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Recipes From Today’s Show: Valentine’s Day Dinner

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TODAY on MHTV: It’s not often the hubs and I get a night to ourselves so I’m making a romantic dinner for just the two of us. Black pepper sirloin steak is broiled till it’s just right (this is one of his fav dishes) and on the side I’m serving a simple endive wedge salad. The blue cheese dressing for this is snap—it gets mixed up and stored in the same jar! For dessert, nothing says Valentine’s Day like creamy chocolate pots de crème. More from the show.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Broiled Black Pepper Sirloin Steak

Endive Wedges with Blue Cheese Vinaigrette

Chocolate Pots de Crème

Get the recipes from the 11:30 a.m. ET show, Steak House Supper.

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  • Hi lucinda -

    LOVE love love Mad Hungry...I've started cooking my way through your book and thought you might be interested :)

    Here is the link to one of my first Mad hungry posts:


  • I love your show, I watch everyday! I hope you will do something with pork chops sometime. Also more receipes with fish!

  • Love your show, most cooking shows feature food that the everyday family couldn't afford and/or it is way too elaborate. Your recipes are easy, healthy and good. The only thing I disagree with is you always say salt is a must. My husband is on a low salt diet, we do not use salt when cooking at all, I use other spices in place and I must say that I don't notice a difference. Please don't make it sound like if you don't use salt the recipe won't work, that would discourage people from trying them. How about letting people know that they can cook without salt and it is okay. There are lots of people out there that need to watch their salt intake. Thank you

  • Love your show. If I can't watch it, I'll tape it to view in the evening.
    Your recipes are easy to follow, well explained.
    The freezer recipes are wonderful.
    Thank you very much.

  • BH: With the new shows--we are making more fish.
    A: thanks for the blog love. Love it.
    S: I've said many times, if salt is off limits for you then leave it out.
    BUT, if you don't have a limit--food tastes better seasoned! Other than salt flavors like lemon zest, black pepper and vinegar season very well.
    Best, LSQ

  • Loved this Valentine's Day special. Great recipes as always. I have been so curious about your husband. Finally, we get to meet him on the show. Well, I caught a glimpse of the mystery man anyway. You must be proud of your sweet family.

  • Love your ideas for the quiet dinner with your hubby. My husband could eat steak every night,too, so since it's too crowded and overpriced to eat out for Valentine's Day, I am going to make him your dinner but add some shrimp to the menu, cocktail or scampi, haven't decided yet! ..Thanks and love your show...

  • Dear Lucinda,

    i Love your show. I record it every day so I won't miss it. The recipes are are great and easy with things I have on hand. Keep them coming.
    One other thing where can I find the CD to your theme song? love it.

  • Lucinda, I enjoy so much seeing your sons in the kitchen with you. I have three grown boys and recognize the value of those experiences. My sons can prepare a meal if their wives are involved in other projects.
    Your recipes are easy to follow and very family friendly. I purchased Mad Hungry for the recipes, but also enjoy your demonstrations on TV. After cooking for many years I still learn new techniques and short cuts. I no longer want to prepare long complicated recipes and yours are simple,straight forward, and quiet delicious.

  • Lucinda,
    I made this meal for my husband after watching your show yesterday. It was easy to prepare and he loved it! I work in a restaurant so I won't be home for Valentine's Day. This was a nice alternative for a delicious, relaxing meal at home. Thanks!

  • Love your show! Today was the first time I've ever watched it and now I am hooked!!!! The recipes are great and easy to make! Thank you!


  • It can be a challenge to find wonderful desserts that both my husband and I can enjoy since I have to eat gluten-free. But, when I saw your pot de creme on the show, I knew that was the perfect thing this Valentine's. We just finished dinner, and we both are in love and not just with each other! It has now been moved to the top of the list as our favorite.
    Thanks for always having a wonderful show and great ideas!

  • CHXnmU In awe of that answer! Really cool!

  • I am currently looking for a recipe for a main course that I might cook up for my 1st Anniversary with my special someone. Your Broiled Black Pepper Sirloin Steak is just something that I know he’ll love. My search is finally over! Thank you very much for this great recipe and great show!

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