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Recipe's From Today's Show: Lucinda's Favorite Recipes

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Today on MHTV: I love to cook as a need, hobby and passion- but just like everything else, I have my personal favorite recipes and today I'll be sharing them with you. Stracciatella Soup is filled with parmesan and eggs that are whisked into the broth to produce a smooth and creamy consistency. I love it because it instantly reminds me of being a little girl. Spaghetti gets garlic 3 ways (garlic-infused olive oil, garlic slices and smashed garlic cloves) and is a perfect dish for a garlic-lover like myself. And for the ultimate indulgence? I love my Dark Chocolate Pudding Cakes.

Spaghetti with Garlic Three Ways
Stracciatella Soup
Dark Chocolate Pudding Cakes

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  • Hi Lucinda

    I am on a $526 a month budget for food for a family of 3 (me, and my sons ages 17 and 16). I run out of funds a week or so before the month ends and I run out of substantial food likewise. I don't have a pantry and I need help organizing, buying and fixing nutritious meals with my budget for an entire month. I don't use food pantries because I figure that because I receive food assistance, food pantries should be only for people without food assistance. Can you help me? I am kind of desperate.

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  • Please ,I need recepi posted in 12/11.

  • dear lady i was unable to get your recipe for vegetable lasanga i watch you making it and looked very good, as i am on a meatless diet be great ,to have it liked the way you had the squash sliced and layed in dish and the uncooked noodles layed out so if you could e-mail me the recipe would be grateful,plus the other recipe the other lady made ,

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