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We're kicking things off with a few tips on easy weeknight entertaining then moving on to a delicious menu for movie night, a tribute to Julia Child, and a traditional Southern feast with guest Virginia Willis.

Check out the previews!

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  • Lucinda,

    Who do we contact to say that you should be on every day? (twice) Not even once on Mondays is crazy. You have so many people who watch.
    Made teacher John's rollatini this weekend. It was easy to make and was delicious. It was a great recipe.


  • Dear Lucinda,

    Yes, I agree, you should be on every day. I didn't make the rollatini this weekend. I'm making it next weekend for company. I will let you know. I did make Mr. Contratti's raddichio and endive with chick peas and walnuts. It was so great. I would be very interested in knowing what other vegetable combinations he has in his array of recipes.


  • Hi Lucinda,

    So I made John Contratti's Eggplant Rollatini this weekend. I made two pans since I was having lots of company. We devoured it. It took no time to make and was so tasty. Since the world was suppose to come to an end this past Saturday (lol) I made sure I was going out with a great meal. (lol)
    Thanks Lucinda. (And John too)
    I'm glad we're all still here to make more great meals.


  • LOL to Marc's comment. We also made eggplant rollatini on Saturday night and joked if it was our last meal. Our dinner came out wonderful too. Making Chicken tonight with the radicchio/endive dish from last Wednesday's show. Looked delicious when they were making it. Would love to know how other people's come out.


    P.S. I need my Mad Hungry twice a day. Hello Hallmark Channel !!!!!

  • Dear Lucinda,

    I love the show as many of us do. I was wondering and I'm sure some others too, why you never comment on your blog like you use to. I know everyone is busy, but it's nice to know that we are being heard.
    I would like to see more episodes during the week too.


    Can't wait for cookbook.

  • Hi Lucinda,

    I began my families dinner last night with shrimp cocktail with your three sauces. It was so good. We then had teacher John's eggplant rollatini. It was such a wonderful meal. You two should open a restaurant. Can't wait for the cookbook.


  • Lucinda, You showed how make dill pickles earlier this summer that could cure in the refrigerater and be ready to eat in a fairly short time. Would you give the recipe? If so, thanks. Also, I love your show. rhea Jean

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