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Recipes from Today's Shows: Busy Day Breakfast, My First Job, Weekend Cook, Mad Healthy

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TODAY on MHTV: Busy Day Breakfast. It is said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day but in the morning rush of to-dos, it is often the first thing dropped from the list.

Get the Recipes:
Creamy Spiced Oatmeal
Asparagus and Spinach Frittata
Milk and Cookies Smoothie

At 10:30AM TODAY on MHTV: My First Job. Everyone remembers their first job; mine was at a little restaurant in Connecticut called Bon Appetit. Today’s show is a homage to my meager jump into the food business many years ago.

Get the Recipes:
Ham Quiche
Cream Cheese Pastry Dough
Chicory, Red Cabbage, and Escarole Salad
Peach Kuchen

At 11AM TODAY on MHTV: My First Job. The weekend is a great time to cook up the Quinn family's favorite: Mexican food. In order to make really down-home Mexican food, you really have to put the time in.

Get the Recipes:
Cheese and Jalapeno Tamales
Salsa Verde
Agua Fresca

At 11AM Today on MHTV: Mad Healthy. Comfort-food season, full of hearty casseroles and stews, is delicious but Β can do a number of your waistline. Today, I'm craving and cooking something light, healthy, and delicious.

Get the recipes:
Steamed Halibut with Bok Choy
Red Quinoa
Hungry Boy Granola Bar

Watch two full hours of ''Mad Hungry with Lucinda Scala Quinn'' weekdays starting at 10 a.m. /9 a.m. CT on Hallmark Channel

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  • I was wondering about a sauce you had with your steamed halibut with bok choy. I know it had yogurt and I missed the herbs that was in it. I am anxious to try these recipes. The show aired 9/28/2012 on Hallmark. Is there any way I could get this recipe. Thank you.

  • Mad Hungry,
    Thanks to all involved in the show. I will miss watching you on TV every weekday. Hopefully Mad Hungry will continue somewhere else, but no matter what, I want you to know that you have made me want to cook again and I am sure you have inspired others as well. Best of luck to all and thanks again.

  • Mad Hungry has to be on somewhere else. (Even if Lucinda does videos on here.) Mad Hungry cannot be over. Hallmark made a big mistake. I will not watch their new shows. (Worst of all they are repeating that new 2 hr. mess twice a day.) You think they would have continued with Mad Hungry.


  • One of the best shows on the Hallmark Channel - bar none! The channel is going the way of the Food Network, replacing great informative TV such as Mad Hungry Lucinda with stupidity such as Cupcake Wars,and all the other reality nonsense no one cares about.

  • I can't believe they are taking Mad Hungry off! This is one of my favorite weekday shows. Ugh!!

  • The Marie Osmund show is not a good substitute for mad HUngry. I hope Hallmark Channel take note of this.

  • Evan has a good idea, do some cooking videos on here, until you can tell us what''s going on. Please tell us Mad Hungry lives on. Hallmark's new line up will tank. They could have kept Martha and Mad Hungry. After the two new shows they are adding.


  • Lucinda,

    If I hadn't been a follower of John Contratti's wonderful blog, I wouldn't have learned about you and what a wonderful program you have. Now I am reading there are no more episodes???? I look at your blog each day. Please reply to us. This terrific show must continue.


  • Hi Lucinda, You make cooking look like fun, love your show...I hope they don't take off the air. I just went out and bought ingredients to make your healthy snack bars. I also want to do the tamale pie in a cast iron skillet and chili...You make everything look easy and delicious.....Thank you....Best cooking show I've ever watched....

  • I am in shock hearing that Mad Hungry will be replaced. Is it really true that Marie Osmond will be the new show? I, for one, will not be watching it! Mad Hungry is the best cooking show on TV, Lucinda cooks REAL FOOD that we can't wait to cook for our own families. I hope another network picks up this show, I am no longer going to tune in to the Hallmark Channel. Big Mistake!

  • where are you, I go away for vacation for 3 weeks come back and you are gone. Mad Hungrey was the only show that gave real food and great ideas, have tried most of your recipes and just loved them. Please let us know where you are.

  • Hallmark Channel had a great thing going with your show and the Martha Stewart show. With those shows going away, they will definitely lose me as a viewer. I hope you will be on TV again, it is so fun and educational to watch you work. Get us posted on your activities.

  • As much as I love watching the Hallmark Channel, I was very disappointed to discover MADHungry was not on! I always recorded the programs and watched the recoreding at night when evryone else was in bed! I really miss this program! Really,Hallmark Channel, What Were You Thinking! Cutting this program is like kicking one of my friends out of the door! Very disappointed! The replacdement programs just really don't do it for me - so I will watch another channel from now on!

  • WHERE IS LUCINDA??? Hallmark; do you know how bad you're screwing up!!! And that 2 hr. CRAP!!!??? How freakin' staged can you get.... the "sweetness" ooozes LIKE SLIME! Are you trying to give us DIABETES! Mark this Paige UNREADABLE!!! Are you scripting the show for the ages of your targeted viewers OR the ages that those two act on camera. Panda faces....HORSES ASSES!!! WHERE'S LUCINDA AND THE BOYS???!!!

  • I cannot believe you are taking Mad Hungry off the air. If you want to replace someone, how about your network programmers! This show should continue; she is the best thing about Hallmark. If it doesn't go back on the air, I will stop watching your channel.



  • I just wanted to say that I love your show and I am going to miss it so much! I always took a half hour after I came home from work to watch your show and relax!I sure hope to see you on tv in the future!
    Peggy Wiles

  • Where has MAD HUNGRY GONE, WANT IT BACK. Best cooking show on TV

  • I was very, very disappointed when I went to turn on MadHungry and found out that it had been discontinued. Big mistake for Hallmark officials.
    If there was a notice of this plan I apparently missed it as I can not watch it every day, but when I am home I definitely would watch Lucinda and her son. They were great.

  • I have enjoyed Mad Hungry most mornings watching with my 99 year old mother at the nursing home. Many many days your recipe was the sweetest part of my day when I arrived home and cooked your meal ! Learned so much about cooking. Will miss you. The replacement shows are bunk.


  • I'm thoroughly disappointed that Hallmark chose to replace Mad Hungry with LSQ (and Martha Bakes) with the BS they've put in it's place. I haven't watched since and hope that they will realize they made a mistake SOON. Thankfully, I have many shows recorded and can still get my "fix", but will miss you terribly if they don't bring you back. If it's not meant to be, then thank you, Lucinda, for making cooking fun to watch.

  • I am so happy that Hallmark put Mad Hungry back on T.V. I watched her show every day. Lucinda and her son are a joy to watch cooking.Thank you Hallmark for bringing her back.

  • So glad I found you again!!!Just happened by and there you were. Is this going to be permanent? I was so happy and thought that Hallmark realized what a winner they had with your program. Now the last few days they are announcing another program at the same time. Come on, Hallmark, give us Lucinda back and leave her there! Please!!!!!

  • I love your shows. Either I watch them daily on Hallmark or record them and view them later. What I enjoy most is that your recipes are mostly simple and your instructions are pleasure to follow. You make cooking soulful and effortless. Thanks much. Yummmy!

  • Love you recipes .You make me think in a differnt way from the same old way I do it. I appreciate your show. Some time I can learn new things by seeing instead of reading some times. I love new hints even though I am a old hem I can learn new things. LOL Thank for opening up new ideas.

  • I am having trouble getting your daily recipes. How can I get them online? Please HELP. Before you went off the air it was no problem. So glad you are back on. Love your shows and your books. Phyllis Miller

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Phyllis,

    To find the recipes, you can either search for recipes in the search box on the right hand side of the blog (, by recipe title on our recipe index (, or by our newly-launched recipe index by searching by show title:

    The MH Team

  • I do not watch a lot of TV because most of it is junk. but i watch MH because it is so nice to see normal people like Lucinda and her family they are so nice they have good family values .Most the crap on TV today are a bunch of foul mouthed uncouth idiots and the only way they try to make people watch them is to be vulgar and dress half naked .Lucinda and her family is like a breath of fresh air I love this show and her wonderful family .

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