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Newsflash: Getting the Boot in 2012

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This past week has been a very busy one for the Mad Hungry crew. We are planning future television concepts, moving along with the design of all the different kitchen utensils and tools based on the prototypes collected over many years of gathering my favorite things AND—last but not least, I finally handed in the second draft of the new Mad Hungry book to my publisher. We’ve hit the ground running for 2012!

As most of you know—our television show, produced by Martha Stewart productions, airs on the Hallmark channel. As of January 2012, we’re back in our original 11:00am timeslot with an 11:30 repeat show (Tues-Friday). All of this is good news for Mad Hungry fans. You may have read news this past week about the MH show (a part of the Martha Stewart programming block on Hallmark). True, as reported, Martha will evolve new programs, moving on from the one hour ‘live’ show MARTHA, which she has done for several years.

But that is a separate matter.

The Mad Hungry show is an entirely different entity which at present is alive and well! When my own brothers called me this week-concerned that Mad Hungry had been cancelled-I realized I needed to clarify what's going on!

Btw, one thing you’ll be happy with: FINALLY—in the new year, the Mad Hungry site will have its own recipe page soon. So hopefully your considerable frustrations will go away.

Last but not least, the broken ankle boot officially comes off now!!! Physical therapy starts next week and I’ll be back to walking our dog Stevie boy tomorrow morning! Thanks for the concern and sending me good vibes over the past month.


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  • Thanks for the update, LSQ!

    I was actually planning a trip to NYC in May and wanted to catch a taping of MARTHA then.

    Can you point everyone in the direction of grabbing tickets for this last round of tapings in case we want to make a trip for them?

  • Wonderful news, Lucinda!

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  • What a relief that must be for you to have your life back, I am so happy for you! I hope all goes well in PT. Not that I haven't been enjoying your repeats, but I can't wait for new episodes! Happy New Year to you and yours...God speed, Lucinda!

  • Can't wait for the second book! I've been cooking your recipes this week and the family loves them!

  • Dear Lucinda,
    I just love your show. My daughter found your show
    over Christmas. We have tried so many of your recipes.
    They are allo wonderful. You even were able to get
    my daughter interested in making gnocchi. It was so
    delicious. When will your new show or season begin?
    Thanks again for all the great recipes and ideas.
    I also have 3 young men and 1 daughter. I am constantly cooking and baking for everyone.

  • So glad that Mad Hungry will finally have it's own recipe page!! Congrats!!! I love your show ~ keep up the great work!!

  • It's such a relief to know that MH will continue and that you even have an improvement in the works for saving recipies. I currently save most of them on my "Favorites" list but I was worried that I might lose them. I love your show so much that it is my first priority in watching TV and is permenently set to automatically record no matter what time it is on. You are such a lovely hostess and so fun to watch. I will be eagerly awaiting your new shows. Sincerely Jane

  • Feel better soon Lucinda! I am so relived and happy to hear all of your Mad Hungry news. Although I love your current Mad Hungry cook book, it's great that the new one is coming soon. Also, while the book is fantastic, it's great to watch the recipes being made by you, love the tips and when friends and family join you. You have such a warm personality, great creativity and an ease about you and it's wonderful that you will still be on. Happy 2012!!!! Lucille, a loyal viewer

  • Soooo happy you are still on and going back to the 11:00. I look forward to your new cookbook even though I have weeded out some of my old cookbooks and vowed to NEVER buy another cookbook(Ilove cookbooks more than clothes)

  • LSQ,
    So happy that all is well with Mad Hungry! I have enjoyed your ease in the kichen along with your boys. Your recipes are awesome, now you will be on at 11:00 on Mondays. Looking forward to more wonderful. Thanks for all you do, we all appreciate you!

  • You're the best. So happy to hear all the good new anticipated for 2012. Enjoy you, your family and wish you continued success. I'll be watching, reading and cooking. Thanks so much. Sandy

  • Your recipes are the best! I've tried too many to count -- vinegar chicken is to die for! Don't ever stop doing what you do. Love your show and your boys (I have a 13 yo boy myself)! Happy New Year Linda!

  • Lucinda! I've read your book and watch your show all of the time and thought you'd like to know that we LOVE your recipe for Rose's Vinaigrette and White Bean Salad. Amazing. I wanted to talk to you all about the salad, but I'm so friggin' excited about book #2 that I can't even stand it! Yea! Anyway...I actually love to use the vinaigrette as a marinade for chicken breast - together with the bean salad it is one fantastic meal! Please make the salad on your show some time, such a good, healthy non-traditional choice!
    Also, great news on the ankle! Take care!

  • I love your show. But, more importantly, so glad your boot comes off. My daughter broke her heel a year or so ago and it was terrible. She was schlepping around campus on a wheelie thing. Horrible. She, too, had a boot...for a long time. Good luck with all that p.t.

  • I am so glad that you are on for the 11 and 11:30 segment. This is the first cooking show that I have found that is for the everyday family. Love it when you have your sons help you with cooking. I have made several of your dishes and love them. Have also told several friends about your show.
    Also glad you will be losing "The boot"

  • Yay! I love your show and recipes! I'm 22 and I am now capable of cooking actually pretty good meals thanks to your awesome recipes. When I first started watching your shows I really didn't cook much at all but the show inspired me to start cooking, which is a good thing cuz I've always been really skinny. I'm looking forward to many more recipes to come so I can continue to expand my cooking skills! :)

  • So glad you are feeling better. So very glad Mad Hungry is continuing. Please bring back that teacher guy to cook with you. I've been following his blog too.



  • Morning Lucinda,

    I wore a boot an entire summer. Ugh! My kids called me Mrs. Frankenstein. Nice kids. I'm a teacher so my whole summer was not great. As for Tia's comment, the guy's name is John Contratti. Being a teacher, I find him very interesting. His recipes are wonderful.
    So glad Mad Hungry forges on.


  • Sooo happy to hear about the time slot change!!! Good luck with the physical therapy. Did not know about your breaking your ankle. Looking forward to getting the recipes directly from the site.

  • Where were you on the video? When you resume filming new episodes, will you be in the same studio or will the set be different?


  • I am so pleased that you will be continuing on with your show. I enjoy it immensely. Thank you for all your work.

  • Does the doctor say when you will be able to start filming again?


  • Hi Lucinda,

    So glad to hear the news. Can't wait to see new episodes of Mad Hungry. Hallmark knows what a gem they have with you. Do you know when you'll start making new shows? Be well.


  • I saw you were back at 11....fabulous! Noon was too late. You have my favorite cooking show. Welcome back. BTW I had to rehab a leg and a shoulder. Just keep at it. Those PT folks know what they're doing.
    Love ya!

  • Everytime I try to go to the potato and steak recipe day I get an error message.

  • I am THRILLED to hear about the second book. I've had the first book for just over a year (purchased it as soon as the show began airing) and it is easily my most worn cook book . (And I have some books that are 15 years old). The men in my home ADORE your recipes as do I. Keep up the good work & Happy New Year!

  • All good news! Continued success.

  • yeaaaaaaaaaa !!!

  • The kids are in bed and my husband is snoring in the living room. It's my time to check out my favorite blogs and find recipes for the week. So glad that you are on the mend. I look forward to seeing brand new episodes. I've seen the repeats many time over. Your teacher friend's website is quite cool. My kids go on it and pick out different things they want me to make. I hope he's one of your first guests when new episodes return. As I can see, many viewers have requested him for quite awhile now. Feel better.


  • I would walk out in the street naked with nothing to make sure you and your family are taken care of and happy....I am a pathatic looser at times....what I wouldnt give (to give you everything)....seattle

  • I was wondering the same thing as Callie. On the video, it didn't look like the set you film on. Will you be filming on a new set?


  • Also, when will the 11:00 show be new? I know the 11:30 is the repeat but as of now the 11:00's are still repeats. Please inform us. My DVR needs to be set for when new first runs will be on. Thanks.


  • Hi Lucinda,

    So glad you are on the mend. Have a to agree with many of your bloggers. I hope you are having teacher/cook John Contratti return to cook with you. I follow his blog on a daily basis and would love to see him cook some of his recipes with you again. I thought the two of you made a great cooking team. Also, it's great when "the boot" comes off. You'll be fine.


  • Delighted with the news and good luck on the rehab! Had no idea you had gotten hurt and kept looking for new programming! Love it!

  • So happy to hear that you are NOT going anywhere! My daughter, Emma (age 2) and I watch your show every day while I feed my younger daughter (age 7mo). Emma affectionately refers to your show as the cookin' show. She gets very excited when your son, Caulder (sp?) joins you in kitchen. When he's not there, she assumes that he is at school. Thank you so much for all of your cooking wisdom and creativity that you impart to me on a daily basis. I have learned so much...especially not to burn my garlic!

  • Lucinda,

    You definitely see the love from all of us. You are apart of my daily routine. You can't go anywhere. Yes, please bring back teacher John Contratti. I love his blog. The two of you have the greatest recipes.


  • My head must have been in the sand, haven't heard anything about the show and your foot. So glad you are on the mend and the show continues on. Can someone give me John Contratti's website? I still make the raddichio endive dish the two of you made. Thank you.


  • So glad you're feeling better


  • Happy that you're getting that boot off. I've been through it.

    Michelle, John Contratti's website is:

    I check it out myself.


  • Wonderful! MH is the only cooking show I watch now, I used to be a Food Network addict, but it started getting cheesy and not about good food. My boys and I DVR all of your shows, we can be found watching them after our school day is over. My youngest love (6) loves cooking and loves when your sons are on the show! Keep up he good work. I'd love more vegetarian dishes ( no tofu).

    Thanks so much!

  • Such great news! So excited for the new book and new shows in 2012. I've had the book for a while but just recently found the TV show. The show is great and really brings all the recipes to life. Thank you for all you do - you're saving my family dinner one recipe at a time :)

  • So glad the show continues and a new book.

    Randy, thanks for Mr. Contratti's website. I found many recipes I'd like to try.


  • I love your show and was worried that you may not be on in 2012. I look forward to your show daily and it inspires me to be an even better cook. You have "re-ignited" my joy in cooking! Keep up the good work.

  • So glad you're on the mend. I love your show. Please bring back the cooking teacher. I love the recipes he made and would like to see him cook more of his recipes.


  • so glad there will be a recipe page. i am searching as we speak for the 3-meat meatloaf recipe i saw today following the easy chicken segment with your son. and i am so happy the boot is coming off. your 2012 is off to a great start!

  • So happy you are back to the 11:00 (10:00am for me!) time slot! Also glad to know the show is doing well and will continue on. I have to tell you, I feel like the styling and food photography and food props on your show are the best out there. I really dont think any other show compares to you! Whomever is responsible for those things is genius! I would love to see that transition to your web page as well... you would be HUGE in the food blogging community! Thanks for all you do~

  • Vindication! I knew your practical, simply delicious way of cooking would (eventually) prevail over OTHER chefs and shows (I'm not naming names :) . Like everyone else, I'm so very happy (and relieved) that you're back in your (rightful) time slot. I also can't wait for your new shows!
    Thanks so much for sharing the good news!

  • I adore your show, and as you mentioned, I was frustrated that I had to go through so much just to get to you and your recipes. I can't wait for your own page to streamline my access to your shows and recipes! Thank you! I loved last season, didn't miss one show, and I've got the DVR programmed for every show this year too. I'm so happy to see that your ankle is on the mend, (I've been in those shoes so to speak), continued success with your healing and with the new season! We love us some MH!

  • I have to say this. Lucinda deserves this, miles, luca, calder, papa lots, fans and husband
    I fell all over my self for calder. Am I embarraced yes. Selfishly inorder for me to grow, to move on..
    I have to express my deepest sincere apologies for being so dis respectful. I lost it when I saw Calder.
    I cannot even put into words my feelings for him. I have lost my sence of any self worth for quite some time now.
    Watching my mom dye has destroyed me. My drinking has made me into a person that ( I do not want to be )
    I will never regret loving you. I just regret my words........I was hurt and angry rejected..hours at the hospital
    watching my mom get very bad care. So many times at the hospital that I lost my mind. I do not believe in hurting anyone

    with harsh words. That is not me. God only knows, I heard and lived it my whole life. That is why I am so mad at my self
    for what I said. Understanding me is not important. What is....thank-you for all of your inspiration...
    and please believe me when I say this dear Lucinda... I have never loved nor again the way that I love Calder.
    So not deserving of him but I hope that who ever wins his heart will prove to be so. If by chance we were to ever meet
    ( all I want for christmas is) a small computer button that sais ( oh shit) :o ) sorry drinking again...Thank-you Lucinda for

    giving us the tools ....I have always said to be a good teacher you must keep things simple and talk to people in a

    teachable have such a special gift. Not only are you so beautiful on the out side but on the inside shines

    Although I will never have the pleasure of loving him. Thank-you for being you and thank-you for bringing
    Calder into this world. The greatest gift of all. Barbara Lauderdale #1 fan and stalker :o )

  • I miss your show. Recently I switched from Direct TV to AT&T Uverse not realizing they do not carry the Hallmark channel. Any chance this will change in the future? For now I follow you online but would rather watch your show.


  • Love your show and own your first cookbook, which I love. One of our favorites is the flat roasted chicken, which I cook at least twice a month. Will definitely buy the new book. Will your husband be on the show this season, just wondering. Fun to watch your family interact with you I the kitchen. Happy cooking!

  • Give the boot a boot. I have been there. Don't throw it away, sometimes you need it again. I love your receipes. I have been a fan for years in Martha Stewart Living. I watch your show as often as I can and love it. I actually make your receipes and don't just collect them. I like to look at my books when I watch tv. I want your family to be safe and not collect stalkers!

  • Cannot wait for your new endeavors, will miss you and Martha, hoping that Martha continues on t.v. and without you two, I would not have come as far with cooking as I have. Hope to see you both soon with new shows.

  • Lucinda,
    I was never the least bit interested in cooking (or inclined) until I stumbled across your show. My boyfriends mother always records MadHungry and I happened to watch it one day when you were making "Mr. Jims Barbeque shrimp." I ended up cooking the entirety of what you made on the show and loved every bite! Since then, I have purchased your book and my mother and I make recipes from your show at least 5 times a week. I just wanted to say I absolutely love your style of cooking and I thank you for getting me so interested in cooking! Can't wait to see new episodes!!

  • Can't wait for the new episodes! I love this show and all the great tips and recipes.

  • It's June 2012, we were shammed by what was said on Jan. 6, 2012. We knew the show was cancelled. Stringing viewers along to by more products. Shameful.

  • love the the recipes....hope you continue forever some way some how.......cant wait for the recipe page....your voice is pleasant to listen to:)

  • Evidently your show has fallen to the same fate as Martha's. 2 of the best shows of Hallmark are gone. How disappointed to find 2 hours of the most boring TV I have ever seen while searching for mad hungry.can't believe they took your show off for this cheap looking produced show.Hope to see you back soon. Thank you.

  • i miss mad hungry as well as the martha stewart show. please get them back on some channel.

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