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Recipes From Today's Show: Chicken Parmesan Menu

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TODAY on MHTV @ 11:00 am ET: Chicken Parmesan--lightly fried chicken breasts, tomato sauce, and cheese--is a great make-ahead dinner, plus a quick side of blanched spinach and creamy lemon souffle pudding for dessert. More from the show.

Get the recipes from this episode:

Chicken Parmesan

Blanched Spinach

Lemon Souffle Pudding

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  • hello Lucinda :) I watch your program Mad Hungry in Poland, thank u for every great recipes :) I'm watching now the epizode with pizza :)

  • Lo,

    Any Mad Hungry updates? All new episodes of Martha are airing. What about Mad Hungry?? Please inform us. Thanks.


  • Author Comment:

    Hi Tia,

    No new episodes have been filmed yet (we're still waiting on future film dates). As soon as we have some news, believe me, we'll spread it!

    Stay tuned for updates.


  • Why can't I find your second half hour show, so that I can get those recipes.

  • I truly love your show. I like the way you present your meals. You seem so personal, as if we were right there in your kitchen. I want to try the Chicken Parmsan tonight, and the Lemon Souffle Pudding. I watch you nearly every day, and I'm so impresed with your meals. You truly have a great show. Thanks.

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  • I just put the Chicken Parmesan into the oven. Everyone's mouths are watering!! Can't wait until it's done!!

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