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Recipes From Today’s Show: Chicken Fricassee

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TODAY  on MHTV: Chicken fricassee is classically made with a cream-based sauce but today I’m making a rustic, Jamaican variation. In this recipe, the chicken is fried then simmered in a pot with fiery Scotch bonnet peppers, onions and tomatoes. I like to serve it over rice to soak up the extra juice and with a side of healthy sauteed greens, like spinach and cabbage. More from the show.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Chicken Fricassee

Mixed Greens

White Rice

Baked Bananas

Get the recipes from the 11:30 am/et show, Classic Mediterranean Dishes.

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  • Hi Lucinda,

    Just wanted to let you know that I love your MH show. You and your boys are fun to watch, the food looks great, and you show how the recipes are to follow. Thanks much!


  • Hi Lucinda:
    I love watching your show but most of all the recipes are so easy and delicious.

  • This meal looks absolutely delicious! I just printed out ALL of the recipes to make for dinner tomorrow night. My mouth is already watering.....

  • So glad Mad Hungry will continue! Because if the ads for Martha's Baking Show I was afraid your show was being replaced...So relieved to hear you will be back in February...Your show is the best! So many great recipes so well explained and demonstrated. Thanks, Lucinda!

  • While I am home recuperating from the flu, I have become a Mad Hungry fan! I am setting up my DVR so I do not miss an episode when I return to work.
    I love the show's format, and also enjoy your lovely family being incorporated in. Great, simple recipes that I am sharing with friends. I have been watching you on PBS and Martha shows for many years. Good luck!

  • I love watching the show. You're so down to earth and I simply love the recipes. I cook for 1-2 people only and most of your recipes are easy to cut down. Thanks so much.

  • I saw this meal on your show the day before yet another huge snow storm was predicted. The marinade smelled so fresh. The chicken was amazing, the house smelled incredible. The cabbage and spinach side dish was great. Thanks for your fresh ideas.

  • Hi Lucinda, I love your show and all the Jamaican dishes that I can't get in restaurants is Las Vegas. My entire family gather around to watch your show I record them) then we discuss what we're going to have for dinner that week

  • Hi Lucinda, I love your show. you cook real. i have a family of seven, so when i seen your show i could relate. i have 3 teen boys and 2 teen girl and their friends. no meal is small a round here. thats why i love your show . i try to watch ever day. keep up with the good work.

  • I am one of your biggest fans. I love your way with food and the happy relaxed manner that you cook. You are a woman to be emulated in the kitchen. Keep making us smile and hungry, mad hungry!!!!

  • I love your show, your cooking, your make me want to try every recipe. Thanks for the simple yet wonderful recipes you give to us.

  • I just saw your show for the first time yesterday morning and early noon! I loved it! In my home we have some food allergies and sensitivities to tend to and the recipes I have looked at totally work for eaters of all types. And, are easy to adapt when a little allergy comes up. Thank you!

    I just made some kale using the advise you gave on the mixed greens. Delicious.

    I am so thankful for your recipes and your explanations of the "how to's" in the kitchen. Looking forward to seeing the show again!

  • so glad that you make everything from scratch. The additives in many of the prepared products make my knuckles hurt and swell((at first I thought I was getting arthritis in my hands)) since, I too, try to cook from scratch, if my hands start to hurt, I go "hmmm, what have I used differently?...the last was a different brand of coffee, maybe it was how it was processed or some preservative they put in it. Another bad one for me is Fiber One cereal (my hands start to hurt within an hour of eating a bowl)....keep those great recipes coming girl!!!

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