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Recipes from Today's Show: Restaurant Food At Home

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TODAY on MHTV: Creating a restaurant-worthy meal at home is way less intimidating than it sounds. Herbed butter, spread on a cut baguette and popped in the oven makes a great dipper for leftover sauce from my simple but delicious shrimp scampi. To add some green to the dinner table, I go for a favorite salad of my youngest, Luca; a one-bowl Caesar with huge homemade croutons and a dressing I mix right in the bowl with the romaine. More from the show.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Bread with Herb Butter

Shrimp Scampi

Caesar Salad

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  • I really like watching the show and getting ideas for meals. What I really enjoy are the vegetarian recipe's Lucinda comes up with and I would like to see more that include Seitan, soyriso or some meat substitutes that are good, healthy and flavorful. I have found my own discoveries as I've have switched my healthy eating habits but it can be a challenge culinary wise; as I've discussed with some of my friends cooking with meat substitutes can be a challenge but is not all the intimidating once you get the hang of it. We, mostly I, are curious to find what Lucinda could create for a meat substitute meal. Trader Joe's has some real good soyriso btw. All the best Louie (aka cookie)

  • try different types of pasta with the scampi, always make the kids happy and feels like a totally different dish each time!

  • I think that LSq has the right balance of meatless recipes considering her audience. I am not vegetarian but have become a little more interested in cooking with meat substitutes that are natural - like legumes and tofu. I go to other types of sites for more meatless cuisine such as Indian, and strictly vegetarian cooking sites for more information. MH is just the right emphasis IMO for those of us who eat an ordinary diet but want to eat meatless once or twice a week.

  • That picture is mouthwatering. I agree that making your own "restaurant-worthy" meal is not that intimidating. It's fun! I remember an episode of Rachael Ray where a fan of hers follow her every recipe. How cool is that?

  • This recipe is wonderful, my kids love it...thank you Lucinda!!

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