungry Cookbook

2 The Mad Hungry Cookbook

Calder and Miles rockin' the MH t-shirt with LSQ and Martha

3 Calder and Miles rockin' the MH t-shirt with LSQ and Martha

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  • this is the best cooking show I have ever watched. Please keep it up

  • I have been watching your show the last few days, I think you are terrific.
    Your website is filled with so many good points.
    Thanks for being you!

  • Yep it's true. the very best cooking Show ever!!!!!!!
    And I have seen them all.Oh yeah the camera is always in the right place. Love Lucinda's delivery and LOVE her Boys. DON"T CHANGE A THING!!!! Hugs Clara

  • wathched the show for the first time today, GREAT! I have it set to tape all episodes now. Easy healthy recipes and a great host

  • great hamburgers on grill

  • ditto for me!! i actually sit down and watch whenver lucinda is on...then rush to the it.

  • Don't know how I got here. Was looking at google for some recopies. I do know I will be back more.
    Now I go and find the channel on my tv and make sure to watch the show.
    Thanks for all and keep it going

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