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TUNE IN: Thanksgiving Hotline Tuesday 11/20

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Hi All,

Every year Martha Stewart Radio hosts its Thanksgiving Hotline that chefs, food editors, and culinary experts talk turkey and answer your questions live on-air. This year, Everday Food's Editor in Chief and Queen of Pies, Sarah Carey, is joining me in the Sirius Radio Studio from 4-5PM EST Tomorrow (TUESDAY 11/20).

We'll be discussing and sharing our favorite Thanksgiving recipes, stories of Thanksgivings past, giving tips and tricks to get you through the biggest cooking day of the year, and answering your questions! Tune in TOMORROW at 4PM EST for our full hour of all-things Thanksgiving on SiriusXM Channel 110. If you don't have Sirius, you can listen through Sirius' free trial, and if you've got questions, we encourage you to call us at: 866-675-6675.

If that's not enough, Martha Stewart Radio is offering our impressive FREE Thanksgiving Cookbook filled with all of the Hotline's radio hosts' go-to Thanksgiving recipes for all courses,including my Grilled Turkey and Sarah's Cheddar and Sage Biscuits.

Happiest Thanksgiving to all of the Mad Hungry fans out there- I hope to hear from a few of you tomorrow!


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  • Please bring back Mad Hungry. This is ridiculous.


  • You're doing some very cool stuff! Great to hear you on the radio.

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Lucinda. Please update about Mad Hungry. Hopefully some good news for 2013???


  • Can Mad Hungry bring back John Contratti? I follow his blog and would like to see him cook some of his recipes with Lucinda.


  • Carving can be really hard and i had so much trouble last year, thank god i found this video to do this right this year!

  • Het Everyone,

    Notice how "Home and Family" dumped Paige Davis from their horrible show. Wake up Hallmark Channel, bring back "Mad Hungry".



    Tell Hallmark that we want Mad Hungry back with new episodes. Home and Family is tanking, Poor Paige Davis. :(


  • I agree. We need to keep contacting the Hallmark Channel. They know "Home and Family" is a big tanker. We want Mad Hungry back in the new year.


  • Bring back the show. Hallmark Channel knows Home and Family is tanking. Already changed the host? I don't believe Paige left on her own.


  • Paige did not leave on her own. Show is tanking and they don't want to admit it. They made a mistake not keeping Mad Hungry with the new shows. We then would have stayed with the network. Wake up Hallmark Channel, bring back Mad Hungry.


  • Bring back Mad Hungry. Enough is Enough !!!


  • I miss your show terribly...always watched it while preparing lunch for my husband....also loved it when you cooked with your boys!

    I no longer watch the Hallmark Channel...bring back Lucinda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I want Mad Hungry back. I want Lucinda updates.


  • So ridiculous how this blog is ignored.


  • ????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Wow, and there's cookbook coming out???


  • I agree with Janie. So many people rallied to this blog with so many messages about fighting to keep Mad Hungry going. We all contacted the Hallmark Channel. But for some ignorant reason, someone at MH doesn't get it that many of their viewers/followers use their computer and come to this blog. We don't use Twitter/Facebook. Enough with the Instagram. Have a little respect LSQ and company, you should be posting things are here also. It's truly amazing and it has been said before if you go back and look at viewers comments, there is major disrespect "at times" for the loyal followers of MH.


    P.S. And please Jane M. who always comes with excuses for LSQ and MH after she reads a message like this, we are all speaking the truth. And yes, with a new cookbook coming out, not very smart on how to be endearing to the public.

  • You go, Diane !!! You have said what many of us have been thinking.


  • I agree with everyone. This blog has been ignored. Actually it's the people who support MH that have been ignored. Good job !!


  • I have been off the computer for awhile. But have not been pleased with Hallmark. I will not be watching until they put Lucinda back on; only reason i turned it on in the mornings was to watch Lucinda. We want Lucinda back with either Mad Hungry or another cooking show she could possibly do. She is the absolutely best of ANY cooking personalities out there. That would be ANY! Hope for some good news soon. Susan

  • What's been going on? Haven't seen any comments from Lucinda. What's happening with Mad Hungry? Please fill in bloggers on what's going on. Also, thanks for introducing us to John Contratti. I'm a huge fan. I follow his blog each day. Great cookie recipes this month and cool pictures. (One with my favorite, Marlo Thomas.) Please bring this guy back to Mad Hungry wherever it returns to.

    Danielle Mr. C.'s blog.

  • Any news about Mad Hungry?


  • please come back........

  • MH,

    I come on here often, and it never changes. How can you ignore this site that fans made popular?


  • I need mad Hungry back on best cooking show on tv

  • It is quite sad that MH and Lucinda doesn't know who there audience really is. We are all not on twitter or Facebook. We're housewives, moms, grandmas, dads men and women who just use the computer.We are completely ignored. Good way to want people to buy the new cookbook.


  • I have been wondering What the Heck happened! I DVR ad
    Hungry and Martha Stewart, to watch on some down time and for months thought something was wrong with my recorder or that my kids were taping over with their shows. Boy does this stink!!! I miss you LSQ!

  • Hello ????? Anyone at MH care? It's almost a month, and nothing on here.


  • Who is in charge of this blog?? Lucinda? A Mad Hungry worker? Who ever it is, what a shame how you have ignored us all.


  • Get rid of Marie show and put Mad Hungry in that time spot!

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