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Behind-the-Scenes at MHTV

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Check out me and the crew workin' hard on the set of MHTV!

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  • i loved this. thanks!

  • I enjoy peeks behind the scenes. Thanks.

  • That was fun.

    I finally got around to reading last weeks Chicago Tribune magazine. I was surprised to find an article about you and the BBQ/graduation in Vermont.

  • I always thought your show was shot at your home, didn't know it was a studio. When are you going to have your husband on the show? You always talk about how a good cook he is, it would be nice to see him.
    I do love your show Lucinda it makes my day!

  • How fun~I love seeing behind the scenes. Thanks for sharing. A lot of work goes into the show, but its good to see you have a little fun :-)

  • I read the same BBQ/Graduation article in Flavor of The Hartford Courant last Thursday!!! I love this show so much, Lucinda!!! Your show is awesome and now I need to buy the cookbook. I have three brothers, all married with kids, and a son, and one of my brothers is a chef. We are so centered around food!!! Your show and you are so down to earth and so creative!!! Just awesome!

  • Very cute!!! Whos was growling in the background? Someone mad hungry maybe?

  • mean it's not just you and a guy with a camera?? What a fun looking group!

  • I have been a fan of yours for quite some time and I think the new show is absolutely fantastic. I record it every day and watch it at night. My day/night would be empty without your show. Keep up the GREAT work.

  • Cute video!

  • I'm glad everyone enjoyed a peak behind the scenes. It's crazy how much fun we have doing this show! I hope you keep watching and enjoying and spread the word too!. Best, LSQ

  • I KNEW that wasn't your home....crazy homey anyway! Make those boys work for their food, LSQ! Thanks for the inside peak! Keep making great love LOVE them!

  • Awe, what a great crew. All your hard work makes your show the very best.

  • Lucinda, love the show, love your boys, would love to check out your hubby.

  • I love your show. I especially loved seeing all that goes on behind the scene. I like it very much when you have your boys on, and how really well you work with them. I feel the love you have for them and the respect they show you.Thank you so much for such a great show. I look forward to it.

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