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Recipes from Today’s Show: Dinner for Two

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TODAY on MHTV: It’s just me and the hubs tonight—no kids—and I want to make something nice for the two of us, but also keep it quick and simple. Chicken piccata is a delicious quick-cook main course flavored with lemon and white wine; it tastes great with sides of creamy mascarpone mashed potatoes and steamed string beans topped with fried prosciutto. And what’s dinner for two without a cocktail? Tonight I’m making Negroni’s, a classic Italian gin drink. More from the show.

Get the recipes from Today's Show:

Chicken Piccata

Creamy Chive Mashed Potatoes

Steamed Yet Crispy String Beans

Negroni Cocktail

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  • Will that be in a cookbook or is it already in an existing one? This chicken is going to be on the menu tomorrow! I wish I could go to restaurants and figure out what is in the dish like you do lol (cuban roast tonight)

  • Lucinda,
    The chicken dish todat looked delicious. I can't wait to make it.


  • LSQ, I'm with Kathy... the chicken (and the potatoes and green beans) are what's for supper tomorrow. I also enjoyed the end of the show with you and hubby cleaning YOUR plate. :)

  • My husband & I had just finish watching a movie this morning. When we finished our channel was set to hallmark channel. I've been waiting to see this recipe, I told my husband. As we watched, our mouth's started watering for this dish. When your show was over, my husband looked at me and said that's what I want for dinner! LOL .. I had to remind him that I was making chicken soft taco's requested my our daughter. So, I'll be making this lovely dish this weekend. Keep up the great work by bringing us delicious, yet simple meals. Love it....

  • Loved today's menu. Your style and style of cooking is so appealing. You make it look so easy to create great dishes at home. Way to go, Lucinda!

  • The chicken looks so good, I am going to make it this weekend

  • Where are today's recipes? (May 13, 2011) Shouldn't they be on before the show airs???

  • I cooked the chicken last night for dinner. It probably wasn't quite as good as yours, but it was delicious nonetheless. I'm going to have to make that more often. (And you are easy to make!) Thank you for the great recipe!!

  • Is there something I can use inplace of white wine or vermouth

  • Just saw the rerun of this. What a fantastic dinner! I love Lucinda's recipes and her style.

  • , I was encouraged to read that the chcurh has two traditional sets. Because of this, I'd be inclined to take the both/and approach over the either/or approach. There could potentially be some good here, no?

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