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Recipes from Today's Show: Cast-Iron Pans

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TODAY on MHTV: I've spoken many times about how my cast-iron pans are some of my most beloved kitchen essentials. Today my brother David is here, and we've got recipes that will give you a few more reasons to love your cast iron! Seared scallops have the perfect outside crisp and are balanced with a salty-sweet butter sauce of raisins, capers, and vinegar. A cast-iron pressed sandwich is hard to beat; and for a crowd, a super-satisfying tamale pie gives the old-school shepherd's pie a run for its money.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Tamale Pie

Seared Scallops

Cast-Iron Pressed Sandwich

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  • Love my Lodge Cast Iron Pans...wouldn't trade them for the world. The enameled cast iron pans are wonderful too.

  • Recipes are great, but....the question is "how do you care for cast iron pans"? I tuned in 15 minutes late and can't find the answer on madhungry anywhere. Help!! I saw pieces of this episode when it aired last year and I remember her discussing it.

  • Hi TJ:

    here's the cast iron 101 info:


  • TJ,
    I used this method to season a dutch oven recently, time consuming but well worth the end result.


  • Love when you cook with your brothers. I think I like when you cook with guys in general, your sons included. When can we see teacher John Contratti cooking with you again? I would love to see the two of you cook some recipes from his blog. ( )
    Thanks for the great show.


  • Does anyone know who Lo is ? Is it Lucinda. Maybe this person "Lo" can answer all of our questions.


  • I made this for dinner--I added about 1/2 teaspoon of crushed red peppers to the meat mixture, and I used about a cup of frozen corn instead of the fresh corn. I didn't have a cast iron skillet handy, so I baked it in a glass baking dish and it turned out very well. If kids (and some adults) are going to eat this dish, you may want to leave out the hot peppers in the corn mean mix---they were a little bit to hot for me.

    Very good family meal dish!!!!

  • Thanks Grace, for posting John Contratti's website. I've been looking for it. It is great. I have to say I agree with you. Mr. Contratti was a great guest. I thought he made two great recipes. I wonder when Mad Hungry will have him back?


  • Hi folks,

    THanks for all the feedback. I appreciate your support and love to hear what you have to say. Lo works with me on all things Mad Hungry. She has been with us since the birth of it. Keep any questions, comments or concerns coming and one of us will get back to you. Best, LSQ

  • Made this last night and it seemed a bit bland but my husband took the rest for his lunch today and he text me to say it was very very good....I was also wondering if cornbread mix could be used instead of corn meal?
    Also...Kids Loved it! Which for me is a big plus!

  • I am excited to try the "tomale pie" in my 1970's (one only!) skillet this weekend while I hang out with my husband at our coastal property (Mendocino CA) this weekend, (land only at the moment) and will repeat it again when I have a group come along shortly. I have a plan... I would love to repeat the cast iron pressed sandwich, by using my 2 x rectangular grills (usually used for my household stove/oven) and instead of the cast iron pan.

    I am lucky to have 2! an aluminum one I will place close to the fire, and the other cast iron, I will press on the top, and using the grooved side, inside bottom and inside top, I hope I get that grooved affect! I could use smooth beach boulders from around the pit fire to weight it, just got to check they wont explode!..looking forward to trying the recipes you did with your brother, and thank you! Robyn!

  • I am making this tonight. That lb of meat looks small to my skillet. How can you tell how big the skillet is? (It doesn't say it on the bottom lol) I am wondering if I should put another pound in.

  • I also agree made Tamale Pie this afternoon, and thought it was bland. Need something not sure what. cheddar cheese maybe-- mozzarella is pretty bland in itself. black olives maybe -- ???? any thoughts anyone?

  • June...I was thinking the same thing about the cheese...the olives I was thinking more along the lines of green since they have more husband said it was much better the next day...also suggested adding the jalapeno peppers to the meat.

  • I made the Tamale Pie on a rainy and dull afternoon in San Diego, and when does it ever rain in California?It was utterly delicious, the ultimate comfort food for a day like this. Thank you Lucinda, this is now a family favorite, and my boys finished the lot in no time. Followed the recipe as is, but as corn is not in season and rather expensive at the moment, I opted for a couple of cups of frozen corn, which I defrosted first. Keep on cooking....

  • P.S. to all of you who thought it was "bland". You need to thoroughly brown the meat once it is added to the pan, not just turn it around until the pink is gone. This takes a little time, and caramelization is best achieved if you don't stir it too much. Browning means taste. I thought the seasoning was perfect, and feel that the jalepeno needs to be added to the cornmeal and not the beef for the same reason. Stay away from corn bread mixes, as they are way too sweet. Hope this helps :)

  • You must be fan of cast iron kitchen tools. Its only few who make such recipes. Cast iron cookware are improved now and come with enamel and better construction like

  • I love your show and the recipes. I'd love to use cast iron, but I have a glass top stove and it is recommended I not use cast iron as it will scratch the surface. Any suggestions? Also, I'd like to know what brand of knives and cutting board you use. I'm planning on replacing what I have now.

    Terry O'Brien

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