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Dear friends, family and fans. This post is long overdue. For weeks The Hallmark channel has been evasive with me as to the future of the Mad Hungry: bringing back the family meal TV show.
They have decided to put it on hiatus while they try out new programming. Our future with them is uncertain yet they reserve (and have) the right to air it as decided through 2013. That is the story. Contact them directly if you have any feedback to give them.

Meanwhile on a positive note, I have just finished my new book with the amazing Artisan books which will be out in March. And, a new and different show is under development too. I have been working on new MH products like the famous spurtle so many of you love.

My monthly column and other exciting initiatives continue to evolve for Martha Stewart Living so check that out too.

Most of all I want to thank everyone for the amazing support for MHTV.
I am taking a trip tomorrow with my wonderful mom Rosemary and that will begin a renewed era of daily original blogging just like I did back before the show launched for those of you who remember. This blog had been a hub for show updates and recipes but moving forward its personality will evolve once again. Follow me on facebook, twitter and my new favorite spot instagram (@madhungrylsq). If you
are interested in purchasing any food related items that I use check out opensky too. Everything I put up there is truly a favorite that is used by me.
All the best to everyone,

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  • Dear Lucinda,
    I remember when I met you at your book signing, what seems to be ages ago and I said to you, "I predict you're going to have your own show..." and lo and behold, it came to pass. "Mad Hungry" has been my go-to cookbook and since the first episode of the show, its been my go-to television resource.

    The run of the show has been wonderful, and know that your hard work and the hard work of your entire crew has been respected and appreciated.
    Take great pride in what you've accomplished and see this television "hiatus" as a door of further opportunity. I anxiously await more good news from Mad Hungry (and the next cookbook!).

    All the very best,

    PS: At least I recorded every episode of the show in case I need a MH fix!

  • I have so enjoyed the Mad Hungry show. Thanks for all the great tips, recipes and fun. I'll be sure to watch your blog, and I'm excited to see your new book.

  • That is a shame but not unexpected. Now I have zero reason to watch that channel anymore. I hope you find your way back to public television too.

  • I record your show every time it is on. I so enjoy your show and your recipes. I use them all the time . You will be missed.

  • All of my family and friends who enjoy your show are emailing the Hallmark Channel and telling them we want all new Mad Hungry episodes back. Everyone should do that now.


  • Please keep the blog going and tell us what you are up to. I live for this blog, I love looking back at all the recipes, etc. The show must continue. I am sending an email to Hallmark also.


  • Lucinda,

    I will make my voice heard at the Hallmark Channel. They just don't listen to viewers.


  • Please keep these recipes up. They are my go to. Keep MH alive !!!


  • Lucinda,

    We all have to fight for Mad Hungry to resume. This can not be allowed. Everyone of us knows plenty of people who love you and the show, they must all email the Hallmark Channel.


  • There are no brains at the Hallmark Channel. They take off the shows people enjoy and add all new ones. If they were smart, which apparently they are not, they would keep Mad Hungry and add the new shows in. A bunch of chimps can run a better network.


  • I too have just emailed the Hallmark Channel and voiced my extreme disappointment about removing Lucinda's show from their schedule. You have a very large and devoted fanbase so I would hope that one of the cooking networks would jump at the chance to have you and your wonderful show. I look forward to your new book too!

  • I love your show and I so hope Hallmark keeps it around! It is wonderful and you have inspired me with so many of your recipes. Great job and fingers crosses for the future of Mad TV.

  • Lucinda,

    I hope that there will be a future for your wonderful show either on the Hallmark channel or another channel. I am such a fan of your wonderful recipes and I enjoy hearing your stories as you cook. I am the mom of two young boys and I hope that I can instill in them a love of cooking and food as you have done with your boys. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you.

  • Mad Hungry will be back. The new Hallmark Show "Home and Family" looks awful. Did you see those promos. Ugh!! There's room for Mad Hungry on the Hallmark Channel. We want new episodes of Mad Hungry.


  • Dear Lucinda,
    I hope your show returns soon! You have so many great recipes and cooking tips! Looking forward to your new cookbook hitting the bookstores!


  • I do not have Hallmark Channel, but I do have your cookbook, and I can't wait for the new one. If there is a way for me to watch you, I will certainly do so!

  • I hate not watching your show. My husband passed away 16 months ago and this was a show to help get thru those hard days. I would be glad to see new things to make and new ideas. It helped having a change to make in my upsetting life. I hope it will be back soon and so glad I have a few records shows to watch. Thx

  • You will be missed, I have been a fan Of yours since the Everday Foods show on PBS. Hallmark is crazy to not bring the show back there is no reason to watch their network now. I will contine to follow your blog and watch for you in the MSL publications. Have a wonderful time with your Mom and I look forward to your next show and book. Safe travels.

  • Better things headed your way. Looking forward to the new cookbook.

  • I have supreme faith that you will be back on TV in the near future, dear Lucinda. Talent such as yours cannot be allowed to go unused. I am also very eager to read of your travels with your lovely Mama Rose. I'm sure it will add a bit of sunshine to my dark days (without your TV program). Your Mother is every bit as charasmatic as you, her daughter. My best and warmest wishes to all the Scalla-Quinns. It has been my privilege to get to know you via your show.

  • We recently changed cable providers, and the new one doesn't carry Hallmark. Yours was the only show I watched on the channel, so the fact that you're working on something for a different channel is exciting for me! I've cooked for family and friends all my long life, but have learned so much from you in the past few years. My Mad Hungry cookbook is as ratty as my mother's original "Red and & White Checked" one. When one door closes, another opens, Lucinda. Will keep watching for great news from you!

  • Dear Lucinda,
    I have sooooo enjoyed your show, and am having withdrawls!! Good thing I have as many episodes recorded as my DVR will allow. I have watched Mad Hungry since it began, and don't care if there are only re-runs now. I loved your segments on Everyday Food too! I love your recipes, enthusiasm for family, and style of cooking. You remind me so much of how I learned to cook from my Italian Nana. I can't wait until your new book comes out. I have all of your books and use them often. I also download many of your recipes that are not in your books. I will continue to follow you ion your blog and facebook, and anxiously await your new show!

  • Lucinda,

    I can't believe what I'm reading. John Contratti's blog turned me on to your show a few months ago and I became instantly hooked. Let's not give up folks. Tell Hallmark we want all new episodes of Mad Hungry ASAP.

  • I love Mad Hungry. It's the only cooking show I watch. Come on MH workers, staff, viewers, get tough and tell Hallmark we want all new Mad Hungry episodes. You know that the new "Home and Family" will tank.


  • People have even left comments about Mad Hungry on John Contratti's blog.

    You have to feel the love for this great show. I emailed Hallmark Channel and so did my friends.


  • I am so angry with Hallmark...such a short-sighted, just plain stupid decision! I am emailing them that I will not watch ANYTHING on Hallmark due directly with their putting Mad Hungry on hiatus....

    I've emailed you before saying that your recipes are the best-tasting, most appreciated of any I've ever used (and I'm a big fan of several chefs on the Food Network). I love that your sons cook with you and your whole family and friends participate too. You're just real and you feel like a good friend who's willing to share wonderful tips and information with us.

    Have a wonderful trip with your mom and thank you for letting us know what's really going on. I really will miss new shows...thank goodness we have other ways to stay in touch until your new tv venture is launched.

    Love and Best Wishes!

  • We are waiting for you.

  • I discovered your show when I stopped working a few months ago to spend more time with my teenage children. I absolutely love your show and do everything I can not to miss it. I especially enjoy the show when you cook with Calder. I was sad when I tuned in today and it wasn't there. I've learned so much from you. Sure, I learned a lot about cooking, but I learned even more about the importance of family meals. Thank you. I will contact Hallmark. I look forward to seeing you back on the air soon!

  • I just discovered this show a few weeks ago! I just went to Hallmark channel to view it and was so dissapointed to learn it is no longer airing. I have made at least 6 of the recipes in the three weeks I have been watching. I am bitter! Bring it back!

  • Everybody, write to Hallmark Channel. They must bring this show back.

  • I just started watching your show and I have learned a lot, I'm mad that I did not see you this morning. I always enjoyed your two hour show, I hope you will be back. thanks for all the recipies

  • Will miss seeing you cook with the boys. That was fun to watch. I hope they bring you back. I'm tired of all the talk shows that are taking over. Your show is more fun.

  • I've been laid off since February and have watched your show almost every day, until this morning. Does Hallmark own your episodes, or can you create DVD's to sell?
    One of the funniest things was when Luka was doing 1-handed egg cracking, watching your face, being sure he was going to mess them up. I like the way you brought your family and friends into the programs.

  • Lucinda,
    We are very disappointed with the Hallmark Channel for putting your show on "hiatus".

    We will be writing Hallmark to express our displeasure with their decision.

    We both enjoy it when your son cooks with you. He adds an enjoyable element to your show.

    All the best.

  • I invite you all.
    Your opinion can make a difference.
    You are a few clicks away to be heard.
    Just copy and paste.

    Anything wrong with trying?
    I do want my show back!
    Please help me.

  • I have to make myself not be negative and knee-jerk react here. Lucinda-from top to bottom and side to side, many thanks for MHTV! Your show has been a joy to watch and I've been tuned in for 2 years now. My fervent hope for a quick return for you and your family and cooking friends! Please keep all of us out here in the hinterlands up to date as to your new plans for the future! God's speed to you and the boys and your family and all your co-workers who helped you with Mad Hungry! Not goodbye just till then!!

  • Lucinda,
    I am so very disappointed that your show has been taken off. I look forward to your program every day and have told many to tune in and watch. I also have learned so many things from your show. I will truly miss it. Please keep us posted on when and where you will be returning and any other info. that we can enjoy and learn from. I love your newsletter..and hope that is not leaving as well. Loo forward to your book and will visit this website frequently.

    Return soon!!!! all the best!!

  • I was very disappointed--and confused at first--when I couldn't find your show a few minutes ago. I was trying to sort it all out and found my answers, much as I didn't like them, here. I too will write Hallmark. Bad, bad decision!! I take it Martha Stewart was also replaced? What are these people thinking??

  • I just submitted my comment to Hallmark. I love this show and I looked forward to watching it every morning and I have tried several of the recipies made on this show. I am not a fan of cooking shows, but I would watch MadHungry all day long if I could. I even went out and found clear glass canisters for my staples. I hope there will be enough demand to bring this show back.

  • I woke up today to watch your wonderful show and was shocked and heart broken to learn this terrible news. I am the wife of a professional chef and yet I have learned so much from you. I have already let the Hallmark channel know that their decision was an error and I hope to see you have a show somewhere (anywhere!) again. You have truly broadened my family's menu and many of your recipes are a regular item on our table. Regardless of how it ends up, please know you've influenced the lives of many and your presence was greatly appreciated. I am so very disappointed in the Hallmark channel.

  • Lucinda you have totally changed the way i feed my family - i'll follow you wherever you go!!

  • I'm so disappointed on this beautiful first day of October 2012. Why? Because after tuning in to watch Lucinda' Mad Hungry... MY FAVORITE show on tv, I'm faced with another "talk show" , that is replacing the best cooking show on the air.
    Would someone please tell me the email addy for Hallmark, so I can voice my dissatisfaction with their POOR CHOICE to put Lucinda's show on the back burner.
    I've loved Lucinda from the first day I found Mad Hungry on tv.
    She has really helped me with my cooking skills, and I love, love, love her warm personality. I hope Hallmark will listen to all of us and bring back Lucinda's MadHungry program.

  • Sorry to learn that your show was not renewed. I think that your show was such a natural. Loved the way you & your boys worked with each other.
    Your recipes for everyday food was really appreciated.
    Hallmark is the loser in this decision.

  • I just posted on Hallmark channel to please bring your show back. I was so very disappointed this morning when I tuned in to find you gone. How sad. You are the best cooking show ever. I use many of your recipes and I love that you have your children involved in the show. Show business is very competitive and the best don't always get the breaks. Just know you are the best and we will all await your return wherever it may be. We will follow.

  • Sad to see your show is gone. I looked forward to watching Mad Hungry every morning. I made many of your recipes for my family which they loved. And so, like me, they are very sad your show is gone. You will be missed. The Hallmark Channel will now miss me as there is nothing of interest for me to watch on that channel anymore.

  • I always said that I could not cook. I told friends that I could keep someone from starving to death but they would not be happy about it. Then I saw Mad Hungry. Lucinda did the show about how to care for and use iron skillets (I had 4 that had belonged to my mom--never used them, I didn't know how). I can't tell how many of the recipes I've tried and I CAN COOK! Thank you. I will not watch other shows on the Hallmark network until Mad Hungry is back.

  • Lucinda,

    I just recently (in the last few months)got turned on to Mad Hungry and I have to say, as a new mother, your show has been a life saver for recipes. You have been an inspiration to me. I learned that its okay to just go to the pantry and find things that don't go together "conventionally" and make a meal of them. I have made a lot of new recipes using your methodology and creativity found in myself. My husband, who is not an experiment or experiment taster, has been really impressed and will ask me, "Is this Lucinda inspired?".
    Thank you so much and I look forward to when they decided to air new shows. I will be purchasing your book and some utensils in the very near future.
    Thanks again and keep blogging!

  • I just started watching your show, and I love it. I know your show is not targeted toward young women living on their own, but you have given me several ideas for meals I can prepare quickly and deliciously. I have downloaded several recipes from the site (in fact, that's what I was coming to do when I noticed your letter). I was sorry to see that you weren't on this morning, and I do hope you return. You really are a bright spot in the day.

    ps. I love that your very cute son Calder cooks with you. I wish more guys our age were so eager to get in the kitchen.

  • Love, love, LOVE your show. As a new stay at home mom your show has been a phenomenal resource. Not only did I learn something new about cooking every day, but you inspired me to make great meals for my husband. Even our 5 month old was intrigued by watching you in the kitchen! Keep up all the wonderful work and thank you for being a fantastic role model!

  • I can't believe this has happened, Lucinda. At last I became interested in cooking shows, and yours is It...the only one I watch. I can't say I have recorded your shows, but all recipes that looked good (almost all of them), I have copied and put into a notebook. It has been so fun to try them, and to get back into the routine and joy of cooking. I will write to Hallmark pleading your case. In the meanwhile, enjoy your life, and prepare yourself to come back! Thank you for everything you have done for all of your fans.

  • Dear Lucinda, Today is October 1, 2012; when I woke up this morning your 'Mad Hungry Bring Back The Family Meal' program was not on the Hallmark channel. I am a fan of yours, who learned to cook many years ago from both my mother, and from watching Julia Child's cooking show on PBS. Even though I am a long time, family home cook, I have learned much more about various styles of cooking from watching you over the past year. I have tried many of your recipes, and I have been very happy with what I have learned from your show. I hope that the people at Hallmark realize that they have made a mistake cancelling 'Mad Hungry Bring Back The Family Meal'.
    Carol Garnier Dutra

  • Big Mistake. And the "replacements" are terrible.
    Glad I have quite a few of your shows on the dvr.
    Your show was like visiting with a friend in the morning. It did just what it was supposed to do---inspire me when I just didn't want to think about cooking any more. My friend and I loved to talk about what you made that morning, and also your great clothes. Will miss you---hope you are back soon! I know you'll get lots of new ideas in the meantime.

  • I was a vegetarian for 9 years WHEN I met a madhungry man who ate meat. WHEW was I glad to find your show that taught me how to cook delicious meat. He previously ate Lean Cuisine--which I called cardboard kits. So I have your cookbook and look forward to your new one. You are blessed and will be missed.

  • Love the show Lucinda, I just hope it comes back and if not, it was a great run and something you should be extremely proud of. I have some shows in my DVR now for future viewing. Love your cookbooks too. Keep up the good works that you do. I am sure you will have many more opportunities coming your way. Good Luck! Have fun on your trip.

  • Lucinda, i knew once Martha was gone u would not be far behind! I hope u can work out some deal with them but i doubt u will, hopefully we can look for u on another network that cares about there viewers! Best of Luck until we meet again!

  • So said to hear the news. Mad Hungry has been one of my favorite shows. Have watched it almost every day and printed out most of the recipes. Will be looking forward to your new show. Toni

  • Lucinda -
    I've been waiting for months to see new shows from you, so was very disappointed to hear this. I loved your show for all the reasons listed above. I'm trying to feed two "mad hungry" teens, work full-time, etc. etc. I do love to cook though, and never felt like I was cheating with your recipes. I also loved your practical and easygoing style on the air.
    Best wishes in the future - I am looking forward to seeing you emerge somewhere else!

  • LSQ
    I was a fan before TV show, during and will remain one after, although I can't believe you will be off our screens for long! V Much looking forward to the new book - hope you will come back to Darien Library in CT!

  • I cannot believe the Hallmark Channel would do this! This is the very best cooking show on TV and my day won't be complete without it. Have they lost their minds???

  • Will miss you, thanks for so many enjoyable moments & common sense tips. Just sent an email to Hallmark Channel that I regret their recent decisions - no Martha, no Lucinda = no Me. Hope to see you soon ... Cooking Channel maybe??

  • Lucinda I am soooooo sorry to hear this!!! The one show I couldn't wait to see for the new fall season was YOURS! I loved you, the laid back way the show was, having your kids and family was just different than the many other shows and I am totally bummed. I don't understand how they couldn't find a 30 min time slot for you...they really need to open their eyes to what they had. Keep us updated and I hope someone with brains will pick up your incredible show.

  • I and sooo disappointed to know that Hallmark is not having LSQ Mad Hungry continue. I LOVE Lucinda and her recipes. If she does not return neither will I to the Hallmark channel.

  • Come on MH lovers. Call 1-818-755-2400 and tell Hallmark to bring back Mad Hungry with all NEW EPISODES. I've called and emailed. Everyone do it.


  • Wake Up People, We Have A Voice !!! We Can Get Mad Hungry Back.

    1 818-755-2400 call

    Send Hallmark Channel an email.

    Mad Hungry is worth saving.

  • I can't believe you are not going to be on any longer! I have learned so much from you and your MH cookbook. Is it possible for another network to pick you up? I know Martha is tied to Hallmark, but it is a shame that you, Emeril and Martha have gone away. Sad day, indeed.

  • Thanks Deliciosimo for the link to hallmark. I just emailed them:
    Thanks Davis and Karina for the # as well I will be calling: 1-818-755-2400

  • Very sad to see MH is gone. Let us bring it back and Lucinda can cook with Mad Hungry fans. I would love to see people from all over the US come share a recipe with Lucinda.

  • If Mad Hungry comes back, the show must bring back John Contratti. He's brought many viewers and fans to that show. Come on everyone, lets get the best cooking show back on the air.


  • Love Lucinda and the MH show; you are an inspiration and really have changed my life in so many ways. I would rather watch repeats of your show than anything else. I'm voicing my opinion with Hallmark and hope your show (new or old) will return soon. Thank you (and everyone associated with your show) for all you do. You've truly made a difference!

  • I agree with Jackson, so many people know this show through Mr. C. We all want it back and also to see him cook with Lucinda again.


  • 1-818-755-2400 I called and gave my opinion. Please help save this great show.


  • Can someone start a Facebook Page for "Save Mad Hungry"? Also if Hallmark Channel has a FACEBOOK page , get everyone to tell them bring back Mad Hungry. I didn't even turn on the TV yesterday morning. Not watching until Mad Hungry is on the schedule.


  • Hi Lucinda,
    I have watched you since you started the show , it's hands down my favorite cooking show. You brought a simplicity to cooking for a family without jeopardizing quality and taste. As a mother of 5 it was so nice to see another mother of a big family cooking without adding overwhelm . You inspired me when I just had my last child ( they range from 21 - 5) and felt to tired to cook , to get up and cook and not get takeout ! My 19 year old daughter loved watching it with me too (cough cough , Your boys ;-) )

    I really don't understand hallmarks decisions . I will let them know .

    We will be waiting anxiously to see the outcome . Until then we look forward to the blog , twitter ? Books etc.
    Enjoy your vacation and your family ! You are an amazing talent!

    Regards ,
    Donna and Arianna

  • I am sooooo missing your show Lucinda, even my young daughters would watch with me and emmulate your cooking style - which is so easy, tasty, and family friendly. With Martha gone, and Marc Marrone, and now your show, I have no reason to watch Hallmark anymore. The shows they are airing to replace the 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. time slot cannot even come close to the class acts these 3 shows were. I hope you come back on another station with your show. Keep us posted! :)

  • You and your show will be missed. Looking forward to see what your next endeavor will be. You are welcome to be a part of my day anytime.


  • Hi Lucinda, I have enjoyed your show Mad Hungry every time I could see it! This week it was finally not there and I am so sorry not to be able to see you or Martha everyday! I always loved seeing not only you, but your 3 sons, your Mother, your Brother, and so many friends like Sarah Carey cooking so many great meals! I will never go to Hallmark anymore. Hope you can find another channel so we can enjoy seeing you and Martha again! Take care! Love, Jan

  • Lucinda,
    My whole family is missing your show. Your recipes really bring are family together, they are fast, healthy and taste amazing. When I try a new recipe, my daughter will ask," Is this Lucida's." You and the "Mad Hungry" show are part of our everyday family. I am sure you will be back on TV soon. You, Martha and Emeril were the only reason to watch Hallmark during the day. The three of you really could create your own station.
    Blessings, Madison

  • I miss being able to record your program EVERYDAY (both of them) on Hallmark and watching them at night. We'll miss you and hope that Hallmark gets it together and puts you back on. MH is the only reason I tune into the Hallmark channel. In the meantime, I'll keep up with you on the blog. Have a lovely trip with you mom, that time is so important, and we'll look forward to your new book! That's exciting! We love ya LSQ, and we'll miss seeing you boys (men) too. All the best.

  • Whaaaat? Why? No more Mad Hungry? Hallmark Channel made a huge mistake. Unbelievable!

  • Lucinda,
    I am so sorry for your show limbo, yet happy you are going on a trip with rose. Tell her the meatloaf is delicious...
    I have written to hallmark as well, I will remove them from my cable as a result of losing both Martha and your family.
    You are a inspiration, a great cook and I will raise my spurtle in cheers to you.

    Thanks for being another mom that teaches how to cook.
    I will be anxious to share your next show.
    Best to you.

  • I am so disappointed with Hallmark channel. How could they just remove such an interesting and helpful show.
    I have watched the Iron Chefs and Food Network but still think Mad Hungry with Lucinda is the best. The very best cooking show, even if you have been cooking for over 65 years as I have. I miss you Lucinda and hope they will bring you back very soon.

  • Oh my gosh...I couldn't believe what I read just now. I noticed that MH wasn't on yesterday (the 1st) and scanned out a couple of days for the show...nada.

    And in it's place, some DOOFY new show...turned that off in about 2 seconds!

    I really like MH, the style, the recipes, you and the family...a total 2 thumbs up. I'm looking forward to the new book and hope that Hallmark will snap out of their stupid.

  • Lucinda Thank you for letting us know.I readjusted my channel over and over.Went to Hallmark ON DEMAND hoping you were there. This saddens me but I know you wil have another Show somewhere and a major FAIL by Hallmark. Thank you for teaching us all so many awesome recipes" I will be making your "Whats in the pantry?"- Dank PB and chocolate glad I wrote it down for Christmas cookies! Have a beautiful Va cay hope to see you soon. Peace N Love

  • I will miss you and wish you well,,,,,,,,,,,give your Mother our best and I am sure she will enjoy your company. I will keep looking for updates and I am thrilled you have some plans in the works. Have a great time.

  • If I can't see you on that channel, I'll look for you elsewhere 'cause I like your style. All, and I mean ALL of your recipes I have tried have been terrific.
    When one door closes, another will open and it will be even better!!

  • So sorry to hear this! I have DVR'd and watched your show from the beginning and regularly use your cook book. The last one of my four boys has gone off to college this year. All four of my boys cooked with me and now enjoy cooking for themselves and their family or other college mates. (they are better at it than me!) But they got a kick watching your show with me also. I will be watching for your next adventure and will purchase your new book in March.
    thank you Lucinda!

  • Not happy about this. You are one of the few people I enjoy watching and cooking your food. Please let me know when you return to tv.I believe it won't be long.

  • Stupidity will always reign at networks. Intellegent programming is an oxymoron to them. You have the BEST cooking show on tv.

    And you will prevail.

  • I love watching your show, I have stop watching Hallmark. I hate the new shows.

  • I was a chef for a 185 frat boys and I loved you show and the boys loved the meals I prepared from Mad Hungry. I had the introduction from your book over the door to the service to remind me what I was dealing with.

    I hope this is just a short break and that you will be back.

    Thank you for Mad Hungry.


  • It's bad enough the food network is destroying itself with all the 'war' shows, now Hallmark has to be copies of every other channel? I thought I found a home with hallmark. Adding new shows is one thing, but taking off all the current shows? Insane! I will make my voice heard along with others. I hope they (powers that be) aren't tone deaf! My midday will not be the same without you, Martha bakes, Emeril and pet keeping! Sad!

    Thank you for all the recipes that people actually want to eat! I have so many of your them in my repertoire now, I feel I can handle any event or nonevent!

    Thanks again...

  • I loved your show. I have to say, I am sad. Of all the shows, I felt your show was so real life , informative and comfortable. I wish you well and shall watch for you again on tv. In the meantime I will enjoy youBest, Tobir book. Thanks. . .

  • Dear Lucinda and TV family,
    I absolutely loved your show and luckily have 50 episodes taped. I learned more from Mad Hungry than from any other cooking show on TV, and I watch almost all of them.
    I emailed the Hallmark Channel and plan to email Food Network as well. We need you back, someone down to earth, informative, talking to us in a way that teaches the little tricks in cooking that make a difference, without insulting our intelligence. Today on the replacement show, it was if children were the audience, as anyone who watched would tell you. Matso balls from the can directions? Are you serious?
    Love you, have a great trip, Jane

  • I am so disappointed to find Hallmark Channel might not continue with your show. I fell in love with it the first time I watched it. It is one of my favorite cooking shows on all of the channels. I will be buying your books so I can continue to have all your recipes. And I will most definitely contact Hallmark Channel and ask them to bring your show back. You are awesome! <3<3<3

  • Mad Hungry is the best cooking show on TV. PLEASE bring it back exactly as it was. I love that each episode included recipes for an entire meal. I recorded the show every day and have many of your recipes in my digital recipe book. Many my family have enjoyed. I have learned so much from you. I have gone from knowing nothing about cooking to make amazing meals for my family. Thank you and I hope you and your show are back on the air soon!

  • Thanks for bringing me back to the kitchen and my family back to the table!

  • Of all the cooking shows, you showed and inspired me to cook a variety of dishes that I normally wouldn't have even tried before. Your lentil soup recipe is a staple at our home. I especially liked it when you were the only one on the show...and sometimes,an occasional guest. You really are special and I hope the network will continue sharing you with the rest of the world. Best of luck, Lucinda!

  • I love your show and look forward to watching each and every new episode. As a mom of a teenage boy and a grown step son who is a chef in NYC - I have felt that you really get me and get how to feed growing boys all the while introducing them to the finer things at the dinner table. I've cooked through your entire first book and have given it as gifts. I make your rice pilaf ( maybe your father in Law's) on a weekly basis. I will look forward to buying your new book in 2013 and will keep my fingers crossed that Hallmark comes to their senses. If they don't - I hope to see you in another setting.
    Thank you for all the fantastic family meals. I've enjoyed watching you cook with your own boys.

  • So sad to hear what is happening with all of MSL programming. I have left a comment on the Hallmark Channel's site:

    It would be great to let the folks at Hallmark know how unhappy we are with their decision.

    <3 ya, LSQ!

  • Sorry about the show but you really did inspire me to make family dinners a priority!! Thank you so much!! Breakfast too...your buttermilk pancake recipe is our family favorite! We look forward to your new book in March!

  • Just when I thought I had found the cooking show for me! Lucinda, I think you're the kind of gal who knows how to pull through this and you've got some great ideas up your sleeve. Thank you for your show.

  • Sad! Sad! Sad! Last Christmas my daughter-in-law, visiting from China (and plans to come back to U.S) was so impressed with your program that I sent your cookbook home with her. Hope you SOON find another tv outlet.

  • I am calling Hallmark. My family loves your food. I made the chili, which I have made before, last night and they want it again tonight!!!

    I am not happy.

  • Your show is the only show I watch on Hallmark. I LOVE your show! You are great on it! I love the whole idea of Mad Hungry and consistently use your recipes! I hope the Hallmark Channel comes to its senses!!

  • I am so sad!!!..I love your show, me and my mom both love it and discuss daily!!..I emailed the network to complain!.. I stay at home with kids, and im not kidding, you are the only show i watch during the have truly taught me so much about cooking, i love your style and your commentary, very down to earth, you are different than any other tv chef...your recipes are very approachable, yet challange me to try new things..i will be following your blog, waiting for your family will be very hungry indeed without your daily inspiration ;(

  • I figured hallmark would soon end your show as they did martha's....I no longer will watch that station except when they have reruns of frazer, cheers and i love lucy....I'll look at your blogs and wish you and your family the best

  • Bummer. This was the only cooking show I actually used recipes from...really enjoyed it, learned from it and looked forward to seeing it every day. Recorded it so I could enjoy at the end of a busy work day and come up with something for dinner. Best wishes in your future endeavors. Hope to see you on other channels.

  • I was wondering where you went,now i know and i am sad about it,I really love the way you made cooking so easy ,it just seemed that i could have been right there beside you in your kitchen or mine.I hope to see you on t.v. again it was so relaxing to watch!!and i also learned some wonderful best to you and your family. Rhonda

  • Lucinda,

    I was afraid of this since Hallmark was making so many changes in their daytime lineup. I just LOVE your show & own the Mad Hungry cookbook. I have cooked many of your recipes. I'm so glad you have written another one. I will get it as soon as it comes out. I WILL let Hallmark Channel know what a mistake they are making. I'll keep my fingers crossed that MH will come back on air.

  • My world gets a little smaller again. I've been watching Mad Hungry for more than a year. Another good cook enjoying your great show.

    Thank you for all of the shows so far, and I hope to find you in new ventures down the road.

  • You have one of the BEST cooking shows on TV. I have enjoyed your show and look forward to seeing it each morning. HM is making a big mistake and I hope they realize this very soon. Why mess with a good thing. I love your down to earth simple way of cooking. You are always giving out the best tips that I can relate to and use in my cooking. I am always looking up your recipes on the web site. I am going to be looking for your next book. I hope HM will be rethinking this whole thing. My next e-mail will be to HM. Best of luck !!

  • Email the Hallmark Channel and call 1-818-755-2400


    We must get this show back!!!

  • I have enjoyed your program very much. Iam dissappointed with Hallmark channel for not continuing it. Hope to see your program again soon. Do not change a thing about it!!!

  • Lucinda (and family),
    One more great show bites the dust because they may get bigger viewership with shows like Little House on The Prairie reruns???????? Your show has brought many great meals to my table and many days of joy watching you and your sons, friends, and Mom.
    I will look forward to seeing you soon on another network.....Perhaps the Food Network!
    You are a wonderful show host and so much more.

  • Thank You for all your fabulous recipes and the refreshing way you presented things. You inspired me to try new recipes and your show continually kept me glued to the TV. Also, I appreciated the weekly highlights/reminder email. You will truly be missed in this household. God bless your future.

  • I am quite depressed that my two favorite cooking shows are leaving television. I will miss tuning in to MH and MSL for daily inspiration and now I can delete The Hallmark Channel from my DVR. Best of luck to you in your future endeavors and I look forward to your book coming out in March. Please consider returning to your old stomping grounds for some book signings with many of your fans--we love you and your recipes in Michigan.

  • I wondered what happened!! On Monday I checked the website and local listing? It all left me very frustrated!

    I so admire your show! I admire you for your real values, of not only showing up great recipes (I have 2 of your cookbooks), how you bring love and family value into everything you do. Thanks for the great recipes, your great stories, your honesty and integrity. You will be missed. Soooo on to bigger better things is my wish for you:)

  • Much love & appreciation from the midwest LSQ!

  • Dear Lucinda,

    I am so disheartened to hear of this news! As a wife and Mom tasked with feeding my guys...I have always appreciated that you prepare REAL food that I can cook and that my guys will EAT!! Seriously, enough of the hoity toity food shows that feature foods no one really wants to eat! You need to be on the air for the rest of us that just want to feed our families well! I sincerely hope you land somewhere even better. And, if you're ever in Omaha, NE please know you have a devoted fan here!

    All the best,
    Michelle in Omaha

  • Lucinda, I record your show everyday and enjoy it so much. I am sorry you are not on in October, I'm sure all your fans miss you (including myself). I'm looking forward to your return to the Hallmark Channel with hopes you will remain for a long time to come and also looking forward to your new book. Enjoy your trip with your Mom. God bless you....

  • I miss you already. I record your show everyday and and cook that receipe the next day.I've learned so much from you.

  • As others have said, when I changed cable providers I was shocked to see that they didn't carry the Hallmark Channel. I was LIVID and wrote to them to ask WHY they didn't carry it. They said that Hallmark was very difficult to deal with and wanted a huge sum of money to provide the channel. My provider refused to pay it, so they didn't have the channel. If they (the Hallmark channel) is this greedy and difficult, I don't see a bright future for them. I hope you can get on another channel like Martha has. I believe I saw that she was moving to PBS.

  • Say it isn't true! Love your show and will miss it terribly. What about a collection of all of your shows on DVD? That would be wonderful. I would buy them all. I hope they (Hallmark Channel) or someone else realizes what a treasure you are and puts you back on the air! I have emailed Hallmark Channel. In the interim, maybe episodes on DVD......

  • Dear Lucinda,

    Last year, I was waiting for my daughter to be born (she was 12 days late!!) My mom
    was keeping me company one day since I was on leave from work and she said, "There's a cool show on at 11 that I've been watching every day. It's a cooking show."
    I have to be honest, I've always liked to cook, but never made much time for it. I figured it might be interesting and I agreed to watch. After one show, I was hooked! I have watched every day since (or recorded it on DVR to watch later). I wanted to share this with you because Mad Hungry has single handedly changed how I look at cooking for my new young family. This last year, I've learned a lot (and am still learning). I've made many of the recipes from Mad Hungry and I use your cookbook all the time! My family has reaped the benefits of Dolly's chocolate cake at birthday parties! I am sad the show is on hold for now, but I will continue to follow you on Facebook and on your blog. Mostly, I just want to say thank you. Your expertise in the kitchen and as a mother is inspiring.

    Holly Smith
    Tecumseh, MI

  • Hi Lucinda,

    Like everyone else on here, I'm very sad that your show will not be on Hallmark anymore. I just found you a few weeks ago, and the other day when I searched Mad Hungry to autotune it for this week, it wasn't found! I thought something must not be working right with the TV and then I saw your post... :( I'm 45 and I've never watched cooking shows in my life - I thought they were boring and most made complicated food with lots of ingredients - stuff that I would never make for my family. Since I found Mad Hungry, I have downloaded lots of your recipes and you have taught me how to cook many things that I would have been afraid to try before. It makes a huge difference to be able to watch you do it and hear your tips on how to make it easier. I hope you will post some video recipes on your blog to hold us over until your show starts playing again!
    Thank you so much for your wonderful show and for being a real person with a real family cooking real food.
    God bless!

  • So sorry I enjoyed your show very much. Family is important and this element came through on your show in every episode. Thank you and best wishes for the future. BTW don't go too far, watching Hallmark's new programing it is awful and won't be watched in my house. And won't last long ;-)

  • Sure do miss your show:( It was so entertaining and inspiring...What is Hallmark thinking?! Hate the new shows and will not be watching them at all. Want you back. Enjoy whatever you are doing and whatever comes next.

  • I'm bummed to hear your show might be going away. I have loved Mad Hungry from the beginning, along with the cookbook. You do an amazing job explaining cooking techniques and alternatives for things as well. And as a new mother, I love how your recipes come together so easily. I want my family to enjoy home-cooked meals around the dinner table. You will be sorely missed. I hope you're not away for long.

    Hallmark - bring Mad Hungry back!!! Please!!

  • I LOVE your show. I have been trying to watch every episode I can - I will be buying your cookbooks soon because my husband can't get enough of your food. Lol I have made quite a bit of your recipes and we love them all!

    I saw this week that your show was not on and it made me very sad. I do not like the new show that is on instead of yours. I will give hallmark my feedback on bringing your show back on.

    You are an inspiration to me. I am a young mom with two little girls that eat like boys. It is amazing. You have shown me to be creative with what I have and how simple it is to cook a delicious meal.

    Thank you and have a wonderful time with your mother. Treasure it.

  • I'm so bummed to hear this news! I have loved Mad Hungry from the beginning, and the cookbook too! You do such a nice job of explaining cooking techniques in a friendly way and most of all - offering so many alternatives to your recipes. As a new mom, I love how easily your recipes come together and I want my family eating home-cooked meals at the dinner table. You will be sorely miss and I hope you're not away for too long.

    Hallmark - please bring Mad Hungry back!!! Please!!

  • I just called Hallmark! 818.755.2400 let's showem how much we love our LSQ.

  • I too am SO disappointed that Hallmark took your show off. Your show was the ONLY show on Hallmark that I would watch. I fired off an email to Hallmark about this, I hope they listen to all of us who do so. They replaced you with one of two talk shows, back-to-back. Ugh. Talk shows are a dime a dozen, and I am weary of them. I am glad I can follow you here on your blog though!

  • I am so frustrated w/ Hallmark channel! I still love the Martha Stewart show & Mad Hungry. I have learned so much over the years! I am also tired of talk shows & never watch them -- I hear enough people talk nonsense all the time! Prefer learning shows. I hope they will not cancel the show totally. I will contact Hallmark as well. Thanks for such great inspiration!

  • I, too, am very, very disappointed that Hallmark put you on hiatus!!! Your show was the one and only show on Hallmark channel that I was interested in!!! I also sent an email to Hallmark about this--shame on them. Talk shows, talk shows, talk shows--enough already! I can't wait for your new book, and am excited to see the new show you are working on!! BEST OF LUCK! Your show was the best!

  • I am disappointed to see that one of the best cooking shows is not on now, especially since your show along with Emeirl, and Martha Stewart are the only shows that cook without going to the Food Network, or Cooking Channel. I have no reason to watch Hallmark now and this is disappointing. You are a successful woman of television that happens to cook. Good Luck from a little dirt road in south Georgia.

  • Hi Lucinda,I miss you already. Thank you so much for all of the recipes, tips and sharing your wonderful family with us. We never did get to see your husband's face though. Is he shy? As much as I like the Hallmark channel this really turns me off. Their new programing stinks! I like Marie but don't care to spend time with her every day. The so called Home show is silly. I hope they reconsider and bring back MadHungry VERY soon. Martha too, she is one of the smartest people I have ever watched. Take care and I hope to see you again somewhere. I'm already going into withdrawal!!

  • I can't believe your show is not going to be on any more!!! I have been a loyal watcher from the beginning. In fact my husband has recently started enjoying cooking since I fractured my ankle. He loves you and has gotten a lot of tips from your show. His favorite is the one that your mother puts in a tablespoon of water while frying eggs. His favorite breakfast!!!! I hope the show will continue!!!! Love to you and your adorable family!! Sally

  • I have to say when I wondered on to the hallmark channel I never thought I would continue watching since my style of entertainment is more like Cops, Lock up, Bait Car, and action and horror movies. Never in my life did I think this 25 year old would loyally watch a cooking show, but here I am. You have revolutionized my cooking, brought me so much confidence, and really took my cooking out of the general American and Italian my mother taught me to all kinds of ethnic styles. Thank you so very much and hope to see Mad Hungry back on. Much love to you from the little town of Sumner!!

  • Half the time I tuned in to watch your program, I just wanted to see your bubbly effervescence! We will miss your family and friend sous chefs and the HAPPY chatter! You merrily and expertly demystified the likes of many recipes with how-to's and added wonderful tips. Your warmth, kindness, skilled talent, and palate pleasing recipes and menus will ever be remembered. Wishing you all the best! Come on over and we'll gnosh together!

  • I learned so much from the show! Thank you. And I fussed at Hallmark!

  • Lucinda,thank you so much for your wonderful program. I loved it and looked forward every day to watching it to find out what surprise and delicious food you had for us. I already told Hallmark what I thought of their decision of not having Mad Hungry on their regular schedule. Hopefully they will listen to all your unhappy fans and bring you back very soon. Have a wonderful trip with your mom.

  • I am glad I have your show saved on my DVR. I look forward to new ones when the Hallmark Channel comes to understand how unique and inspiring your are. My family has benefitted from your techniques, knowledge, and utter joy for food. Thank you for all you have shared and I hope we get to learn from you for many more years. My cast iron pans and I look forward to your return.
    Thank you,

  • Dear Lucinda:

    I love love your cooking show. I wish one day I can be right at your kitchen table tasting some of your cooking. I am soooooo disappointed that Hallmark cancel your show for indefinite time. I was looking and looking for your show, thinking there must a mistake here with Hallmark. I can't find you. Then your email arrived. It's self-explanatory. You have no idea how your cooking skills affect me. I am a beginner trying to learn how to cook. I am sure you'll be back on the show (YOU'D BETTER BE!!!). Wish you the best of luck.
    Greetings from Miami.

  • Lucinda,miss you.I havewatched Mad Hungry since it began here in Austin tx.Bought you book as I also feed Men&Boys.Hallmark ha replced you with a slow lame talk show.I sent Hallmark my displeasureat their dropping you.hope they listen to all your fans. Enjoy your vacation with your Mom.Auteum is a lovely time to travel
    Ellen Domeir

  • I taped your show so I can watch it when I finally get to relax. I love your style and the fact that you have your sons join you. Great to see family eating promoted. Your recipes are easy to follow and you have a natural style. Love the fact that you are taking your mother on vacation.I am a believer that things happen for a reason so I think that there are better things for you, we just don't know what they are yet.
    Keep the faith

  • Looking forward to your new show on BROADCAST... or perhaps you can convince Martha and Oprah to combine forces on OWN... and watch the viewers flock to the perfect network

  • It is typical of vps for programming that they don't understand a value of a show. LSQ your book is something I use almost every week and I don't take cookbook commitment lightly! I loved your show and was eager to see new episodes because sometimes the recipes are easier to follow when we can watch you. Please Hallmark bring it back or market it elsewhere--bring back MHTV!

  • I miss you already, Lucinda! I have actually tried and loved more of your recipes than any other cooking show I've ever watched. I sent a message to Hallmark and I hope others do the same!

    Here is the website for feedback:

  • Dear Lucinda,

    I miss you. I want you back. I'm 78 years old and still learning. You are a wonderful teacher. The show that has taken your place is a waste of time. Evidently the Hallmark Channel didn't recognize a gem when it was right in front of them. SHAME. Hopefully they will see the error of their ways and beg to have you back. Best of luck.

  • Lucinda,
    Have enjoyed your show. It's down home, easy to follow and looks delish.I will follow you anywhere you go. Miss you and all the best of wishes to you and your family. Love to watch your boys cook with you.
    Hope to see you on a show of your own soon.

  • Lucinda,
    I miss your show so much! I have lots of your shows on my dvr but I am so upset at hallmark! I just emailed them my opinion! I am 33 years old and would proudly tell my friends I watch your show and tell them to watch. You have a natural ease that makes me feel like I can do it, it's no fuss, sub or add what you like, and make it your own. I like how you have dishes with beans to save money and give tips on how not to waste a thing. You are more than a cooking show! I have every confidence that no matter what happens, you will find a way back to us! Good luck!


    We all want Mad Hungry back. Contact the Hallmark Channel NOW.


  • Lucinda, I started watching your show shortly after you were on the Hallmark Channel. I was searching for a good cooking show when the Create channel went away. It was a fluke, but nonetheless, I became a devotee of your show. I consider myself one of the quiet faithful, but wanted you to know how much I loved having you come into my home every week day. I also turned other friends, good home cooks, onto you and they also came to appreciate your show. Thankfully, I started recording some on my DVR a few couple months ago, because come Oct. 1, I found you were gone! :( I had been checking your blog periodically as I routinely search for your recipes, (my family & friends are hooked on the peanut butter / caramel rice krispy treats which I can make by heart, another family favorite is your tamale pie, not to mention the oven baked potato poppers) so I was under the impression you were going to remain. To my utmost dismay, however, I now guess that will not be the case. Huge, huge loss for all of us who so enjoy your calm, warm presence and easy manner in the kitchen. Besides being so inspired by your menus and recipes, I have learned so much about cooking and food preparation from you. I have also expanded my cooking repertoire, and am more comfortable trying to prepare other types of food and cuisine. I really, really hope you will be back on the air again SOON! Hopefully, Hallmark will come to their senses real soon and bring you back. If not them, maybe a different network. In the mean time, enjoy your trip abroad with your Mom. I loved watching the two of you cook together. I'm sure your travels will inspire you to take apart and recreate many new dishes. Sincerely, DI in Palatine, IL.

  • Well that's good & bad news I guess. While I love MHTV, I am looking forward to the new & exciting future. I started watching MHTV in the fall of 2010. That was a great time for me. I had just been laid off in the later summer & decided to stay out of the work force for awhile.
    I decided to learn to cook more appealing & interesting recipes. I watched MHTV daily & tried many recipes that I have since made numerous times.
    Thank you for helping me in getting my cooking passion started. Your fun personality & detailed instructions are spot on! I'm so excited to see what you have coming for us in the future!

  • Dear Lucinda,
    I have watched your show religiously whenever I am able to work at home. I have tried so many of your recipes, and have NEVER been disappointed. I hope to see you back on the air soon. But, if not, I wish you much continued success. You have been a delight to watch!

  • I saw my first series of your show on Hallmark Channel the other day and set the DVR to record the entire series. Have 3 of them. I found the shows refreshing and unique among the group of cooking shows on the Food Network, Cooking Channel, PBS Create and the now extinct Green Channel. I also Googled you up and found your Internet activities including this blog. I also purchased a copy of one of your books for my Kindle Fire. Why did I invest my time and money? Because you were entertaining and had something to offer that the other Cooking shows didn't have ... I have tried your recipes and they work as described. Truly enjoyable, hope you find a media venue that has more intelligence than the Hallmark Channel "little wigs"!

  • My wife Linda has been watching your show for quite some time. I have been the recipient of some the best food recipies and food prepared. My wife Linda has been a wonderful cook and you and your program have enhanced her. My son is also a wonderful cook and has worked in the industry since he was fifteen year old. He is forty-four years old and still going strong also a very big fan. We can't wait for you to return to the small screen, all fifty inches up close and personnel.

  • I have watched LSQ and loved every minute of it. I cannot believe that Hallmalk has taken this off the air and I love Martha Bakes. From what I can see of the new lineup it's not worth watching.

  • Dear Lucinda,You were my best friend on screen in the mornings here in the Denver,CO area to help me figure out "what to cook for dinner". I was sooooo happy to your love of cooking with family members & friends. I am truly missing all of that. I agree with others that the Hallmark Channel new line up,IS NOT worth watching! So Dull! I don't appreciate that they repeat these shows twice every morning. I think they draw from a fish bowl for the "guest" name of the next day. Who are those people? Enjoy your "hiatus". I have faith that in your new upcoming sequence you WILL come back even STRONGER. I am just not a fan of the Hallmark channel now. Wish the very best (and it will be) for you , your family & friends.

  • I am absolutely bummed that you are no longer on the Hallmark Channel but have faith that God is doing great things for you. Maybe He decided you needed a sabbatical, so enjoy it! But know that He has great things planned for you! You are "the Mom I never had in the kitchen" and all my friends have been tuning in to me for months asking, "so what did LSQ teach you to teach us to make this week?" Thank you for that and I'll be hoping you come back soon! All the best!


    Just click and tell Hallmark to bring back MAD HUNGRY WITH ALL NEW EPISODES.

  • I finally had to google to find out what happened. Ugh, that "home" show that replaced you and Martha is dreadful!!! The hosts are trying too hard and come off fake, not to mention I miss you and your sons with your delicious recipes that inspired me on many occasions to make your dishes. I too am from Italian heritage and loved your classic Italian recipes that took me back time and time again to my grandparents house.
    We need you back!!!! I will make my voice heard to Hallark channel for sure.

  • So disappointed. Three friends and myself got together daily, to watch this program and have lunch.

    Now that this is off the air, I have no reason to watch Hallmark. Never liked Martha Stewart, she is snippy and condesending.

  • I am going to cancel my cable! I can't believe what the Hallmark channel has done. You will be missed, by my whole family, as our dinners were really interesting again. BTW I am a professional chef and you taught me a lot of new tricks! Best wishes!

  • I WANT MY MAD HUNGRY TV!!!!! Shame on Hallmark Channel!

  • Oh Lucinda, what a classy lady you are taking the high road. I, on the other hand don't have to be classy. Hallmark Channel stinks! I sent them my opinion of their decision. I will miss you on HC but I look forward to seeing and reading all of your projects! But I do miss hearing you and watching you on a daily basis. Have fun with your mom (you're so blessed to have her) and your fans will be with you no matter what you end up doing!

  • Hallmark lucked out! MH & MSS were my favs
    as they made TV better than an
    Idiot box. Hoping to watch u on a bigger platform

  • Knew something was fishy when I couldn't find your show during my usual tv watching routine. I'm sure something better will come along as you inspire so many and have such great recipes. Loved your show. Can't wait to get your new book. hope mom is walking better. Enjoy the rest of your trip. God bless.

  • I love your show, have it set to record everyday so I won't miss it.. I think I have like 56 episodes recorded..! I am a mom of three boys also, and I love that you are a real home cook, who cooks with her boys, as do I. My youngest is thinking of going to culinary school in a few years. The Hallmark Channel folks are fools for taking your show off the air. Its the only reason I ever watch the Hallmark channel. I think Food Network would be happy to have your talent, food knowledge, and wonderful show. You have my vote, and I will look for your cookbook also. Better things are just around the bend!!

  • I have love, love, loved your show. You are so different from other cooking show hosts in that you don't yell, you don't run around the kitchen in a frenzy. You are like a normal person in an above average kitchen, and I adore you!

  • Hallmark is nuts. Both your show and Martha's are wonderful, such good information, so fun to watch. I work at home and you are good company while I sit at my computer. I downloaded recipes every day.
    Who needs another stupid talk show like Mari Osmond?

  • What a shock to discover suddenly, no Mad Hungry tv episodes! Your show, not only is so unique and educational, but entertaining as well. Enjoy those talented sons also.
    Please return!

  • I can't stand the show they replaced you with- I MISS YOUR SHOW!!! I already emailed Hallmark that I miss your show, no answer yet. Can you do internet episodes? I would love to keep watching you! :)

  • The show the Hallmark channel replaced you with is very poor in quality. I looked forward every day to your show. You were different from other cooking shows by cooking foods and meals my family really likes coupled with foods I often have available at home. You are one of a kind and I really hope you get to return to the station. I will definitely write the Hallmark channel and let them know how I feel. Keep up your extraordinary work!

  • I’ve said that least 6918056 times. SKC was here...

  • Dear LSQ,
    I enjoyed your show very much. During the day while out running around I made sure to get back to watch your show. Its a shame its off. Good luck hope you are on again soon. I will be heading out to buy your book.:)

  • Dear Lucinda,
    I have learned so much from you and your program - not only knowledge but a love cooking. You have such a gift for teaching and are an incredible motivator! Never did any kind of cooking until I retired and by pure coincidance came across your program ... was instantly converted.
    Needless to say, miss you and your great recipes! Hope Hallmark reconsiders soon!

  • Dear Lucinda,
    I am sad that your show is no longer on the Hallmark channel (big mistake!) but I know that you will be back soon.
    I have enjoyed all of your episodes because they are applicable to every day life. Delicious home-cooked meals that are easy to prepare. What more could you want! I wish more people realized that cooking at home is good for you and your family!
    I wish you luck and I can't wait to see you on TV again.


  • How can I get recipes from the October shows? Looking for Eggs to Go. Miss you and your good instuctive and cute program. Thanks

  • I have truly enjoyed this show! It has inspired me to continue to cook for my family - with four active and "mad"hungry kids, inspiration is needed! I love your easy style as you cook - it is a joy to watch and learn from. Hallmark....don't take away the good stuff! Bring Lucinda back!

  • I so miss your show and the Martha Stewart show - Hallmark has really rocked my world - can't wait to see you back on air - PLEASE !!!

  • I miss your so so very much. I can't believe Hallmark Channel - it's ruined for me. I miss you and Martha very much. I'm going to write Hallmark a letter.

  • Hola Lucinda, I love your show, I love you and I love you're family!. I have learned SO MUCH! from you all this time. I'm you're fan #1, and I absolutely adore the way you explain the recipes, and how you teach your kids. My family's in love with the spaghetti sauce,(I never buy store-bought sauce anymore) and the lasagna with spicy sausage, it's a classic at my home now! I can't wait to get your new book. God Bless you and your family. (You don't know, but you are my BFF)I wish you the best!, and I'll watch you maybe in another channel where ever you go, Hallmark is making a mistake! XOXO

  • Well, Phooey! What a loss for the Hallmark Channel! The new programming is not any where near as good as yours and they have lost me as a viewer. Hope to see you back on the wave lengths in the near future. Best wishes!

  • I do hope the Hallmark Channel brings back your show, I have been looking for it and now I know why. But I will definitely look into your new book come 2013!

    Thank you, LSQ, for sharing your talents with us home cooks.

  • I have to say that I truly enjoyed your show. My family has become very impressed with so many of your recipes that I have tried. I hope they decide to bring your show back. Miss you!

  • Dear Lucinda.
    Your book, your show and your personality have become an inspiration to me. When I got married I didn't know how to approach the kitchen. Then I came across your book and found you on Hallmark channel. I got many recipes from your book which saved me when I had my first guests. Even though I never met you in person, you have become my good friend. I truly wish you come back on TV. Miss you! Thank you for your lessons (not just in cooking)

  • Hello Lucinda,

    Maybe there is a spot on OWN. They may treat you better.

  • I loved your show as much as The Martha Stewart Show, and was shocked when suddenly one day neither one was on the air!! I am very upset about this. I sincerely hope that both of the shows come back soon on another channel. Good luck.

  • We keep checking to see if you are coming back . Mad Hungry was the best family meal program on television. We're still hoping Hallmark channel will rethink their programing. You had so many followers.

  • Dear Lucinda,
    Thank you so much for your wonderful show! I pray it returns to the airwaves soon. You have a wonderful way of welcoming us into your kitchen like we are your long-time neighbor and friend come to share an hour or two of fun cooking together and sharing in each other's lives! Practical, and with an ease that encourages even a developing foodie to try new things (they really aren't so scarey once you have shown us how to take them on).
    I pray you are enjoying this hiatus as a time with YOUR family and especially this holiday season!
    Hope to be seeing you again soon! (I will definitely let Hallmark know where I stand.) :)


  • Yours was the only show I ever watched on Hallmark. All they have are those sucky, predictable movies. I would have thought PBS would want you but NO, they have Martha repeating what everyone already knows.....DO NOT LIKE MARTHA AT ALL. She's not honest about her recipes! Miss you so much.

  • The PTB at Food Network need to listen up! A fabulous cook is on the loose, better pick her up before someone else does!! Wishing you the very best Lucinda. You certainly brightened my days and continue to do so with your cook book. Not only do I use them at home, I work with a developmentally disabled man who absolutely loves them! Chicken salad, chicken soups, busy day chocolate cake, frittata/tortilla, fried eggs on rice etc are great to make on a budget and let me tell you we have one at work as well as at home. Simple flavors let the food speak for itself. I have enjoyed it so much I am giving a copy to a coworker for Christmas who wants to learn how to cook.

  • Mad Hungry is my all-time fav cooking show and I miss it dearly! My family switched to Apple TV this past year so I have been unable to see it. Where else can I view Mad Hungry? I have searched on Hulu, the Apple store, and YouTube...what do you recommend?

  • I really miss Mad Hungry and want to know when it will back. Lucinda was very down home and her recipes are very good and easy to understand. She explains very well and I also enjoy seeing her boys and husband on the show. Please bring her back.

    was a huge fan watched every morning on Hallmark before I got ready for work..Have made many of your recipes and used many of your tips...have the MH cookbook...anxious for another...Hope the Show or a New show return to Television at some point....Really enjoyed episodes when you cooked with your kids ,family and friends...Hope I am in the loop with any news....thanks

  • I miss your show! I cooked some wonderful meals thanks to you! Please join Pinterest so we can follow you there! I hope to see your show back on the air soon!

  • I received your new book, Mad Hungry Feeding Men $ Boys, as a Christmas gift. It is unlike any of my other cook books. I love the helpful hints and tips, and the "behind the scenes" stories that go along with the recipes. I made the Spanish frittata for dinner last night, and it was a big hit. I'm looking forward to the return of Mad Hungry TV to Hallmark (when they come to their senses!).

  • Whenever I am home from work, i always try to catch your show. I went online to see if you have a dvd with your cooking shows but cannot find any. I miss you show and hope to see you somewhere else on TV soon.

  • It's unbelievable that Mad Hungry is not on. That was the best show on Hallmark!! I can't believe that Happy Days is on all afternoon when they could have your show on instead. Not very smart programming. I'm sure not going to watch Happy Days for 3 hours!! Bye bye Hallmark Channel!

  • Really miss your'd be a perfect fit the the new PBS create channel!!

  • Just discovered that Hallmark Channel has included in its listings 2 episodes of Mad Hungry, to air each week day afternoon, beginning next Tuesday, January 22, 2013. Although they may only be reruns, I will be watching every episode as I absolutely LOVE the show!! This was the only cooking show that I ever consistently watched. I learned so many new techniques from Lucinda's style of cooking that helped me become a better home cook. Her down to earth recipes provided my family with many new, interesting and delicious meals to share at our table. I can only hope that Hallmark will have the good sense to bring Mad Hungry back with new episodes in the near future. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed that this will happen for MHLSQ!!!

  • Lucinda, I miss your show sooooo much.
    What is wrong with the Hallmark Channel. Don't they know a great show? I wish you the best and I do follow you website. Can't wait for you to be on TV again. Maybe the Food Channel or the Cooking
    Stay well.


  • Ohhhh, I am so sad about this news. It is March 28, 2013, and your show is still on after Marie with 2 shows back to back. I do struggle finding the recipes for everything on line and miss some episodes. I wish I could find the shows in their entirety on line or in DVD form. You have such a calm easy style that just makes me want to cook and try all your recipes. I love your stories and your family connection is just great. I feel like it's real food for real people, not show food!!!

    Saw you on the TODAY SHOW this morning...yay!!!! Thanks for being their for the everyday woman, her everyday family with everyday food!!!!

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