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Mad Hungry Holiday Favorites

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With the holiday season in full-swing, we're sharing our favorite Mad Hungry recipes to help make your holidays easy, merry and bright.


Have guests staying with you? No problem. Here's some one pot and pan meals that get on the table quickly, without a lot of fuss:
Beouf Bourguinon: One Pot Dinner
Stuffed ShellsΒ 

Fizzy drinks and flavorful appetizers (including, the always-favorite cheese balls 3 ways) to serve or bring to a party:
Holiday Cocktail Party
Fuss Free Entertaining
Cocktail Party
Karaoke Night Party Food
Fuss Free Party

Extra-Special Breakfasts for your family or a crowd:
Christmas Morning Breakfast
Holiday Brunch

Holiday Dinner Meals:
Christmas Eve Dinner
Holiday Ham Dinner
Mad Hungry for the Holidays Special Menu

and, what better way to gift than something homemade and delicious? Here's our ideas for the best recipes to gift + eat

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  • Scalloped Sweet Potatoes = A-M-A-Z-E! Guaranteed home run hit for holiday season dinners. LSQ, you are a star - Happy Holidays! xx

  • Finally, after a whole month, a new post. But no explanation or comments from LSQ.


  • WHats going on with Mad Hungry? Steve

  • I would like to see more posts on this blog. It's what I follow.


  • Can we get some Mad Hungry news?


  • I made the recipe of the coconut bread X 4 today to use as holiday gifts. Of course, I gifted one loaf to myself. It is so GOOD!! Plus, it is so easy and quick to make. For anyone wanting to try the recipe, click on the Mad Hungry recipe index and look for it under desserts.

  • I miss Mad Hungry. I miss the posts on this blog. I do have to thank Mad Hungry for introducing us to John Contratti. He as the coolest blog out there.

    I hope Mad Hungry returns and this guy is brought back. Happy Holidays.


  • I miss Mad Hungry. We never hear from LSQ anymore. More blogging on here is needed. Alan, I agree, Mr. C.'s blog is wonderful. Always updated and very awesome photos. I see he was with Marlo Thomas a couple of weeks ago. I hope Mad Hungry will be back soon.


  • Yes, I would like to see more posts on here. It was almost a month since the last one.


  • MH:

    If the show is coming back, if there is a cookbook coming, keep us interested. These few and far between posts are ridiculous.


  • Need more posts on this blog. We need information. When will Mad Hungry be back?


  • I don't understand how this site has become so ignored lately.


  • Merry Christmas! It is sad that this blog is never updated and there are no comments from LSQ and MH.


  • Exactly, where is the attention for us bloggers who have supported Mad Hungry for years?


  • Not even a Merry Christmas on this blog. I will not buy any cookbook.


  • I will not buy the book either. Once a fan, no more.


  • I just went to Twitter for any MH news since it's not being shared here. According to a tweet on 12/22, it looks like LSQ's new cookbook, Mad Hungry Cravings will launch on QVC late February and will be in bookstores in March. The cover photo appears to be an identical photo from the first MH cookbook (grilled hanger steak with fries and creamed spinach on page 145). Are these just old recipes in a new book? Why is this blog (and your fans who have been with you from day one) being ignored? Why even have a blog? Not a good way to promote a new book and upcoming book tour.

  • Hooray for JoAnn !!! You are 100 percent right. I will not buy that book. I don't understand LSQ? Has she left this blog for someone else to update? Totally outrageous.


  • Happy New Year to LSQ and Mad Hungry.


  • We all don't have Facebook or Twitter, so please don't neglect your loyal followers.

    Happy 2013.


  • In full agreement with Connie, this blog is what I turn to for all my recipes.


  • Happy New Year, Lucinda.


  • What gives with the blog?


  • So disappointed that I don't see any updates or communication on here.


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