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Recipes From Today's Show: New York Street Cart Food

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TODAY on MHTV:Living in New York, my boys and I are spoiled with the ability to get good eats in a New York minute. Some of the best food in New York City comes straight from the carts, so today I'm sharing some of my "local" favorites: the famousΒ New York hot dog smothered with onion relish,Β candied cashews, and my version ofΒ soft pretzels.

Get the recipes from this episode:

New York City Hot Dog with Onion Relish

Candied Cashews

Soft Pretzels

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  • would like recipe for quick kraut

  • i really enjoy your cooking for real people with real families. your show on february 23rd had corn dogs, but i am unable to find the recipe in the shows recipes on line. thanks for your help.

  • to Pam, the corn dog recipe are on like the 9th page, I too just went there and copied them. Just keep scrolling through the pages and you will see Texas corn dogs. hope this helps you.

  • Does anyone have the candy apple recipe from yesterdays show? I cannot find it!

  • Folks,
    To find a recipe: (1) Look on the right side of the screen, close to the top of the page, where it says Mad Hungry Recipes. (2) Right below that you will see the word "Recipes", written in blue. Click on "Recipes". (3) You should now see a long list of recipe titles. You can then scroll down to view all the Mad Hungry recipe titles listed under the appropriate category. (4) Click on the desired recipe title and this should take you to the recipe that you want to view.

  • Hi, can anyone tell me how to find the New York soft pretzel recipe that was on the show. It won't pull up on any pages. I found the show and clicked on the pretzels to get the recipe but it doesn't come up?? Thanks :)

  • Lucinda, I find this show to be a one of a kind. Sure there are many cooking shows on the airwaves but none like yours. It is so family friendly, easy to use recipes and you explain in easy to follow steps.
    Your children add a special touch too! I am going to make the spare ribs Saturday to serve to companyβ™₯

  • I love your shows, but i also have trouble finding the specific recipe I'm looking for on the website. I read the post from Ruth 2/24/12 @5:54 pm. but i couldn't find the heading "Recipes" or the blue highlighted recipe titles????!! Any help would be greatly appreciated I was looking for the the "Texas Steak" with "Mustard Greens, Black Eyed peas and yams" is there a really big difference between yams and sweet potatoes?

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