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Really you cant beat a carton of eggs for the gift that just keeps on giving. For a quick dinner the Broccoli Francese; some steamed broccoli (the last of the week veg) gets glued together with a grated Parm and pepper-enriched egg mixture.  With some buttered toast and a wing and a prayer you have some dinner. Still the next morning more from the carton (along with some leftover reheated white rice) yielded breakfast to go.  And for its final act, Luca folds the remaining eggs into a kitchen-sink egg sandwich. I have no idea what else is on that thing besides eggs but you can tell I've obviously passed on my scavenger gene to my sons!

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  • Love the egg recipes and it is great to be able to see your blog.
    I would also love to see you back on Hallmark. They inserted these two programs that are so unbelievably boring watching young adults get together and just laugh. Nothing wrong with laughing but I am not going to sit and try and figure out what they are saying that is so very funny. Then there are many many reruns of Little House on the Parire. I mean really this is so ridiculous it's not even funny. Haven't watched Hallmark since you have been gone. :(

  • I agree. Hallmark made a big mistake. Mad Hungry must return. That horrible "Home and Family" is repeated in the afternoon.They took off "The Waltons" which the kids watched after school. Hallmark has no clue.


  • Hallmark was a good spot for Martha when she first started but then there was too much of her plus way too many repeats.
    But Mad Hatter was excellent - good recipes and enjoyed the hour she was on. The Hallmark started shifting more Martha on with her Baking on Mondays - and at that point I lost interest.
    Will be glad when Mad Hatter lands somewhere and can watch Lucinda again. Enjoy her enthusiasm!

  • Enough is enough. Get the show back on the air. Hallmark has really turned me off.


  • MH,

    Any updates? Hallmark knows they must bring you back.


  • Mad Hungry fans - let the Hallmark Channel USA know that you want Lucinda back on the air! Before this show I absolutely dreaded cooking! Lucinda has such practical and delicious recipes. I really miss the show!

  • I keep waiting for mad Hungry to come back. I was so disappointed to see that no only is the greated cooking show not back, but the Waltons are gone too. I have seen every episode at least twice, but I looked forward to them and I really missed thim this week. Who is running the Hallmark channel these days anyway? I sent off another email to the network. What are they using for brains anyway.

  • Wasn't Mad Hungry produced by the Marth Stewart people? I know Martha is now with PBS, so maybe Lucinda can go with Martha to PBS and do a similar version of Mad Hungry. Really miss her.

  • I was just thinking about you an your show. I sure miss all of your good cooking advise. I just made your chicken parm last night (for the third time). I told my Husbad that I will never order chiken parm out again because it couldn't possibly get any better than your recipe. I am so looking forward to your new cook book. My Mad Hungry cook book is in rough shape from being used so much! Take care and thank you for inspiring all of us home cooks :)

  • Apparently, they don't know good programming and apparently they can't read. If they could read, the Hallmark Channel would know that their is an audience for Mad Hungry. An audience who wants it back on the air.


  • Please get the show back on. This is ridiculous.


  • Please update us about Mad Hungry and Hallmark. Hallmark has to know there is a following for the show.


  • Mad Hungry fans, continue contacting the Hallmark Channel USA via email , FB, and/or by calling asking the show be put back on the air! The more people who contact them, the better our chances are if making a difference. MAD HUNGRY IS WORTH FIGHTING FOR FOLKS!

  • Please bring back Mad Hungry. Everyone tell the Hallmark Channel.


  • We haven't heard from Lucinda. What's going on?



    Tell Hallmark to bring back Mad Hungry.


  • Not happy with Hallmark channel since Martha Stewart and Lucinda Quinn were taken off this channel. What a shame, Hallmark could not leave these great shows alone! There is always something to learn from these cooking shows. Waiting for their return:)

  • Where is Lucinda????? Hope all is well.


  • Many of us don't have Facebook. Why are their comments their from MH, but not here?


  • Such tragedy here in New York. We need Lucinda and Mad Hungry back. Hope Lucinda is okay.


  • I agree. How come no updates or contact on here, but there is on Facebook.
    Not fair to loyal fans.


  • I want Mad Hungry back on Hallmark. Come on everyone. We've been telling them.


  • I like everyone want Mad Hungry back on the air. What is happening?


  • I see things put on Facebook, why not here??????


  • Enough already, BRING BACK MAD HUNGRY.


  • Hello out there. What is going on?


  • Heartsick to not have Lucinda inspiring me to cook up something wonderful! Mad Hungry was an important part of my day.....please consider bringing it back.

  • Ok, if Hallmark isn't smart enough to bring back Mad Hungry, perhaps this show can be relocated to Food Network or Food Channel? Lucinda hinted a while back that something was in the works. Hopefully we'll see this new project somewhere, sometime REAL soon. I really miss seeing Lucinda on the airwaves.

  • Why is the blog being ignored? Not very nice MH. Eileen

  • Hi All,

    We apologize for the delay in updates-- our offices have been closed for over the past week + because of serious flooding, lack of electricity, and displacement of some of our editors by hurricane Sandy. To be honest, Facebook is updated more often by LSQ as the platform the blog operates on is not the easiest, we have found, to use by phone to update. We're working on training and making it easier but please be patient as we try to get back up to speed after the affects of the storm.

    As we have said in the past, we hope to bring you new Mad Hungry content in some aspect on television in the future, which we're working on but have no new news currently; as of now, please check all of our social media outlets for new posts and content from Lucinda.

    The MH Team

  • Not fair that I missed Lucinda on The Today Show. It would have been nice if it was mentioned here on the blog. There are many of us who don't have Facebook or Twitter. (Which is a major part of Lucinda's following) Don't forget about the majority of us who are MH viewers.


  • I just wanted to say I agree with all the above comments of people who, like me, found your show to be the most enjoyable in years - helpful for a society that does not cook anymore, tips we never knew after years, combinations that were just lovely -- Hallmark just ruined the day -- without you it is empty -- please come back!

  • MH Crew,

    No excuse that the last post from Lucinda was October 23 on here. There are posts on Facebook.


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