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The Spurtle on OpenSky

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The famous Mad Hungry spurtle is now available on OpenSky! The spurtle is one of my favorite kitchen tools--check out the videoΒ below to see how I use it for Risotto Milanese:

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  • You do indeed have to have alot of patience to make risotto. Love the wine idea! Going to make the Julia Child recipe from today's program for dinner tonight!

  • So I am a huge fan, love love love the show, and your recipes are just as delicious as you and your show always promise. Tonight I am going Asian, making the crunchy Sesame chicken wings, cold sesame noodles and the chinese celery salad, which I have been nibbling on since i made it, and am hoping there will still be some for dinner. But that is not why I am posting, I am in need of a Spurtle, :( ...Have been looking online for weeks, even on open sky, which seems to be the only place to purchase one now. Is there a waiting list I can sign up for? Pretty Please? Also, cant wait for Mad Hungry part 2...Unfortunately I had already purchased mine when I saw I could have gotten an autographed on on Open Sky...another sad face... :( . Regardless, hope to see many more episodes and shows with you in them...Hope your foot feels better!!! Much love and respect!!! Shannon

  • This is for Lucinda, not really for blog. I am not computer litterate enough to find any other way to get to you, so I use this. I am 73 and have only watched you recently, maybe 15 shows. But each time I learn something from you. Why do a given thing in cooking I extremely appreciate you
    explaining. That helps us become better cooks. I am good, but learning from you I am getting free-er
    which I greatly like. I can change for a reason that is a really big thing to me.

    I know teens and young adults are difficult to do a mom wishes. But the son with tatoos does need a cleaner look for a cooking show. A even haircut would help. I like him, but at first glance he does not state a "clean chief or cook" That truly bothers me.

    Thank you for using a tasting spoon. If you let your sturing spoon drop a tiny bit into the tasting spoon you can use it many times and still be "clean".

    Mostly, thank you for teaching as well as showing how to do a recipe. Big time A+ in that area!!
    Thank you,
    Sue Forrest

  • Anna will probably beat me with her goedln spurtle, but my favourite Porridge recipe is to make it (by pan or microwave with water and salt) dish it up in bowls, top each serving with demerara sugar and a half-capful of Irish whiskey, pop it under the grill until the whiskey catches fire and douse the flames with double cream.This has been a traditional Christmas morning filler which seems to do everyone till turkey time, although it's surprising how often Christmas seems to come round in my house ...

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