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Recipes from Today's Show: My First Job

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TODAY on MHTV: Everyone remembers their first job; mine was at a little restaurant in Connecticut called Bon Appetit. As a teenager, I started out on “prep,” cleaning and cutting piles of vegetables for service, and ended up learning and moving my way up the line to actual cook. Today’s show is a homage to my meager jump into the food business many years ago. Ham quiche is made with my cream-cheese pastry crust, Jarlsberg, and parmesan cheese and is great to eat at any time of day. On the side, a chicory, red cabbage, and escarole salad gets a red-wine vinaigrette, and for dessert, a simple peach kuchen.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Ham Quiche

Cream Cheese Pastry Dough

Chicory, Red Cabbage, and Escarole Salad

Peach Kuchen

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  • Cant find crust recipe for crust quiche

  • On the show today Lucinda said the cream cheese crust recipe was on the Mad Hungry website - but I can't find it!

  • I can't get your recipes from today's show, 11/9

  • The crust recipe has a link on the quiche recipe.

    Site very slow and not working properly!

  • Other than cream cheese, what was in the salami roll ups?

  • I am not finding what was in the salami canapes, looked very interesting, I don't remember what was mixed with the cream cheese. Thank you.

  • A small amount of horseradish was mixed with the cream cheese.

  • Thanks Ruth and Karen! Seemed like there was maybe some pepper and something else If they prepare it, I think it would be a good idea to show the recipe.

  • Made the tamale pie and it was delicious ! Super Easy, would make again in a heartbeat. THANKS, my 17 and 27 year old sons, the only ones home at present thank you also !

  • thanks Ruth for reminding me that it was horseradish that was added to the cream cheese I shall try it.

  • I don't know if Lucinda reads these reviews but if so, your recipes are amazing and you are just a natural on television. However, your website is impossible to navigate. I was trying to find a few of your recipes and it took me 30 minutes to find them on your site. After all that, I couldn't get the actual recipe! Just a description! There is no where to open them up on your home page or the is very frustrating. I see other reviewers have the same problem so its not just me. I hope your team fixes this because your food is fantastic but I need the recipes!!!!!

  • Today's Friday, and these recipes are still not available. Does it have anything to do with the idea that these came from the restaurant you worked in and may be their intellectual property, not Martha's?

  • The salami canapes look like a snack I've made in the past.Add some horseradish (to taste) to cream cheese, put a dab in a salami slice and them put in a small cornishon pickle and pinch to keep together.

  • i really enjoy the show, but it stops short when that ill-mannered kid of hers, caulder, starts eating the food before it is finished or presented. caveman days are out. bring some civility to the show, please. why not try some british cooking? perhaps the emphasis on manners from that part of the world will rub off on her brood.

  • I made the ham quiche last week and it was delicious! The best part though was the cream cheese pie dough, which was super easy to roll out.

  • @Kären Macmaster: Here's the link for the salami canapes

    @p parker: I think you could have phrased your complaint *much* more politely.

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