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Hi Folks,

Just a quick hello to let you know what is in store for our new season. Above is a photo from the new show with two (Calder and Luca) of my three boys (+Miles) cooking with me. While this is the beginning of Season two, it's actually our third big shoot for the show. True to form, the group I worked with was the best in every way--food prep, producing, technical crew, editing, publicity etc. Little did I know that writing the first Mad Hungry Cookbook, as a tribute to my own family, would start the beginning of a whole new extended Mad Hungry Family. The main criteria for this group is: love your job, perform it at the highest level AND most importantly, have fun doing it every day. That is truly a recipe for the successful enjoyment of your work day. This season I have repeat visits from my mom, brothers and sons and a few new faces too. Crazy cousin Paul drops in, my friends James returns but you haven't met my colleague and new mom Randi who drops in with her boy Marlowe. Clara, the cutest most inquisitive young girl brings new life into the kitchen and keeps me on my toes too. Well, thats just a taste of what is up.

After we finished shooting this past run (I think of it as the third semester), I went out on location with a small crew to photograph the food for my next cookbook. We refer to it as MH2 BUT--it has a very cool new concept which I'll share as soon as its in the pipeline. The manuscript, due October 1st, is getting its final touches before delivery!  Meanwhile, I'm back in my office, working on the food for Martha Stewart Living and planning some exciting new stories.

1 of 3
Oven-roasted Cauliflower and Penne with every vegetable I could find for the sauce

1 Oven-roasted Cauliflower and Penne with every vegetable I could find for the sauce

Cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese

2 Cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese

LQ Breakfast: toasted wheat, runny fried egg with melted mozz, tomato and basil

3 LQ Breakfast: toasted wheat, runny fried egg with melted mozz, tomato and basil

On the home-front, my hubs continues to share the home cooking chores and recently made a killer version of his signature dish Hainanese Chicken (first inspired by this New York Time's Mark Bittman recipe).  Two nights ago, Miles made Mac & Cheese with broken spaghetti and three cheeses along with a seared Tri-tip steak (check that affordable, delicious cut out) and fresh baby spinach dressed lightly with Olive oil and Coarse Salt.  Dying for a vege interlude, one night I made our famous Oven-roasted Cauliflower and Penne with every vegetable I could find for the sauce. On the weekend Calder came over from his new apartment in Brooklyn and barbecued the chicken. Here's how he did it: I cut the backs out of 2 birds using kitchen shears and flattened them. Salt pepper and slow smoking in our big green egg is all he did to make a fantastically moist , delicious and chickeny tasting chicken!  I made the Mexican rice (but he chastised me for not rendering out the fat of the backs to flavor the rice; GOOD IDEA) and a crunchy old school salad.  And recently as the weather cooled, I whipped up the simplest Cream of tomato soup and grilled cheese for the gang.  So far Luca seems to be the biggest eater--not much the cook yet but that remains my next task. He must know how to cook the basics before college next year! His breakfast this morning (toasted wheat, runny fried egg with melted mozz, tomato and basil) represented the last scroungable food available before our weekly grocery trip this weekend!

SO--that's what is up with me these days. I hope everyone had a good summer and is geared up for the fall. Tune into MHTV weekdays at 12PM EST on the Hallmark Channel and continue to post your feedback right here. I read everything and try to write back as often as possible. Check our our Facebook page and spread the MH word!


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  • Thanks for the update,I know it's going to be awhile before the new book comes out but I can't wait. I've love your recipes, everyone I've tried is so delicious.Thanks for encouraging and inspiring us all.

  • I have watched, and re-watched, every MH episode and have purchased at least 10 spurtles (for me and gifts). LOVE watching you and your boys and LOVE watching you use your spurtle. I wish you'd talk about it in some of your episodes! Can't wait for Monday!

  • Thanks for the update Lucinda.

    I saw you on episodes of Martha and told my husband I wanted your cook book. I ordered it before your show came on.

    I am a SAHM of two adopted daughters and I worked for many years before we adopted them, so I never really did any cooking as I commuted. My husband did a lot of the cooking. When I lost my mortgage industry Admin job 7 mos before we got the referral of our daughters, I started cooking. I think over the last 3 years I have gotten better at it, although I know I have a ways to go. But I love your recipes and many of them work for our family. I always look at your cookbook first before I cook something to see if there is something I can make from it.

    I look forward to your new season and also your new cookbook. I also enjoy Everyday Food Magazine and I caught up on some of the episodes I had DVR'd of Everyday Food on Hallmark and I enjoy that show as well. It was fun to see one episode where they showed your boys in the opening and your boys were quite a bit younger. :-)

  • Hi Lucinda-
    Long time no comment.. but I wanted to wish you well as the new season kicks off. I've enjoyed the first year.. and looking forward to many more episodes to come.
    I always quietly laugh to myself when I think about our brief conversation during a book signing when I mentioned that you should have your own show... If only I could predict the correct lottery numbers!
    Wishing you the best always!
    aka "GardenGuyKenn" on Twitter

  • Oh thank God! My hubbie wanted to know why 39 MH episodes were on our DVR...more than Giants games. I told him that I was worried that maybe LSQ would be on book tour! Can't wait for new season!

  • Ohhhh, I really want to marry calder.

  • He is so beautiful....i think im going to be sick

  • My momma said I might get a (restraining order) for posting this... but, I think that a Calder poster would be nice :o ) preferably in need for (glow in the dark) I have a night light :o ) Posted with good humor, and the deepest of respect...and slightly..... tipsy

  • Oven-roasted Cauliflower! Yummy!

  • Im not kidding... I sooo want to marry Calder :o ( He is the most beautiful that I have ever seen....I know....I know... In my dreams.....My dreams are beautiful:o) Ok coffee for me :o )

  • Beautiful Lucinda and darling Luca~~ God Bless you, so very beautiful! :o )

  • CANNOT wait to have new episodes. My family loves all of your food, and I make it 4 out of 7 nights. YOu are the BEST thing on tv. You are real, kind, smart, funny, real.... I am a huge fan and I hope that you come to LA on a book tour with the new cookbook. So excited for monday. i have watched the old ones 3 and 4 times. You are the best.

  • I have everyone of your recipes. My daughter introduced me to you on Hallmark channel. Ever since I adore you and you make me very famous with your recipes. You see I am the chef for our priest in our parish. Everyone of your recipes have been a hit with them. In fact they said they have to cut back because they are all gaining weight, the food is too good. I do make each meal with a lot of love like you say. Cooking is my heart I feel very at ease comfortable and happy when I am in the kitchen. Please keep me famous . I can't wait for your new book to come out.

  • When are we going to meet your husband???? He sounds like an interesting man

  • Dear Luncinda,
    I am not a fan of cooking shows, but am I ever glad I stumbled onto you!
    I have learned so many things in the few months that I have been watching. How did I ever raise a family without you?
    Keep up the good work and I'll keep watching.

  • Yay! So glad your new shows are coming back. Can't wait. Glad to hear all is well with you and yours. :)

  • I love your show, your easy way of cooking, is so relaxing to watch. Loved your show about cooking with Blk skillets - my friend said she gave her skillets away when she got her new glass top stove-I also have a glass top, but continue to use mine. Two wks ago I made the most delicious apple pie in one of my skillets, presentation was beautiful- put pics on facebook. Will have to record you new time slot of 12:00 as husband will be wanting to eat lunch :-)

  • I found your show by accident and I think I'm caught up on all of them. I do not eat fish or seafood, but I watch those shows as well.

    I am super excited about the new season. I don't have a reason to cook much anymore. I wish you had been on in the late nineties when I had to feed a growing hungry boy.

    I noticed when setting up the DVR you are only on for one half hour. I liked it when you were on for an hour. Tell Martha she needs to change it back.

    Martha and I share the same birthday (different year) and yes people say I am just like her. I wish that were true.

    Keep the chicken recipes coming.

  • I found you by accident as others did also. My husband was watching the Hallmark channel and I saw someone cooking. I said to my husband, "wait, wait, don't change the channel I want to get the name of the person cooking". I watched the remaining portion of your show and purchased the MAD Hungry book a few days later. I love it as well as your show. I'm looking forward to your new cookbook and the new season.

    I tried to find a recipe I thought was called "Tessy's Chicken" that I saw on one of your shows recently, but I haven' been able to. Should I be typing in a different name for the recipe?

  • Hi...You are my absolute fav....that network...okay the Neely's are hot on your trail..
    I have to mention...I use vermouth for substitution..on recipes calling for wine..I was shocked and appreciated to hear you using it...
    I work in the meat dept in a national chain grocery store...I often recommend vermouth as the cooking's a start for someone who has never cooked w/wine...Thank You so much
    Love seeing you sons on your sends a huge message...

  • Good Morning, Lucinda:

    I was in a momentary panic this morning when my beautiful, sweet Lucinda wasn't there; I heard Emeril's voice. Don't get me wrong, Emeril is great, but where were you?

    When I read the comments,I noted that you had been cut to only one half an hour. What???? A knife in the heart. Martha, get it together, Lucinda is the best thing going. (boys, too, of course.)

    Any hope of putting things back as they were, time wise? You are just one terrific gal; 30 minutes of you just isn't enough.

    Thanks for all you contribute to my life in the kitchen.

  • I received your Mad Hungry book for Christmas, and sit with your book in my lap while I watch your show. Our family has benefited from your book/show! "Did you see this on Lucinda's show?" - I hear this alot when they like what I make for dinner. Good work - great show - can't wait for your new book because I'd love to cook up your recipes from 2011!! THANK YOU!

  • Lucinda - how odd i thought that was the first time i heard it and saw it. Now i plan my days around it. No i am not crazy or obsessed. I am disabled, but one thing i can still do is cook. i love your show. i love the recipes. and my family, as others i have read above, ask "did you get this from mad hungry." i just smile. as i said, i am disable, not much income, so i can't afford your cook book, that would be a delight. but i watch and tape your show daily. hope it does'nt stay at 1/2 hour. i like the other guy but i love mad hungry and her boys.

  • I think I did something wrong submitting my comment as I don't see it. I enjoy your show and recipes and would
    love to hear more about cooking the whole chicken on the
    big green egg. We have one and are still learning!

  • Big fan...forever fan! Humbly requesting some crock pot recipes, perfect for coming home to a delicious smelling meal on Sundays after church! Love all your meals and so grateful to have received your book for Christmas last year! I think it would be great to surprise us with an episode with your shy, famous husband. We'd like to see more than a hand shot and back of head shot. Hee hee!

  • Lucinda,

    I thoroughly enjoy your show and your relaxed manner
    and style as well as the recipes. However, what's
    with the new time slot, and today we had loud mouth
    Emeril for an hour and you for only 30 mins. What
    makes him belong on for so long. I miss your old
    time slow and the hour long length.

  • Your family seems so warm and wonderful thank you for sharing them with us. I absolutely love watching and learning from you. I am so happy a new season is coming. My DVR is also full but my husband loves tasting all your recipes. I am Latin and when I saw you make Yuca with mojo, I was floored simply delicious and I thank you for cooking foods from around the world. You're awesome!

  • I hope you are not being cut to 1/2 hour. Your worth much more time than Emeril. Does Martha
    always rule? I know she has some businesses with
    Emeril but your show is so much more relaxing.
    As far as I'm concerned you should get the priority.. What say you. I've tried many of your
    recipes and everyone I've loved. You are probably
    one of the only cooks that has actually inspiried me
    to try many recipes. Good Luck with the new season
    and I hope you get back your hour show.

  • Hi, Lucinda. I have been watching episodes of Mad Hungry on tv for about a year. Last Christmas, I asked Santa for, and received, one of you cookbooks (Feeding Men & Boys). This year, I will request another. I love your ideas and your recipes and your outlook on cooking. A girl after my own heart. Thanks and keep up the good work.
    Ruth Bzibziak (Pronounced Bib-zak, just looks scary)
    Whiting, Indiana

  • So glad you're back for a new season but will miss the other half hour. Can't wait to try the onion rings from yesterday's episode. Had just commented to my sister that I needed to find a good recipe for that and surprize, there is was. I intend to try that one evening this week. Although I am not vegetarian I only eat meat once or twice a week, usually if I am at someone else's house for dinner and that's what is served. But still I love to watch you love to cook, especially with your boys. You make great pastas, side dishes and salads that have become regulars at my own table. Please keep them coming. Can't wait to see what you cook up tomorrow!

  • Lucinda, your show needs to be on for 2 half hours, not just one. You have such wonderful, beautiful food to share with the world, why not?

  • Lucinda, I DVR your program every day so I can watch it when I come home from work. I love to watch you cook. You are always so positive when you are teaching techniques. I'm excited to see what comes this season. I have one question and maybe you can teach us. How do you get a good sharp knife. I have a good knife but it has lost its edge. Keep up the good work.

  • I can't tell you how much I enjoy Mad Hungry. I just wish the time hadn't changed. The 11-noon shows were so perfectly placed. But better later than never!

  • really miss your 10 am central time slot! I pretty much live out of your cookbook-and show- emeril does nothing for me

  • Your show rocks! I love your recipes, and so does my family! I DVR every show, and look forward to all the great recipes you share. Love your cookbook, and look forward to more! Your boys do a great job on the show. Not only do you cook beautifully, but you make it interesting and fun. Don't stop!

  • Am looking forward to the new season - enjoy the show so much. Am 67 years old and FINALLY

  • Enjoy the show so much and look forward to the new season. Am 67 years old and FINALLY learned the proper way to clean and care for my cast iron. I am using my cast iron all the time now and showed my daughter and grandson what I learned from Mad Hungry. We ALL love your recipes and the comments are always "another hit from Lucinda" Keep up the great work and God bless you and yours. It warms my heart to see the fellowship and love in your kitchen.

  • My mom is 91 years old.. she loves Mad Hungary (I take credit for telling her to tune in the first time!) She requested the cookbook which my daughter bought her for Christmas. For some reason, she refers to the show as Mad Crazy.. ha! I guess she feels mad & crazy go together? Whatever! She is mad crazy over the white Le Cruest braiser used for a lot of the cooking. Now she wants one of those. Trying to find out what size it is.. looked it up and it comes in 3 sizes... also off-white/beige and white, plus the colors... any information on that pan is appreciated. (I too am sorry to see Mad Hungary down to only 1 show, and coming on later in the morning. Emeril has great recipes, but we love Lucinda!)

  • Discovered your show this year. Love the format, recipes, your relaxed cooking style and having your boys helping you prep and cook on the show. Can't wait to see your book.

  • Thank-you Thank-you , My husband and I have always enjoyed cooking but you have taken us to a new level. I record each show and am always learning a new trick or something I can use. I got your Mad Hungry book for Christmas and am glad to see there is a new one in the works. We eat mostly gluten free and I can use a lot of your recipes or adapt other. You have a great family and a real gift to share your talents , Thanks and keep loven life. The kitchen truly is the heart of the home and we have been able to pass that on to our own two grown girls.

  • I am looking for one of your recipes. I dont remember the name but it was like fettucini pasta noodles and mushrooms. Like a swedish meatball sauce but no meat.
    If you know what I'm reffering to I would love the recipe. I believe it was over the summer that I stumbled over your show and then couldn't remember what channel or the name of the show was. I was flipping through channels this weekend and found your face, so now I know you are on the Hallmark channel and you have great recipes and fun to watch.

  • Just saw an episode in which you made "Tessies Chicken"?? (sp) and Pinkey Pasta - cant fin it on your site - but I thought it looked awesome and my kids would eat that! Can you forward???

    Many thanks.

  • I am also looking for the Tessie's Chicken recipe. I am hoping to make it gluten free for my daughter. Can you please advise how to find it?

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