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Recipes from Today's Show: Taco Night

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TODAY on MHTV: Whether it's party time or an everyday dinner in your home, I have a menu that will make it easy on you: tacos! Start with juicy, slow-cooked pork wrapped in corn tortillas, fresh homemade salsa, and offer up a spread of toppings so that there's something for everyone. DIY the bevvies too with make your own margaritas as a fun, no-fuss addition to the meal. More from the show.

Get the recipes from this episode:


Taco Bar

Salsa Cruda

Mango Wedges with Chili

Make Your Own Margaritas

Get the recipes from the 11:30 am ET show: Cuban-Style Pork Roast Dinner

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  • Eva Longoria made the greatest tacos on Martha today. They looked delicious.


  • I love Eva's book. Great recipes.

  • I am currently watching the episode about taco night. That is not how you make carnitas. I am Mexican American, You do not boil the pork.

  • Loved today's show--especially the pork. From Santa Fe, NM. In NM and Arizona, we cook cactus in many ways. Yucca, a favorite, but it is pronounced YUKA NOT Uka

  • What's with all these alcoholic drinks?? This is a morning cooking show. I don't understand it. Keep to cooking.
    I love Eva's tacos also.


  • @ Steven...Sooo...How would YOU make Carnitas?
    @ Stacey...What does it matter?

  • Either Lizzie has much free time on her hands, or she is associated with the show. I'll go with the latter. Steven you are correct, and you don't need to explain yourself and give the recipe here. Also, there is quite a bit of "drink" recipes on the show. They seem to be quick fillers on the show. It's just observations.


  • Folks: This method for making carnita's is in fact one of the traditonal methods which was learned in Jalisco, Mexico. Once the water evaporates and the pork is tender, the meat browns in its own fat until carmelized and crispy. I'm sure there are many ways folks achieve this other than my recipe. Whatever the case may be--this is delicous pork. If you have another recipe I'd love to try it.
    Best, LSQ
    P.S. As for the drinks--there is something for everyone on this show

  • I'm surprised to see so many negative comments here. I just discovered the show and love it. As for cocktail recipes in a "morning" show, people can watch the show at many different times of day. It's called Tivo, DVR, etc. Welcome to the 21st century. I appreciate the completeness of the presentations. Keep coming with the deliciousness, LSQ.

  • This is how I always make my Carnitas. I learned it 15 years ago from a Mexican woman.

  • Does MJ work for the show? What's with the sarcasm? Sarcasm is the biggest form of negativity. Nothing wrong with a viewer commenting that they prefer the cooking recipes than the cocktail recipes. Lighten up. Don't add to the negativity of others. We all know Lucinda does a great job.


  • love the show!...I've been hooked lately, can't wait to try these...I also love seeing new cocktail ideas :)

  • [...] Get the recipes from the 11:30 am/et show,Β Taco Night. [...]

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