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"Mad Hungry" is not airing at its regular time today, but I'll be back next week with more all-new episodes!

Next up: Italian comfort food, packable lunches, healthy breakfasts, and more. Tune in weekdays at 12 p.m. ET/11 a.m. CT on Hallmark Channel.

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  • Love your show don't care for emeril's table you offer more recipes that suit my family and budget you also offer great information on how to save time.

  • Hi Lucinda:

    I missed your program today. I was afraid they had cancelled your show. You are why I watch the Martha Stewart Program. I miss your full hour. Love that you cook with your sons and love the dishes you make. I surely hope they continue to keep you on TV.

    Elsie Somerfield

  • Lucinda,

    You are the best. Love the eggplant yesterday. I will try it and alternate between this way and teacher John's rollatini that the two of you made. I read on your blog that John has a great cooking blog. Can someone tell us the website? Thanks.


  • looks like someone is mad that Mad Hungry is such a hit ......why else the shortened show and even worst no videos of the show that most cooks at home idenify with.....Same same jealously is so telling...but Lucinda will shine through any difficulties she ia REAL.....

  • Dear Lucinda,

    Loved your eggplant stack recipe. Also, the pancake recipe (that requires to be refrigerated) make the best pancakes ever. Please do a basic waffle recipe. Love your show.


  • Lucinda -

    Love the way you cook & explain what you'r cooking ! Hope you return on a regular schedule, you'r the best !

  • Lucinda, love your shows and recipes. Have msde Calder's mustard chicken a number of times. Love it.

  • Hi Lucinda,
    Was disappointed that your segment moved to l2 noon.Now it is telecast during the noon newscast here in South Bend, Indiana; however, I tape you and watch your show. I ALWAYS enjoy you and your family (I look forward to seeing them all) and your wonderful friends like Sarah, Lauren, Erika, etc. I feel I know your family and it makes your show very family oriented and like a neighbor to me. If they want Emeril on why not once a day and not twice. I was upset because your segment was left out completely on Friday! Not fair. What happened! They better not take you off because there will be a lot of disappointed viewers. I have gotten such wonderful tips from you. My best to you and to your family.
    Thank you,


  • Hi Lucinda,

    Help! Who took the best program away??
    Thanks' to Lucinda's MAD HUNGRY at 80 I still enjoy cooking and look forward to your program after Martha Stewart's - NOT at 12:00 Noon and not EMERIL'S.

    Unhappy Frankie

  • Made the french dip last night for dinner for me and my husband....we LOVED it! as we do all of the recipes from your show and book. I heard you are working on your second book. When is it coming out? Missed yoru show on Friday. I DVR your shows 'cause I work. I thought something hd gone wrong with my recorder but since I record it on two TV's , the two could not be wrong...uuugghh! Can't wait for tomorrow's show. I keep looking for a spurdle. Can't find it anywhere online!

  • I know Emeril has certain "celebrity status and it's a good friend of Martha S....but to show his new show twice and boot Lucinda's show off the air on Fridays it's plain wrong! I like Emeril but tooo froo froo for my taste. I LOVE Lucinda's home cooking and her "Cooking 101" or as I tell my friends and family, "Cooking for dummies" (like me!). At 52 this is the first time I have any desire to cook...Thanks Lucinda for this newly found hobbie!

  • One of the best cooking shows on TV. Meals and tips that we can use for everyday food prep presented in a simple format. I will not be watching Emeril. Hope Martha Stewart will hear my plea for you to return. I'm a retired home economics teacher that appreciates your program looking forward to your speedy return.

  • I'm a retired home economics teacher that appreciates the simple format of your show. The recipes and other tips you terrific. I will not be watching Emeril. Hope Martha Stewart hears my pleas.

  • I am really disappointed that you were moved to the same time the news is on. Emril has had his day in food shows. I feel you were done a dis-service by moving you to such an unpopular time. You do not deserve such treatment. if you move to the Food Network I will find you and watch you. Faithful Fan Edna

  • Thank goodness you'll be back on tomorrow, Monday. Really missed your show on Friday. Why the time slot change??? Your show is the best, much better than Emeril, I find your show is much more down to earth and family friendly.

  • wow do i love your show. unlike any other!!! wasn't aware of time change as my tivo finds all season passes, so i don't miss any, but the change in your website has me desparate!!! i can't watch it the day of your show. when i do, i print the recipes from your archives. the new site has no print button and when you print it as is get all that extra stuff. also no archives as easy to use as the old. i will watch just won't be able to use the recipes. have only watched emeril one time....ever.
    not for families. please help those of us who have to print your meals. love you!

  • Hi Evelyn. So glad you like the show. The print button can be found in the new toolbar that appears on the left side of the recipe (or above it if your screensize is small). Hope that helps!

  • Love the format and simplicity of your cooking style. Being from a large family, you hints and ways to make good food using budget smarts gives this show an excellent rating. I,too, miss the Mad Hungry show and Lucinda. Thanks for the effort to put a great show on that teaches us so many great foods and recipes. Will be glad to have you back in your times slot. Emeril is not for me even though his is a good cook. Please come back soon.

  • I love the mad hungry show! It is a practical style of cooking which I adore! Lucinda and her sons are a pleasure to watch. I have enjoyed making many of the recipes and I anxiously wait for each new show. I agree with the other posted comments about Emeril. I am not interested in watching Emeril! Please don't spoil things, by changing too much! You have a great thing going!

  • Love Mad Hungry not so much Emeril. I don't cook like Emeril, I cook like a mom. LOL

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