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Recipes From Today's Show: Brazilian Feast

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TODAY on MHTV: Brazilian food offers some seriously flavorful dishes and today I’ve got my friend Michelli here to show me how to cook up a traditional Brazilian feast. We start by making the national dish, Feijoda, a slow-cooking hearty stew filled with beans and pork. Farofa, a dish similar to polenta, is perfect to sop up all of the stew and for some veg, collard greens round out the meal.

Get the recipes from this episode:


Tomato Vinaigrette


Brazilian Collard Greens

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  • Mad Hungry:

    After reading about you on John Contratti's blog, I am so glad to have found a cooking show I can relate to. Thanks.


  • Dear Lucinda,

    Wanted to thank you and John for last weeks eggplant rollatini. It was so tasty. I felt like a professional when I took it out of the oven.


  • Oh yes yes yes. I'll be trying this out...

  • Dear Miss Quinn,

    I am now a daily viewer of yours. I learn about your show through

    Mr. C. definitely knows a good program. I'm so glad to watch your show.


  • I agree with everyone on here. As the rollatini is very good, the raddichio and endive with the chick peas that Ms. Quinn and Mr. Contratti made together was an excellent dish. My family devoured it. We need to see more from this gentleman.


  • Hello Mad Hungry:

    Please keep us posted if/when Mad Hungry will make new episodes. Love the reruns but....... we all want new ones. Thank you.


  • Hello,

    I saw the mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn brasillia gostosa recipe on the 16th of April. I notice the post for the recipes all but the rice that was presented. If anyone got that recipe I would truly appreciate receiving.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Michelli minha amiga, you made us Brazilians proud! I use onion to make my rice (I'm from Sao Paulo, not Rio), but will definitely use garlic next time! Finally, thanks for the "aha" that couve is collard greens, not kale! Abraços!

  • Lana Shelton, here's the rice recipe:

  • On 4/20/2012 11:00 a.m I was watching Mad Hungrey for the first time. Loved the show and Lucinda was Great. But......... the red nail polish has got to go I never cook with polish on one time I found it in my dish how embarressing!Thats so Gross!Thanks Margaret

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