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Recipes from Today's Show: Fuss-Free Weeknight Dinner

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TODAY on MHTV: When in doubt, rely on your pantry to help get good food on the table! With a well-stocked pantry, you can pull dinner together with ease and that’s exactly what I’m doing today. A nod to the canned soup I ate as a kid, I recreate a classic tomato soup and top it with sun-dried tomato-Parmesan crisps for a changeup to crackers. Subbing the usual sandwich for something more healthy, I make a crunchy and flavorful watercress and fennel salad.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Sun-Dried Tomato-Parmesan Crisps

Classic Tomato Soup

Watercress and Fennel Salad

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  • Why not use frozen tomatoes instead of canned? I freeze tomatoes in season in plastic bags so that I can remove as many as I need for cooking. I core the round tomatoes or cut off the stem end of the Italian type tomatoes. No need to skin because the skins just slip off as the tomatoes defrost. These frozen tomatoes are like fresh for cooking with the added benefit of not having salt so one can season as one pleases. =^..^=

  • I'm so glad to see I'm not the only one who is so disgusted that our questions and comments are never answered. It doesn't take long to acknowledge the people who praise the show and take the time to contact the Hallmark Channel and send all positive comments. Looking back to October 31, bloggers are definitely right. I can't believe there isn't someone who can answer viewers. Why have a blog then?

  • Lucinda,
    Great LA Weekly article. Congratulations. I have to agree with Elaine. We have questions. We have supported this show from the beginning. So here are two questions.
    1. When is the new cookbook scheduled to come out?
    2. You said over the summer that you filmed only 50 new episodes. Are you filming more and when?


  • Thanks so much for a great episode. Do you have a list or recommendations on what I should have in my pantry?

  • I've tried the parmesan rind in a soup before and it stuck to my pan and essentially ruined it. How do you keep the rind from doing this?

  • Hi Tina and & Elaine,

    We understand your frustrations and so appreciate your support. As for answers to your questions, I can only answer with the information that I have:

    1. When is the new cookbook scheduled to come out?
    We don't have an official date yet but currently it's looking to come out fall of next year.

    2. You said over the summer that you filmed only 50 new episodes. Are you filming more and when?
    We filmed 50 new episodes (essentially our third season) over the summer that are airing right now. We hope to film more in the new year but nothing has been set in stone yet.

    As soon as we know more, we will absolutely pass on to our viewers.


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