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MH is my main gig these days but I'm also the Executve Food Director at MSLO and have been a cast member of the EDF TV show on PBS television for five seasons. So, I am incredibly psyched to share the news that the new EDF app for the iPad launched today!

Each issue brings you 50+ recipes that are quick, fresh, simple, and nutritious. There are also over a dozen how-to videos, plus slide shows, shopping lists and behind-the-scenes footage from the EDF test kitchen.

The new March edition, the annual Fast Issue, is packed with time-saving tips and tricks like make-your-own-mayo, pasta dinner strategies and 43 recipes that cook up in less than 45 minutes.

You can download the app for free and as a bonus get the January/February Light Issue for free too. After that, you can stock up your online library for $2.99 per digital edition.

Check it out:

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  • If I hear any of your sons saying "Absolutely" one more time, I'm turning your show OFF! Enough with the children.....I want to see FOOD not THEM.

  • KC: Our show is a family show which is why I'm fortunate to have the guys
    learning to cook with me. As much as they can be with me, I'm thrilled to have them. As they aren't TV professiinals--just regular guys--how they speak to me is natural and unscripted. Fortunately for you, if you just want to see food, there are plenty of places to see food TV where families aren't included. LSQ

  • I ABSOLUTELY love your show!! I was crushed when we changed to AT&T U-verese and found out they no longer carried the hallmark channel. Two weeks later, we switched back to direct tv! When At&t asked my husband why, he said "for me to be happy, I have to keep my wife happy, she needs her Hallmark Channel to watch her cooking show!" I am so happy to have you and your family back in my house showing me some wonderful recipes!! Thanks for the great food and info. I hope one day my son Jacob (1 year old now) will be as enthusiastic to be in the kitchen with me as your sons are with you! :D Keep doing what you're doing!

  • I completely agree with Mary, I bought your book the day after catching your show for the first time. It was the fried chicken episode, and I have a request...could Miles blog on cutting up a whole chicken? You weren't kidding about his knife skills! I cannot tell you enough how much I love your show, and also how important and special you make me feel to be a mother of boys. Thank you.

  • Once again MSLO is cutting edge with the EF app. I've been a subscriber of the mag since day 1 and it constantly exceeds expectations. I appreciate all MSLO does, and the inspiration it gives via various mediums. Many thanks to the entire team.

  • Your show is such a breath of fresh air. I work hard as a Psych nurse and LOVE to cook tasty food. Like I have heard you say, cooking for me is meditative and relaxing. Your recipes are simple and GOOD. Unlike KC, I think it is wonderful to see your kids with you in the kitchen. I did not have the opportunity to cook with my mom and had to learn to cook as an adult. Keep your kitchen wisdom coming!!!

  • L - Love your show -- your love of food and family is what makes it work so well. I have tried a dozen of your recipes and they are now my standards. Keep up the good work. A fan forever!

  • Can anyone tell me if the EDF iPhone App includes the Mad Hungry Recipes. I love watching and making the simple but delicious recipes! Lucinda Rocks!

  • Wow, some people can be so mean! I love when you have your sons on the show! My kids always watch with me if they are on too. My daughter and I think your boys are handsome and sweet. Btw I also like it when u have Sara Carey on your show. She seems so down to earth and friendly. I love your show, your enthusiasm for what you do always inspires me to try new things. :-)

  • I watch your shows on our Lifestyle Channel here in Manila, Phils. You make cooking look so easy and fun. I particularly enjoyed watching the episode wherein your Mom joined you for the recipe she was famous for. It's a great thing to be honoring your mom who helped you to be who you are today. I hope to be able to meet you someday here in our country. More power to you!

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