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Friday Afternoon Surprise: Bagpipers

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About 10 minutes ago, everyone at the MSLO offices began to hear a faint sound of bagpipes--only to have minutes later, a surprise visit of 3 bagpipers parading the floor!Β Check out the vid here for the St. Patrick's day surprise visit. Happy (early) St. Patrick's Day everyone!

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  • Love today's recipes. Let us know when the new shows are going to be made.


  • Couldn't agree more with Edie. Need new episodes. Love the repeats, but.........


    P.S. Please bring back teacher John in a new episode. He has so many great recipes that I would like to see done.

  • Saw you cooking on a "New" episode of Martha. Time for you to have "New" shows.


  • Made the shepherds pie and endive salad last night. Never used endive until you introduced us to John Contratti and his raddichio and endive side dish. I'm forever making that recipe will many meat dishes. The shepherds pie was wonderful.


  • Liked seeing the days recipes here and what people have to say about them. That's what blogs are,


  • Lo,

    I have to agree with Dale. I do not like this format. A blog shows people commenting about the recipes, giving ideas, suggestions, etc. Saying how recipes came out and so on. The daily recipes from the show should be here. Why would someone change that? You've isolated your viewers from each other.

    Nancy J.

  • 100 percent in agreement. I want to hear what my fellow bloggers have to say about the recipes, how they came out and any other added suggestions. That's what "A BLOG" is. I don't need to know about bagpipes touring the "Martha Empire".


  • Like the Cuban style pork. But do not like the way this is set up. I want to read what fellow cooks have to say about the recipes. Please post the way you use to. This is awful.


  • I agree with everyone. I want to see what people think of the recipes. There is no communication on this blog. I don't understand what people were thinking when doing this. Yes, it's great to have a file of recipes to find them easily, but a blog is to discuss the recipes with each other. Please go back to the old format. Talk about making people lose interest. There you've been successful.


  • Absolutely, put the daily recipes for us to comment on as a "community" of viewers. Hello Mad Hungry, do you hear us ?????????????????
    This is not a "good thing".


  • I recommend people complaing to the Hallmark Channel about this. Mad Hungry does not seem to care what people have to say. They don't know what a blog is all about. It's about recipes that we all can share our views about. Please go back to the old way of posting the daily recipes or add a comment area for each days recipes. We don't care about cows and bagpipes. We want to SEE what our fellow bloggers think of the recipes also.


  • Author Comment:

    Folks--we are in the midst of trying some new things behind the scenes to make it better we will be reclaiming the ideas from before that you loved and evolving new ones too.
    Hang in there.
    Best, LSQ

  • Lucinda,

    I'll always hang in there for you. You are the real deal with your cooking with family and friends. I do agree that I enjoy seeing the recipes here and seeing all the feedback. I'm sure things we get back to normal. You're doing a great job!!!


  • Love the recipe index. I do like seeing the days recipes and blogger comments. Please bring that back.

    Charlotte G.

  • Can you attach the word "comment" to each day, where it says "This Week On Mad Hungry"? That way we can read all blogger comments. Otherwise, just bring it back the way it use to be. I learn so much from the comments people leave about the recipes and show.


  • Enough of the ungracious complaining. When making website changes, improvements, total overhauls of programming and all the other host of things that MH is about, it would be really classy of the MH fans to try a little patience. Major changes while writing a new MH cookbook is a complicated situation and it would behoove those of you stamping your feet and demanding your ideas be implemented NOW!! to stop acting like angry little children. MH is the best thing that ever happened to cooking shows and LSQ is deserving of your politeness and generosity while her show goes through many changes.

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