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Recipes from Today's Show: Authentic Southern Dishes

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TODAY on MHTV: Here's a perfect menu for celebrating the last long weekend of summer. My friend Virginia Willis's classic Southern dishes will be the hit of any picnic or alfresco feast. We're taking deviled eggs to the next level with a little butter, broiled chicken wings get a Coca-Cola glaze, and for dessert: The South meets France in light, airy Georgia peach souffles. More from the show.
Get the recipes from this episode:
Coca-Cola Glazed Wings
Deviled Eggs
Georgia Peach Souffles
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  • I know many people, like myself, were big fans of Virginia Willis when this episode first aired. She is wonderful. Virginia and teacher John Contratti were the two best guests that have cooked with Lucinda.
    But what I find so disrespectful to viewers is that none of our comments, asking that they both return to cook again with Lucinda, are completely ignored. Reading what so many people had to say about the two of them, should of had Mad Hungry producers having them back on again. We are all aware that Mad Hungry just filmed 50 new episodes and based on how all of our comments/questions were blown off with no response, shows that Mad Hungry has no respect for the people who watch everyday, for those of us who tell all our friends to watch, and for those of us who go out and buy merchandise, cookbooks, etc. It is such a shame. The "family/friend" cooking theme, certainly has lots of holes in it.

  • Hi Lucinda,

    I wanted to say thank you to you and your guest Virginia. I'm having a Labor Day barbeque. I just finished making making 50 (100) deviled eggs. Okay 48 (96) I just ate two. The kids and my husband are sleeping, so I quietly made them while watching you on my DVR. I find it pure bliss when I cook. I guess you do too. As for the previous "commenter", I never expect a response from you because I know you are a busy person. I just guess that you have many passionate viewers. I too love Virginia and thought teacher John was so wonderful. Season 2 hasn't even begun yet. I'm sure producers know that we all want Virginia and John back on. Why wouldn't they have such well received and talented guests back on. Lets's be patient people. :) :) :)
    Can't wait for a new cookbook, Lucinda. Happy Labor Day.



  • Loved your guest Virginia today. She is a very classy lady. I thought her recipes what just great.


  • Great recipes from such a lovely woman. Thanks.

  • Lucinda,

    Virginia's recipes are a lifesaver for my Labor Day party tomorrow. Thanks.


  • Guest Virginia Willis was just great. I hope Mad Hungry has her back on.


  • Watched today's show bbut was unable to get your receipe for oatmeal chocolate cookies. I'm unable to find it on todays copy of you show 0n please ssnd it to me or what cookbook youhave it in and how I can obtain it. Thank you ,Betty Henry,3242 Beech Drive, Columbus, Indiana 47203-2735

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