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Recipes from Today's Show: Healthy Breakfast

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TODAY on MHTV: Some mornings you just know you're going to need an extra boost to make it through 'til lunchtime. A bagel with yogurt spread (skip the fatty cream cheese) and topped with tomato, onion, and lettuce usually does the trick. If you really need to wake up your senses, try my papaya-ginger smoothie. And my nutty date muffins are a great on-the-go choice. More from the show.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Bagel Sandwiches with Fresh Yogurt Spread

Date Muffins

Papaya-Ginger Smoothie

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  • I love the bagel treat today. I have found John Contratti's website
    I know viewers were looking for it.
    Keep up the great work/


  • Lucinda,

    Those muffins look outrageous. I loved today''s show. Thanks .


    P.S. Wayne thanks for sharing teacher John's site. I will check it out myself.

  • Love the show and your books! I wanted to mention that when using Honey in your recipes try to use locally produced Blossum Honey as it will help build up you imunity to local pollen & will help with allergies.

  • Yaammy ! I am feeling hungry to see it :)

  • You made me drool :)

  • Sandy,Thank You! I'm going to share this with our kids over a meal time! It's so good to reflect on what was good (and what you leraend from the not-so-good rather than moping about it then move on). Good thought provoking questions. Leaves you with a fuzzy good, warm feeling. Thankfulness is sure good for the soul!Have a happy 2011! God Bless!Bernadette

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