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BIG NEWS! MAD Hungry on Hallmark NEXT WEEK

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BIG NEWS: We just found out that Mad Hungry will be on the Hallmark Channel next week, airing from 1-2PM EST. We filmed over 180 shows, there's got to be something you missed:

Folks, we only got here because of your dedication, so please make sure you tune in and spread the word! And keep telling Hallmark how much you love Mad Hungry:, on twitter:, email: and a phone number to call: 1-818-755-2400.

We can't tell you how excited and grateful we are to all of you and your hard work in getting the show back.

LSQ & The MH Team

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  • Do you think we can get Hallmark to order new episodes?


  • Love the news. MH is a perfect fit with their current shows. We've always known that. We can't wait forever for new episodes.

    Jen Norgan

  • Glad you are back. But we need new episodes.


  • Mad Hungry,

    This is no time to be complacent, as viewers we are standing up for your show, we all hope you are doing the same. 180 repeats over and over again. We deserve all new episodes.


  • Yippee!! Wonderful news! Thank you Lucinda and MH Team for all you do!

  • MH Crew,

    Copy every note on here and Facebook and get it to the Hallmark Channel. Show them how much we all (you included) believe in this show.


  • Please bring back the teacher John Contratti if you are making new episodes. I follow him each day.


  • I haven't missed any of the 180 episodes. That is why we want more ASAP.


  • Finally, some good news. It would be even better to hear you will film new episodes.


  • I hope Lucinda is talking with Hallmark about making new episodes. But then we were made to believe maybe Mad Hungry would move somewhere else. What is it folks?


  • Lucinda,

    We want new episodes, either on Hallmark or somewhere else.


  • Glad show is back on. Hallmark needs to order new episodes.


  • How long does Hallmark have control over Mad Hungry? Only repeats won't cut it with viewers.


  • Good news to hear. Have to get on the band wagon with everyone else. I hope Hallmark orders new episodes and doesn't just run the reruns over and over. I don't mind some reruns but "new episodes" need to be mixed it. Keep us posted.


  • Glad show is on again.


  • Lucinda,

    So glad to see MH back on. I hope you are being active and talking with them about new episodes. That is what we have all pushed for. They have to know they have received more love for MH than any other show on their network.


  • I just happened to check MHLSQ blogg and saw the update. I am so excited and will be sure to tune in this week. You are a household name in my house. I refer to you like a personal friend when it comes to cooking tips..I missed you Lucinda.

  • I'd be more inclined to support your show if it didn't morph into one of the most self-serving, ego drenched half hours on television. We get that you love EVERYTHING you cook and think your son Calder is the bee's knees but enough is enough! You are NOT the second coming as far as cooking is concerned and watching your desperate attempt to get your son a TV gig by foisting him on us more and more was the last straw. Sorry, you deserved to be yanked by Hallmark and I hope this return is just a way to fill time.

  • I was so excited to see your show back on! I haven't watched Hallmark Channel since the start of the new season. Yours is the only cooking show that has ever interested me. I certainly hope Hallmark will see the light and bring us new episodes!

  • First off, I was OVERJOYED to find you back on the air today!!!! I will gladly watch every show of yours over and over!! Of course I'm hoping for new episodes to come.

    I'm home for 6 weeks recovering from radical hysterectomy and very limited for first two weeks to doing much outside my home. I'm thrilled to have one whole hour each weekday to be able to learn from Lucinda. I'm 58 years old and am recommitting to cook more at home. I'm going to use Mad Hungry shows to branch out my cooking skills and recipes and food ideas.

    Now, Ron H, you need to find another hobby or television channel. Why waste your time being so negative? What I love about MH is that I feel like I'm over at LSQ's place and she is my friend who is graciously teaching me her cooking ideas. I love that, and that sense of friendship is one of the unique things about this show compared to other cooking shows. Secondly, who wouldn't love, love, love a son like Calder? I hope one of my daughters marries a guy like Calder, someone who cooks and treats his mom with respect and with humor. So, Ron, find another place to air your negativity; MH and LSQ are alive and well!

    I'm calling Hallmark right now. Thanks for coming back into my home; I've really missed you.


  • I was super excited to see you back on today!!! But I agree with the others; we NEED new episodes! I love your show and have seen them all, so I'm really hoping for some new ones! Glad to see you back on the air!! :-)

  • Hi Lucinda,

    Glad to see you back on. I want new episodes and if you don't min, I would like to address Ron H.

    Ron H. I don't understand how someone can have such a strong opinion on a cooking show. Apparently you have seen plenty of this program. As LSQ does cook with her very nice son often, she does cook with many other guests. Actually, she has had some wonderful people on her show. Yes, LSQ has enthusiasm about her cooking and recipes. Why shouldn't see? By the tone of your message tells all of us, either you know these wonderful people and are green with envy that people care about them, or maybe you once worked for the Martha Stewart Company. There can be no other reason for such a distaste un your mouth for a simple program that many people enjoy watching. And by the way, why are you watching it???

    Love to you Lucinda, Calder, the Quinn Family and everyone who has appeared on MH and has made it the great show it is !!!


  • So wonderful that you are back on Hallmark. I will keep watching re-runs, but it would be wonderful to have new shows. Please, please, please...

  • I love mad hungry I have tried so many recipes and they always turn out great. I am glad u are back on even thru reruns I'll still watch everyday. Hopefully hall mark will see the need for new episodes and we can get more new recipes and cooking tips. I am emailing them after this

  • This is to address Ron H...."Get a life." I think it is a beautiful thing that LSQ can share her talent and love for cooking with her three handsome sons. In this day and age, a closeness like that is rare. I hope all her sons will find a way to follow in LSQ footsteps.

  • Great to have this back! I was so excited to see it in my taped shows last night. I did not know it was coming back. Great decision. Now let's go for a lot of new episodes. Thanks!

  • When will there new episodes of Mad Hungry?


  • My sons and I are thrilled! Even repeats! Yay! This made our night!

  • @Ron H, wow, what a grumpy old man!! You'd think Calder were LSQ's only guest. I would guess that Lucinda had at least 2 - 3 guests per week and calder lended a huge dose of charisma to each show he appeared in. You're a mean man, Ron H. Please don't try too hard to bring all us happy MH fans down to your level. It will wear you out and it won't actually work. Lucinda, I'm thrilled to see you again. And folks. if she doesn't have a solid new deal with HM or any other network signed and sealed, she is not free to blab prospects all over the web. When she has something concrete in place, she will let us all know. Remember the old WWII saying "Loose lips sink ships" so try to be a bit more patient. :-D

  • Brilliant news- I just happened to check the site this morning! Congrats - you DESERVE to be on.

  • So happy to see you're back on! Keep it coming, old or new :)

  • My wife and I love your show, really interesting and down to earth. Thanks and welcome back!

  • The show is back.But let's hear what the future for MH is. Are we ever going to get new shows?


  • You can't imagine how thrilled I was to find Mad Hungry episodes recorded once again on my DVR! Your fans have spoken, and Hallmark listened! Now, let's set our sights on new episodes too!

  • I tried the Golden Nector Smoothie this AM for my breakfast. It was wonderful,I am excited to try the other smoothies recipies.

  • I was sooooooooooooo happy to see that my DVR recorded episodes of your show once again. I have missed it terribly and the shows Hallmark put on to replace it are definitely not my cup of tea. So Hallmark, if you want a viewer back during this time slot, bring back Mad Hungry!!!

    I have watched many cooking shows over the years, but this is the only show that has provided me with recipes I use, and use again and again. I made the vinegar glossed chicken just last week. I always use the pie crust recipe. I am now going to make the two Chinese take-out dishes shown on an episode earlier this week. I need my Mad Hungry - I've got a hungry boy of my own at home. So happy to see the show back on the air and I hope it's for more than a week.

  • Hi, I have been waiting for your show and just happened to take a chance and their you were!!! Not like any other cooking show and you have taught me SOOOO MUCH!!!!! Hope you and your family are well and will dvr all episodes if I cannot be home. have a Great Wkndd!!!

  • I was so happy to see mad hungry back! I felt like something was missing in my home when the show went off the air. I stopped watching the Hallmark channel all together. I truly don't mind watching the old episoded but new ones will also be wonderful. The shows that replaced you were not for me. I feel I learned how to cook with confidence with your easy recipes and they are exactly how my mom made them! Thank you lucinda for coming back to our home. You and your son were truly missed. MaryJane I am right there with you. I also use Lucinda's recipes over and over again! Wake up Hallmark you had alot of upset viewers when you took mad hungry off!!

  • Lucinda,

    Are you talking with the Hallmark Channel about new episodes??


  • So happy you will be back. Setting my DVR right now.

  • MH,

    Will there be new episodes? Please bring back past guest John Contratti. I would like to see him cook some of the recipes from his website.


  • I was overjoyed to see your show return to Hallmark channel, reruns or not, I love your cooking style, best cooking show on tv. Glad to see our comments to the network made a difference! Good luck and hope you tape new shows in near future!

  • Congrats! I just happened to take a look at your site tonight, all to find that the show is back on air...I'll look for it Monday. Again, congratulations...I've missed it!

  • We enjoy the show, seeing the family and you seeing you everyday Lucinda. Together we lovingly made a concerted effort to show you just how much YOU mean to us viewers. Thanks for listening Hallmark.

  • Missed you when you left and am looking forward to your new shows. Yeah.

  • I am so HAPPY that you are back

  • I never liked cooking shows till I saw yours ! I just like everything ! All the foods look so easy simple down home cooking. I just discovered you !

  • Thrilled to have you back! I had already sent letters to both Martha Stewart and Hallmark begging for your return. Is there any thing we can do to help get you back on with 2013 new shows. Kathy

  • Love, love MadHungry. It's changed the way I cook and I've bought all LSQ's cookbooks. I NEVER burn garlic now.

    So glad you're back!!

  • I too, stopped watching Hallmark after the Martha Stewart Show and Mad Hungry were pulled. It was a fluke that I happened to notice while scrolling through the TV guide that your show has been reinstated.
    It is refreshing to see someone who can connect with so many of us who need to cook healthy, satisfying meals for our family. It not only inspires us to get in the kitchen and make memories with our children, it provides us with a great sense of accomplishment when we share a meal and conversation with our loved ones, something that seems to be slipping away from many families.
    I like having recipes presented and demonstrated. This makes my job easier when thinking about what to prepare for dinner.
    Hallmark is known for running old T.V. shows over and over again. Maybe they will get the message and loosen their wallet so new episodes of mad hungry can be shot. I'm certain LSQ is not out of ideas.
    Otherwise, I'm sure another media outlet will recognize the value of such a tutorial show.

  • I called, then sent a personal Facebook message, then tweeted to Hallmark about the return of MH. I'm so happy to be able to watch it again!

  • Ditto everything Ann said above! :) I stopped watching Hallmark after Martha Stewart and Mad Hungry were pulled. I tried to watch their new shows a few times, even lately, as some have said they "retooled" the new shows, but they just can't match the quality and comfort of the spectacular instructional shows made by Martha and Lucinda! Ahhh! Sooooo glad Mad Hungry is back on in the afternoon, good times again!!...It's one happy hour I will return to Hallmark (don't care for the Happy Days and Brady Bunch reruns afterward, in their heyday when I was younger, I enjoyed watching those shows, but the thrill is gone for old sitcoms and me ;) So I'm watching the Mad Hungry reruns from 1 - 2, and then onto my computer to watch Martha's cooking school eppys. I'll let Hallmark know too, how happy I am that Mad Hungry is back! :D


  • I notices Mad Hungry wan not on Friday, Feb. 1st. Please tell me it will be back on Monday and it wasn't just a fill in!

  • How come recipes aren't being posted for the show. I was looking for Super Bowl recipes. Your friend, Mr. Contratti has many good ones, for those fans who are looking.

    When can we expect new episodes?


  • I was disappointed to see that your show was not on today. I hope Hallmark is not toying with us again. I already emailed them and suggested how they can put new shows on and keep MH by cutting back on Happy Days and The Brady Bunch. I can only take two half hour episodes of those sit-coms a day. I am goint to make MH's pulled pork this coming week, I can't wait. It will be a project my hushand can help me with cause he likes to cook too.

  • Thanks to god! I missed my tv friend in my head, her cooking show and her family. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the recipes and Lucinda!

  • I am so glad you are back. I have taped all of your shows & watched them. Miss you alot. I like the family interaction. It's like real people live in the kitchen. To Ron H., you need to get a life. I am sorry that you never got to receive or relish in the attention that Calder & the boys get. But you are pitiful. I normally try to see everyone's side of an issue but you are just a complainer. For goodness sakes if this makes you so upset, "Turn the Channel". We are happy to have her back.

  • YEAH! I am so happy the show is back. I guess they finally came to their senses. Hope you will be taping new shows soon.

  • So GREAT to see Lucinda back with Mad Hungry today. I discovered last nite looking at the TV guide that she was on at 1PM to 2PM. I would never have known as I watch Marie once in awhile but none of the other shows they have now. They seem silly to me. I had seen both of these episodes but I will keep watching as I am sure there must be a few I didn't see. Will send e-mail to ask for new episodes to be done. Waiting patiently!

  • I was watching your show with my granddaughter and she loved it. Have missed you so. I just happened to log on your site and learned you are back on. I will try to catch some of your shows next week.

  • I watch daily. Would love to see some new episodes and recipes.

  • Love the repeat episodes and I am still learning even if I have seen the episodes already. When will there be new episodes made?

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Elisa,

    Thanks for writing and for the support. We've had some discussions with production companies on the development of a new TV show, but as of now, there is nothing new to report (other than we'd love to do a new show). Hallmark, with all of our fans' encouragement, has put Mad Hungry back on air, but we have not recieved any orders from them or our parent company, Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, for new shows.

    The MH Team

  • SO glad my favorite show and chef is back on Hallmark! Would love new shows, but watching the old shows again doesn't bother me a bit! But new shows would sure make it seem more... long-term...
    Come on, Hallmark - WE know a good thing when we see it! And so do YOU!

  • Lucinda,
    Oh Happiness when I saw you Monday on Hallmark.
    You inspire me every morning to cook something new tonight. I have missed you and need your encouragement
    Please Hallmark!!!! Lucinda is the best.

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Barbara,

    Thank you for the kind words. We're excited to be back on air as well.

    LSQ & The MH Team

  • I would love to be able to watch her every day !!!! Please keep her on the air. she is so clear on how to do things in the kitchen. Thanks Kim

  • Yes! Lucinda is almost in your home showing you how to do things. Like a good friend. We need her not for just her wonderful recipes but for a boost of confidence. Please keep her so we can be the best example for our families and friends.

  • Hi Lucinda: I was very excited when you said you the show was coming back. I thought new episodes would be aired. I am sure you have already talked to the Hallmark Channel people but nothing has been approved.

    Is there anything we all can do to make it happen?

  • I was disappointed when my DVR recorded "Who let the dogs out" today. I checked for future shows and I didn't fid any. Very very disappointed with Hallmark channel. My granddaughter and I love the time we spend together watching your show. Hope this matter is resolved soon and you're back on the air.

  • There are no upcoming episodes on our hallmark channel? When will they be back on? Miss them!!!

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Angie,
    It seems as though we're not on the Hallmark Channel this week (or in the foreseeable future). We're going to try and get to the bottom of this, but for now, please write them: on Facebook:, on Twitter: or we found this email: and a phone number to call: 1-818-755-2400.
    The MH Team

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  • BIG NEWS! MAD Hungry on Hallmark NEXT WEEK - Mad Hungry Blog - Lucinda Scala Quinn

  • Will "Mad Hungry" episodes be released on DVD? I have 50 episodes on my DVR and although it takes up almost half of my available space, I refuse to delete them until I know there's a DVD coming out (especially since Hallmark stopped airing them!) - I watch them all the time!! Your cooking show is absolutely the best one I've ever watched and has inspired me to start using more whole food ingredients rather than all that processed junk. You have been very inspiring to me as a cook and I would LOVE to see your show on DVD. And my husband would thank you because I could finally delete the recorded shows and free up more DVR space (haha).

  • Author Comment:

    Hi Erin,

    We would love to do that. As of now, we have no immediate plans to do so, but will keep you posted when something changes.

    LSQ & The MH Team

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